How Your Pets Can Give You “You” Time


Aside from training, pets need both physical and mental exercise. Whether the former consists of putting them out the back door or going for a 3 hour hike, pets, like humans, will be lazy if you let them. So, why not kill two birds with one stone and set aside some time every day to… 

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Cat Fight Caturday!

Gizmo and Hazel

This is Hazel. We have had Hazel for almost three months and what a sweetheart she has turned out to be! She is so sweet and friendly, and I don’t know how this happened, but Tarzan and Gizmo love her! Most of the time, they snuggle together and play….but then sometimes Hazel gets a little… 

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It’s #Caturday Again!


Perhaps it’s the crazy cat lady in me talking, but I think Hazel just might be the most adorable kitten ever. EVER!! She’s fluffy and soft, which makes her a prime snuggle buddy. She’s sweet and playful, which makes for interesting mornings spent with her attacking my toes beneath the covers. Also…did I mention that… 

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Happy Caturday!


I thought I’d drop in during this busy Mother’s Day weekend with a little hello from our newest kitty, Hazel! Angeline brought Hazel home from school last month; one of her teachers found Hazel along with her litter mates in a bucket on the side of the road. She had a bacterial infection, worms and… 

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ALPO® Knows a Healthy Dog is a Happy Dog

A Happy Dog is a Healthy Dog! ALPO #HappyStartsHere

This post brought to you by ALPO® Brand Dog Food. All opinions are 100% mine. My longtime readers probably know by now that I am a total dog lover. Our three dogs, Foxy, Bailey and Toby, are spoiled rotten! One of the ways we spoil them is by feeding them dog food that they love,… 

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3 Tips for Happy, Healthy Kitties with Sheba Cat Food

#shebacat #cbias #shop

In case you didn’t get the memo, I love cats. I mean, I really, really love cats! I love their fluffy little faces, their pink little noses, their scratchy little tongues…I even love their sassy little attitudes. So of course I try to take the best care of my kitties as possible, and that includes… 

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