Skillet Chicken Nachos With Spicy Salsa Verde Recipe

So, last weekend when my childhood of over 35 years came to town we had a girl’s night in. Watermelon Margaritas & Chicken Nachos. That’s how we roll….

Skillet Chicken Nachos | The Rebel Chick

Skillet Chicken Nachos With Spicy Salsa Verde

I think I remember reading somewhere that The Pioneer Woman uses her skillet to make everything and anything. My longtime friend came to Vegas to hang with me last weekend. We pulled out the blender for Watermelon Margaritas but took ole Ree up on the skillet use for snacks. These super easy Skillet Chicken Nachos with Spicy Salsa Verde hit the spot. Did I say super easy? And, I’m betting you have everything you need already1 Let’s see…

Skillet Chicken Nachos Ingredients

Skillet Chicken Nachos


  • 2 Cups Cooked Chicken (left overs put to good use!)
  • 5-6 Cups Tortilla Chips
  • 1/2 Cup Salsa Verde
  • 1 TSP Red Pepper Flakes
  • 1 Small Can Chopped Black Olives
  • 2 Cups Shredded Cheese (I used Mexican Blend)
  • 1-2 Small diced Tomatoes
  • Handful Chopped Cilantro
  • Handful Diced Green Onions

Skillet Chicken Nachos Spicy Salsa Verde | The Rebel Chick


Star by preheating the oven to 350* Yep, we’re popping that skillet right in the oven! Ree knows her stuff! While that’s heating up, do all your dicing and chopping. My cast iron skillet is 9 inches so I needed the full 6 cups of tortilla chips to fill it. Toss yours in. In a medium saucepan, combine the chicken, red pepper, salsa verde. Just to mix it up and get warm. Pour that evenly over your tortilla chips. Add your black olives, tomatoes, green onions and cheese. Pop that right in the oven on the middle rack. Bake for about 20 minutes or until cheese is all bubbly and warm! Top with a couple bits of tomato and cilantro.

Skillet Chicken Nachos With Spicy Salsa Verde | The Rebel Chick

And you’re good to go! Enjoy with some cold drinks and all your BFF’s! I was thinking, with Tailgate Season right around the corner, I may add some black beans, double the whole chicken nacho recipe and serve it up as some good game day grub too!

Skillet Chicken Nachos With Spicy Salsa Verde | The Rebel Chick

Or, how about this. I’ll make the food, you bring the drinks and we can ‘do Vegas’ next weekend?

Who’s In For These Chicken Nachos With Me? 

Save Time and Money Without Sacrificing Great Food!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of American Frozen Foods Institute and the Frozen Food Roundtable for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Busy parents and busy working folks are always looking for ways to save money, save time and still eat well. It's an age-old conundrum: how do we enjoy a nice meal without spending a lot of time and money making it? How can we eat a great lunch without losing valuable working time? How do we feed the kids a satisfying meal on a busy weeknight when we have back to back sports meets, dance classes, piles of homework…and a headache to boot? Well, that's where mama's best friend comes into play: frozen food. 

How Fresh Stays Fresh photo fd062587-c45b-4ca2-bc3c-86b7166181f5_zpscaf03e88.png

We heavily rely on frozen foods because they are ready when we are! That is one of the many benefits of frozen foods, having pre-made frozen meals on hand allow busy families like ours to spend less time in the kitchen and more time together enjoying our meals. It doesn't even have to be a complete frozen meal – you can customize your favorite dishes with frozen foods to save time making your favorite recipes too! 

For instance, you can toss your favorite Birds Eye Steamfresh Vegetables in with chicken and rice or sprinkle some breadcrumbs and bacon pieces on Stouffer's Mac & Cheese after cooking – it's all about creating a dish that your family will love without a maximum amount of work. 

Macaroni and Cheese photo a9d19283-e7ae-4010-9d37-31027705f346_zps703409d9.jpg

Frozen. How Fresh Stays Fresh

The thing about frozen food that many aren't aware of is that it is REAL food – many brands concentrate on creating delicious meals that are full of fresh, quality ingredients, like Green Giant (boxed ad bagged products) - they are cooked and then frozen to lock in the nutrients and flavor. I don't think there is really a fresh vs frozen benefit – frozen food is just a frozen fresh food. Once it's cooked or thawed – it's the same thing, just much more convenient. Frozen foods are perfect for people who put a lot of effort and care into what they eat because every single ingredient is listed right on the packaging – there are no surprises and no guesswork involved! 

I love that I can find easy meal options to stock the freezer and not have to worry about their calories! With options like Smart Ones meals and Healthy Choice frozen Greek yogurt, I can enjoy delicious, satisfying meals and stay on track with eating healthy. I seriously need to lose the summer vacation weight…Frozen foods makes counting calories really easy, especially with single serving meal options from Smart Ones, Kellogg's and ConAgra Foods. The serving sizes are clear and every package has complete nutritional information that you can enter into any food diary or diet tracker. 

Stir Fry photo 57f801d3-9964-4242-a9dc-e9599d3ba6d6_zps8230b605.jpg

Frozen is how fresh stays fresh; by locking in the flavor and nutrients of the foods we love, brands like ConAgra, Schwan's, Heinz, and Pinnacle hit nature’s pause button so when you heat up that meal, it tastes just as if it had been freshly prepared for you that same day.   

One of the things I love most about frozen food meal options like this Smart Ones Three Cheese Ziti Marinara is that it's EASY! When I am home, my blogging schedule is pretty hectic, because I try to only work while Angeline is in school. That means 7 am to 2 pm – I always eat lunch at my desk, and if I can throw a yummy meal like this in the microwave and have it ready within minutes, with no prep or dishes to wash afterwards (except for a fork), it makes my life so much easier. I am left satisfied and I am not left reaching for junk food later in the day because I was too busy to eat lunch!

I used to bring meals like this with me to the office when I worked a regular office job too. You can save so much money by bringing lunches from home, but who has time to put together lunchboxes for yourself when you're done making lunches for the kids? You can void the fast food drive through by stocking up on a few different varieties of frozen meals and enjoy a delicious hot lunch at work without ever leaving the building. Instead of spending time going through the drive through, take a short walk or relax for the rest of your lunch hour!



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Kid-Friendly Candy DOTS Recipe

Summer is almost over…well, it is in Miami, anyway! The kids go back to school in the middle of August, which has always shocked me because it’s the hottest time of the year! I wish our school system would wait until Labor Day, when it’s just a little bit cooler. As the summer comes to an end, I think our kids are probably crawling the walls with anticipation – or dread – about going back to school. Why not let them have a little extra fun in the days leading up to school starting? This Kid-Friendly Candy DOTS recipe is so simple to whip up and the kids will have a blast making them…and eating them too, of course!
Kool-Aid DOTS Recipe

Kool-Aid DOTS Recipe

2 cups of powder sugar
1 Egg white
2 Table spoons (about) of honey (I just drizzle the honey for 6 seconds.)
1 table spoon of water
Wax paper -Cut into small pieces for the candy
Kool-Aid DOTS Recipe
First start by mixing your powder sugar and egg whites together. Then add in your honey and water. If it is too thick then add another table spoon of water. It should become like a thick paste.

Now you want to separate into 2-4 bowls. Then add in a half of packet of kool aid into the bowl and mix well. Then add each color into a icing bag or even a zip lock baggy to the one corner.

Kool-Aid DOTS Recipe

Then snip off the corner and make little dots on your wax paper.

You want to let it sit and harden a little before enjoying.

Kool-Aid DOTS Recipe

Back To School Snacks: Lemon Blueberry Zucchini Muffins Recipe

It’s officially BTS season. What exactly does that mean? Well, parents (and teachers) know it all too well…it’s BACK TO SCHOOL season! That means an influx of “starving” kids in the after school hours, tons of homework, paperwork to fill out, running to the store to get last minute school supplies…I can already feel the stress creeping up on me! One thing that makes life easier during the Back to School transition is super easy Back to School Snacks, like these yummy Lemon Blueberry Zucchini Muffins!

I L O V E zucchini but the only way I can ever get Angeline to eat it is in muffin or bread form, so that she doesn’t physically see the “vegetable” – for some reason, she has a strong aversion to all things squash-related.

It’s like she’s not even related to me!

Lemon Blueberry Zucchini Muffins

Lemon Blueberry Zucchini Bread Recipe


2 ½ cups sugar
1 TBS vanilla
3 eggs, lightly beaten
1 cup oil (or you can substitute applesauce)
3 TBS lemon juice
¼ cup milk
3 cups flour
1 tsp salt
1 tsp baking powder
¼ tsp baking soda
2 cups shredded zucchini
2 cups fresh blueberries
2 tsp lemon zest


Preheat oven to 350.

In large bowl, mix together sugar, vanilla, eggs, oil, lemon juice, and milk. In a separate bowl, combine flour, baking salt, baking powder, and baking soda.  Stir into liquid mixture, until just combined.

Your batter will be lumpy and that’s okay!

Fold in zucchini, blueberries, and lemon zest. Spray muffin tin with non-stick cooking spray.

Fill each tin 3/4ths of the way full with batter.

Bake for 12-15 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean.
Lemon Blueberry Zucchini Muffins


These are great for breakfast too, of course, but I love the idea of having a nice baked good sitting on the table for Angeline when she gets home from school that is not only full of veggies and fruit, but seems like a “treat” because, well, it’s a baked good!

Want More Back to School Snacks?

With back to school in full swing, I bet you need plenty of quick and easy back to school snacks, right?

Try these other fun recipes from my blogging friends – we’ve all come up with ideas that are not only quick and easy but also delicious and sure to please your little ones (and big ones too)!

12bloggers august

Easy Baked Cinnamon Apple Chips Recipe

I was snacking away on veggie crisps a few months ago and my friend told me that I was eating a horrible, horrible snack. Once I turned the bag over and examined the list of ingredients, I realized that there were more artificial colors and preservatives in my new snack than there were veggies! He suggested that I just slice up some of my favorite veggies or fruits and cook them in the oven, and I kind of laughed. It couldn’t possibly be that easy, could it? As it turns out, NO, it is not that easy…with most things. Of all the veggies and fruits I tried, apples were the most successful, so I had to share this Easy Baked Cinnamon Apple Chips recipe with you!

Seriously, look at these things. I was so proud of myself that I grabbed the camera and took some photos so that I could show them off!

Easy Baked Apple Chips Recipe

The only downside to this easy recipe is that it takes about forever and a day to make them. Once you make them, it takes literally five minutes to eat an entire batch. It’s no wonder that people just buy these things at stores instead of just trying to make them from scratch.

Even though they are super healthy and quite tasty, you have to put in a lot of work for a small amount of reward.

apple chips

Easy Baked Cinnamon Apple Chips Recipe


One Bag of Granny Smith Apples

Yes, that is really all you need to make these tasty little snacks! You can use brown sugar or just regular white sugar and cinnamon for a sweeter version, but you really don’t need to. They are fantastic just as they are!


Preheat your oven to 200 degrees and line cookie sheets with parchment paper.

Using a potato slicer (that’s all I had on hand that would work for this), slice your apples one by one.

Lay them evenly across your cookie sheet and sprinkle liberally with cinnamon.

Bake at 200 degrees for 3 hours, then turn the oven off and keep them in the oven for another hour.

Baked Apple Chips

You can use an apple corer to remove the core before slicing, but I thought it made them look really ugly, so I threw them out and started over just slicing them. I love the little flower design in the middle of the apples, I think it looks so pretty!

Baked apples

You can put your baked apple chips in a ziplock bag for a day or two, but I have to tell you: they will never last that long!

If you think about it, each apple only produces about 10 apple chips, and they go like hotcakes!

They are so thin and crispy and just perfect for snacking.

Who needs potato chips?

Not me!

Baked Apple Chips

Jimmy Dean Goes Beyond Breakfast

I received product and compensation as a Jimmy Dean First Tasters participant. All opinions are my own. 

School starts in just over a week here in South Florida, and some schools around the country are already in session. Where did the summer go? I could have sworn that the final school bell just rang last week! As we gear up for a busy back to school season, with after school activities, loads of homework, sports practices and club meetings, it’s time to take a look at some quick and easy meal options that won’t leave the family sitting the fast food drive through. That’s where Jimmy Dean Delights and Bowls come in!

With the new Jimmy Dean line of meal options, all of your bases are covered: hefty after-school snacks for those ravenous teenagers, quick lunch options for busy moms on the go, and easy dinners when the family is pulled in a million different directions, without the opportunity to sit around the family dinner table together.

Jimmy Dean Delights

A few of the tasty options from Jimmy Dean include:

Smoked Sausage Sandwich - All the ingredients you love in one sandwich. Savory sausage with peppers, onions and provolone cheese on a soft country bun makes the day a little brighter.

Delights Pulled Pork Sandwich - Get a round of applause from your taste buds with savory pulled pork in a chipotle BBQ sauce on a soft pretzel bun. Savor two for 300 calories.

Delights Smoked Ham Sandwich - Enjoy two ham and cheese sandwiches on pretzel buns for 290 calories. Because two hams are better than one.

Hickory Smoke Turkey Breast Sandwich - Delicious turkey, bacon and sharp cheddar cheese all on a soft country bun can add a smile to your food break.

Jimmy Dean Hickory Smoked Turkey Breast

The Hickory Smoked Turkey Breast Sandwich was so good, and totally filling too! I popped one in the microwave the other day for a quick lunch while Angeline ate the Delights Pulled Pork Sandwich – we were both much more satisfied than we would have been with fast food on that busy day while we were packing up to leave for our family vacation!

Of course, it’s not all about sandwiches from Jimmy Dean! There are also plenty of the breakfast items we all know and love, as well as Jimmy Dean bowls, which are a complete meal and perfect for lunches or dinners. I love items like this on busy days, and they are perfect for those who want to take a great lunch with them to work so that they don’t have to go out to eat. You can save so much money by bringing your own lunch to the office, and with Jimmy Dean meal options, you don’t need to sit there eating a cold cold cuts sandwich or salad. You can have a hot meal just like you would at home!

Jimmy Dean Golden Roasted Turkey

Some of the Jimmy Dean Bowls perfect for lunch or dinner are:

Grilled Steak Bowl - Savory grilled steak, golden potatoes, peppers and onions. YUM!

Smoked Bacon Mac and Cheese Bowl – Smoked bacon and mac & cheese, really, can you think of a better combo?

Pulled Pork Bowl – Sweet and tangy, this delicious pulled pork smothered in BBQ sauce has golden potatoes to round it out and make it a complete meal, whether it’s lunch or dinner!

Golden Roasted Chicken Bowl – Dude. This is SO GOOD, with golden roasted chicken with golden potatoes, peppers and onions!

golden roasted chicken bowl

Jimmy Dean is introducing sixteen frozen varieties to their line, including eight sandwich options and eight bowl options.  Among the new offerings are eight varieties that are part of the Delights by Jimmy Dean line of products with 300 calories or less, which I think are fantastic for those of us who are trying to watch our weight!

You can check out the entire line of Jimmy Dean products here.

Warning: You will drool on your computer screen!

Brand New Jimmy Dean Delights Do Lunch Right!

I really love food, and I love trying new things. How will you know if you don’t like something if you don’t give it a try? I was recently asked to try the new Jimmy Dean Delights line of products as a part of the Jimmy Dean First Tasters Club (for which I received product and compensation) and got to try out some of the new items before they’re even available in grocery stores! 

As you may have noticed from recent blog posts and social media updates, I am constantly on the go. I have been traveling A LOT for work this year, and when I am actually at home, the last thing I want to do is spend all of my time in the kitchen when I could be spending time with the family, catching up on work, or giving my fur babies a little lovin’ – they get so lonely when I am not home!

Quick and easy meals are my salvation when meal time rolls around, and pre-made, heat-and-serve meals are perfect! They’re also great to have in the freezer for when I am out of town so that Chris and Angeline don’t have to do the fast food thing when they don’t feel like cooking.


The new Jimmy Dean line of lunch and dinner offerings include tasty, slow cooked and homemade style flavors like smoked ham on a pretzel bun, pulled chicken in a tasty BBQ sauce and smoked bacon macaroni and cheese – all great options for a quick, wholesome lunch and dinner without the hassle…or drive through line!

These are also a great meal for me when I am swamped with work – traveling so often this year has made my work schedule pretty hectic when I am home! You would think I have all the time in the world to prepare meals since I work from home, but between Angeline’s busy schedule as a teenager (hello, friends, mall, friends, dates, friends…), running around after the dogs and cats, vet appointments, tidying up the house (the cats and dogs make more of a mess than we do), laundry…well, you can imagine that I am not simply laying around watching soap operas and painting my nails all day!

These new Jimmy Dean Delights would also be a great option for people who work in a traditional office with a fridge/freezer and microwave – they’re tastier and lower in calories than your traditional drive-thru fast food fare that most end up getting on their lunch breaks!


Jimmy Dean Delights are really tasty, which I found pleasantly surprising. You never know when you are trying a new meal option, it could be fantastic or not-so-much…I found this Jimmy Dean Delights Golden Roasted Turkey bowl pretty delicious and really easy to make!

I also loved that it was a healthier portion size – it was the perfect size for lunch! Between the turkey and all of the healthy vegetables in it, I felt like I was eating a healthy lunch, and the fact that it was under 300 calories made me extra happy!

Jimmy Dean Golden Roasted Turkey

The new product line offering means that Jimmy Dean is introducing sixteen frozen varieties including eight sandwich options and eight bowl options.  There really is something for everyone, no matter what your taste! Among the new offerings are eight varieties that are part of the Delights by Jimmy Dean line of products with 300 calories or less, which are perfect for people who are dieting or simply trying to maintain a healthy weight. Compared to some other frozen meal options, this is much better – and it puts those fast food lunches to shame! 

You can find out more about Jimmy Dean Delights and their full product offerings here.

Frozen Foods Make Mealtime Easier!

This post brought to you by American Frozen Foods Institute and the Frozen Food Roundtable. All opinions are 100% mine.

Angeline’s father’s parents moved to Northern Florida when she was just about four years old, and ever since, she’s made the trek up there to visit them several times a year. Chris and I have come to look forward to this time for ourselves and once she is safely there, it’s like P A R T Y  T I M E! in the Quillen household. What do I mean by “party time?” Oh you know, totally insane stuff like not doing laundry for days at a time, not having to cook three meals a day, having the bathroom all to myself during the day. You know, the usual stuff that parents find thrilling.

Let’s get back to that not cooking part.  It’s not that I don’t cook at all – I just don’t cook as much. I take as many shortcuts as I can, and I love having a freezer full of good food that I can quickly cook up without a lot of hassle. The same goes for breakfast and lunch; when Angeline is at her grandparents, I go for the simplest meals possible for myself during the day: like waffles for breakfast. Yum!

Eggo Waffles

There are so many different options in the freezer aisle that can make your life easier, not just while the kids are off at grandma’s, but year-round! One of the major benefits of frozen foods is that brands like General Mills, Hillshire, Kellogg’s, and Nestle have you covered for all of your quick, easy and delicious breakfast needs.

Breakfast and Brunch are those difficult meals because who really wants to slave over a hot stove first thing in the morning? Grabbing frozen breakfast options from the freezer not only makes breakfast easier for me, but it also means that my daughter can very easily make her own breakfast if she doesn’t like what I am eating, or if she wakes up late and misses breakfast. Simply popping some waffles, pancakes or toaster pastries in the toaster is so much easier than making a whole new meal on the stove top, and is more fun than eating cold cereal all of the time!

We always have a ton of frozen foods in the freezer; between having frozen fruits and veggies on hand to plenty of meal options, it just makes life so much easier! On those days when I haven’t planned anything for dinner, I can usually find something to make after a quick glance in the freezer.

Frozen. How Fresh Stays Fresh

One of the many benefits of frozen foods is that it is fresh food, just frozen! Frozen food is made from real recipes with real ingredients, and the freezing naturally pauses the freshness of these foods so that all of those delicious flavors are suspended until you are ready to cook them up and enjoy them!

How Fresh Stays Fresh photo fd062587-c45b-4ca2-bc3c-86b7166181f5_zpscaf03e88.png

frozen foods

There are so many advantages to having a nice stock of frozen meal options in the freezer! You can try so many different kinds of cuisine without having to learn how to make them – for instance, I recently bought a Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers in Beef Teriyaki. Now, I have never made a Teriyaki anything in my life, but this was a great way for me to try one out without having to learn how to cook it myself.

Ravioli photo cab2c118-eb6e-41d4-903a-ae6c7be8e219_zps4fa18a17.jpg

Then there’s the benefit of being able to quickly grab a meal to take with you on the way to work – skip the fast food drive through on your lunch hour and just head to the office freezer and pick up your delicious lunch! After a few minutes in the microwave or oven (if your office has an oven), sit down and relax with your lunch while everyone else is stuck in traffic coming back from the fast food chains!

Last but not least is my favorite meal of the day: dessert!

One of the best things about frozen meals is that most of their offerings come in single serving sizes, which means that they are perfect for when you don’t need to feed the whole family, or if you are single. They’re also perfect when it comes time for dessert, and no one else wants a nice slice of Key Lime pie but you!

key lime pie

I don’t know why anyone would not want a slice of Edwards Key Lime pie, because it’s pretty delicious – but you never know.

By the way, if you’re wondering why a girl who only lives 45 minutes away from the Florida Keys – and has a Key Lime tree hanging over her fence in the backyard – actually buys Edwards Key Lime Pie, it’s because they are really that good! When we have family parties, someone always brings a whole Edwards Key Lime Pie, and it’s usually the first dessert to be demolished!

key lime pie

What kind of frozen foods do you keep stocked in your freezer? Do you feel that there is more work involved with fresh vs frozen meal solutions? I would love to hear any of your tips and tricks for easier meals with frozen foods!


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Chicken Fajita Flatbread Pizza Recipe

Chicken Fajita Flatbread Pizza combines 2 of my all time favorite things in 1 super easy to make recipe! Check this out….

Chicken Fajita Flatbread Pizza | The Rebel Chick

Chicken Fajita Flatbread Pizza

I spent this past weekend binge watching Sons of Anarchy. All 6 Seasons! I don’t know what took me so long to jump on that bandwagon. So good! Do you watch smexy Jax? It was an awesome and totally lazy weekend here in Hot Vegas. But….kids. Apparently, they want to eat on my lazy weekends. They have been asking for homemade pizza.

UUmmm…. That doesn’t fit into ‘lazy’ or help with ‘hot Vegas’ at all. About a year ago, I started playing around with different flatbread pizza recipes and this one was a huge hit.

So, I took a short break from the binge watching and made them a Chicken Fajita Flatbread Pizza as a yummy, quick compromise.

I bet you have just about everything in your ‘fridge already to make it tonight! Let’s see…

Chicken Fajita Flatbread Pizza Ingredients

Chicken Fajita Flatbread Pizza Recipe


  • 1 Pkg. Pillsbury Thin Crust Pizza Dough
  • 1/2 Cup Salsa (I use medium, pick your heat)
  • 2 Cups Cooked Chicken (this would be great with left-overs too!)
  • 1 1/2 Cups Bell Peppers (sliced, I used a nice variety for color!)
  • 1/4 Cup Red Onion (sliced)
  • 2 Cups Shredded Cheese (I had the bagged Mexican Blend on hand)
  • 2 TBS Cilantro (rough chop)

Chicken Fajita Flatbread Pizza | The Rebel Chick


Let’s start this flatbread pizza by pre-heating that oven to *400. Pop open the roll of dough and stretch it thin. Not see-thru thin, but about the size of a jelly roll pan. Grab a spoon and spread your salsa over the dough. Sprinkle 1/2 of the shredded cheese right over the salsa. Layer on your chicken, peppers and onion. Now cover that flatbread pizza with the remaining cheese. Bake for 10 – 15 minutes depending on your oven. The cheese should be all melt-y gooey and the crust  is a nice golden brown around the edges. Top it off with the cilantro and you’re ready to eat!

Chicken Fajita Flatbread Pizza | The Rebel Chick

Really easy, huh? I like mine with a bit of kick so I pop a few diced pieces of Jalapeno on my slices. The kiddos, not so much. You can absolutely add your favorite flatbread pizza favs to this and change it up! This is great dinner to make on busy weekdays and not just for lazy weekends. Also, think tailgating and party food my friends! Who doesn’t love pizza at a party?

French Vanilla Bread Pudding Recipe #TakeBackVanilla

Who says that vanilla has to be boring? Did you know that the majority of American’s name Vanilla as their favorite ice cream flavor? There’s a very simple reason for that: Vanilla is awesome! If you’re using Vanilla as a synonym for boring, you’re using it wrong. Get with the program, folks! Vanilla is anything but boring. I love adding Coffee-mate French Vanilla coffee creamer in my iced coffees, but there are really so many other ways to use it! For instance, have you ever tried using Coffee-mate coffee creamer in your baking? This French Vanilla Bread Pudding Recipe uses Coffee-mate French Vanilla coffee creamer to kick the flavor up a notch, and it is so delicious!

French Vanilla Bread Pudding

Coffee-mate has two delicious Vanilla coffee creamers available, Classic Vanilla and French Vanilla. You might think that all vanilla coffee creamers were created equal, but let me tell you: they’re not! These are two totally different flavor experiences based on everyone’s favorite vanilla flavor. Classic vanilla is a throwback to that classic vanilla you remember from your childhood – imagine that classic vanilla soft serve ice cream cone you had as a kid! The flavor is reminiscent of vanilla beans. Balanced and aromatic, this is a class American kitchen taste!

French Vanilla is deliciously creamy, with a rich, smooth flavor. The French Vanilla flavor has hints of marshmallows, vanillin notes and a tiny bit of buttercream flavor. There’s a big emphasis on the vanillin. YUM!

Did you know that Vanilla has over 170 different flavor notes? It’s no wonder that both the Coffee-mate Classic Vanilla and French Vanilla are perfect for your morning cup of coffee…or for using in a delicious French Vanilla Bread Pudding recipe!



French Vanilla Bread Pudding Recipe

Bread Pudding Ingredients:

  • 14 Cups Cubed Day-Old  Bread
  • 1/2 Cup Unsalted Butter
  • 2 Cups Heavy Cream
  • 4 Cups Coffee-mate French Vanilla coffee creamer
  • 6 Eggs
  • 1 1/2 Cups  Brown Sugar
  • 4 TSP Vanilla
  • 1 TSP Cinnamon
  • 1/2 TSP Nutmeg
  • Pinch of Salt

French Vanilla Bread Pudding Recipe


Preheat the oven to 350*. Grease a 9 by 13-inch casserole dish with butter and set aside. Combine the heavy cream, Coffee-mate, eggs, brown sugar, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, salt, in a large bowl. Whisk to mix. Add bread to cream mixture and make sure all bread is coated. Let it soak in for about 10 minutes. Pour soaked bread and all remaining liquid into casserole dish. Bake for 1 hour. Center of bread should be set and no longer mushy. Garnish with macerated strawberries. Drizzle with warm Bourbon Sauce.

Maple Bourbon Sauce

  • 1 Cup Heavy Cream
  • 1/2 Cup Milk (not skim)
  • 1/4 Cup Sugar
  • 1 TBS Cornstarch
  • 1/2 Cup Maple Bourbon + 1/4 Cup
  • Pinch salt
  • 1 TBS Butter

In medium saucepan combine the cream, milk, and sugar. Warm over medium heat. Do not allow to boil.  In a small mixing bowl,  whisk cornstarch and bourbon to make a slurry. Pour the slurry into the cream mixture and now bring to a boil. When sauce begins to boil, reduce the heat to simmer. Cook for 5 minutes. Remove the sauce from the heat. Add salt, butter and the remaining 1/4 cup of bourbon. Serve warm.

Macerated Strawberries

  • 1/2 Quart Sliced Strawberries
  • 1/2 Cup Sugar

Slice strawberries and place in bowl. Add sugar and mix well. Allow to set in refrigerator for 6 hours. Serve cold.

French Vanilla Bread Pudding Recipe

It’s time to take back vanilla #TakeBackVanilla for even more fun and excitement every day. Want to try Classic Vanilla? Click here to locate a store near you!

I’d love to hear about your recipes using Coffee-mate coffee creamers. If you haven’t tried using this great ingredient in your cooking yet, you can Visit Coffee-mate for more delicious recipes!

Don’t forget to follow @Coffee-mate on Twitter and like the Coffee-mate Facebook page to stay up to date on current promotions and awesome recipes featuring their products!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Summertime S’mores Brownie Sundae Recipe

It’s summer and all I want to do is eat delicious summertime treats! This S’mores Brownie Sundae Recipe encompasses everything that I love about summer goodies: ice cream, chocolate, and S’mores!

S’more just scream S U M M E R T I M E, don’t they?

Smores Brownie Sundae Recipe


I know, you are probably drooling all over your computer screen right now. It’s okay, I am too!

Just wipe it off and I won’t tell anyone if you don’t!

Smores Brownie Sundae Recipe

S’mores Brownie Sundae Recipe


2 cups white sugar
1 ½ cup all purpose flour
¾ cup unsweetened cocoa
1 teaspoon baking powder
2/3 cup oil (vegetable oil)
½ teaspoon salt
3 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 cups marshmallows
Ice cream, graham crackers, chocolate syrup


In a large bowl, mix together the sugar, flour, cocoa, baking powder, and salt. Mix until blended. In another bowl, mix the oil, eggs, and vanilla. Pour both bowls together and mix until all ingredients are incorporated. Fold in the mini marshmallows.

Smores Brownie Sundaes

Pour brownie batter into a greased 9×13 baking pan. Bake at 350 degrees for 20 to 25 minutes or until a toothpick comes out without any batter sticking to it.

Once the brownies are finished, remove from oven and let them cool. To create the sundaes, cut the brownies into serving size bars, top with a scoop of ice cream, crushed graham crackers, and a drizzle of chocolate syrup.

Then just enjoy them!

S'mores Brownie Sundae Recipe

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If you are a blogger, and would like your S’mores recipe to be shared in my next S’mores round up, leave me a link in the comments – just note if I have permission to use a photo from your post in my collage.

25 Summertime S'mores Recipes


Blackberry Crisp Recipe in Mini Jars Recipe #12Bloggers

Every year when we head up to the mountains of North Carolina, I hear the siren song of fresh blackberries calling to me. You see, we don’t have wild blackberries growing alongside the road here in Miami…come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve even seen a purposely-planted blackberry in the entire state of Florida! This Blackberry Crisp Recipe in Mini Jars pays homage to one of my favorite summertime activities: stealing blackberries off the bushes around my grandparent’s farm.

Blackberry Crisp Recipe in Mini Jars from

And of course, this recipe is in little jars. Everyone is going crazy for desserts served in adorable little jars, so I thought, “why not?” Jars make for great presentation and of course there’s the added benefit of being able to prepare them in advance and they make serving so easy!

All you have to do is set them out and let the guests serve themselves when it’s time for dessert!

They are also great for packing in a picnic basket!

Mini Blackberry Crisps Recipe

Blackberry Crisp Recipe in Mini Jars


2 C. blackberries
10 jelly jars (4 oz.)

Crumble Topping


½ c. rolled oats
½ C. flour
1/3 C. packed brown sugar
4 tbs. butter or margarine, softened


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Place about 3 tbs. of blackberries into the bottom of each jelly jar.

You will want to fill the jar about ½ way.

Combine the rolled oats, flour, brown sugar. Using a fork, or a pastry cutter, cut in your 4 tbs. of butter or margarine until crumbly.

Scoop 2-3 tbs. of crumble into your jelly jars on top of the fresh blackberries. You want the crumble to come up to the top of the jar.

Bake for 25 minutes. Crust will turn golden brown.

Mini Blackberry Crisps Recipe

This recipe makes approximately 10 jelly jars. 1 jar = 1 serving.

Store them covered up (you can use the jar tops!) in the fridge up to 1 week.

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12 recipes in jars #12bloggers

25 Summertime S’Mores Recipes

As we begin planning our annual road trip to the mountains of North Carolina, I can’t help but think back to the summers of my childhood, when every family vacation meant a trek to Mamaw and Papaw’s house on the farm. Playing in the creek at the foot of the field, climbing trees, picking blackberries along the train tracks and camping in nearby Pisgah Forest: that is how we spent our days and looking back, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

When I think of camping, I think of S’mores. Don’t we all? Families and friends gathered around the campfire, snug in our sleeping bags or blankets made by our Great Grandmother, each with a marshmallow-covered stick over the flames…that is what summertime is all about in North Carolina!

As we start packing for our family vacation, I wanted to gather some of my favorite S’mores recipes and share them with you all! I’ve asked some friends to share their favorite S’mores Recipes and was so inspired by their creativity! These are not your campground S’mores, they are cookies and cakes and even a S’mores Dip!

I hope that you enjoy these S’mores Recipes as much as I did and take the time to look at all of them. YUM!

25 Summertime S'mores Recipes

25 Summertime S’mores Recipes

In the collage, from left to right:

Mini Peeps S’mores by me, The Rebel Chick!

Chocolate Chip S’mores Bars by Mommy of Two Little Monkeys

Cookie Dough S’mores by Creole Contessa

Creamy S’mores Pie by Sweet T Makes Three

Red White and Blue S’mores by MomDot

S’mores Dip by A Few Shortcuts

S’mores Bars by Better in Bulk

S’mores Truffles by Sew Lets Cook

S’mores Mini Pies by Surf And Sunshine

Strawberry S’mores Bites by Bakers Royale

S’mores Marshmallow Straws by Courtney’s Sweets

When I asked my friends to share their fabulous S’mores Recipes, I had NO IDEA how many would respond and there was no way that I could possibly fit them all into my showcase collage! I am so lucky to have so many friends who are creative in the kitchen.

Check out the rest of these delicious S’mores Recipes!

S’mores Peeps Pops by Moscato Mom

S’mores Blossom Cookies and by Food Family Finds (she has a whole listing of S’mores Recipes on her blog!

S’mores Nachos by Sensibly Sara

S’mores Cream Pie by My Sweet Sanity

S’mores Snack Mix by Our Kids Mom

S’mores Stuffed French Toast by Crazy Adventures in Parenting

S’mores Brownie Cupcake by Remaking June Cleaver

Peeps Brownie S’mores by Busy-Mommy

S’mores Dip by One Busy WAHM

Peanut Butter Nutella S’mores by Three Different Directions

Pumpkin S’mores Bars by This Mama Loves

S’mores Brownies by Simm Works Family

Frozen Marshmallow S’mores by Better in Bulk

Copycat S’mores Blizzard by Crunchy Frugalista