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Five Reasons to Take the Sex and the City Hotspots Tour in New York City

sex and the city hotspots tour group shot

This past spring, in the midst of whirlwind weekend reunion trip with two friends in New York City, I had the opportunity to go on the Sex and the City Hotspots Tour. Initially, I was skeptical. I am fan of the show, but not a true aficionado, and I usually travel independently and on foot, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. 3.5 hours later, pleasantly tipsy from a delicious cosmopolitan, I disembarked from the tour bus near Times Square and, am happy to report, that the tour was completely and ...

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What’s Cooking on The Rebel Chick

Cinnamon Roll Waffles

Quick & Easy Cinnamon Roll Waffles

Have you ever wished that you could eat your ooey, gooey cinnamon rolls in the form of a crispy waffle? Well, now you can! Just take a can of cinnamon rolls, just note that the smaller ones work the best. I used these! Then preheat your waffle iron and spray with a nonstick cooking spray. I have always used PAM, but you can use whatever you like, just don't use the kind for baking that has flour in it - it will prevent your waffles from getting that nice crispy finish on the ...

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The Latest & Greatest in Tech

Gigabit Pro From XFINITY- Unheard of Speed


This post and giveaway are sponsored by XFINITY, however, all opinions are my own. We all know that XFINITY internet is fast, but now it's going to be even faster. XFINITY is introducing Gigabit Pro, a new residential internet service delivering speeds of at least twice what any current competing service provider can give customers. While this speed wont' be available to all customers yet, Gigabit Pro is an example of how XFINITY stays at the forefront of providing fast, powerful internet to ...

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Let’s Go Shopping!

What’s New in Entertainment

Paper Towns Poster

Fall in Love With #PaperTowns

This post is sponsored by 20th Century Fox. Ah…true love. It’s something that we dream of as little girls, and most likely…we never stop. When Angeline began dating and fell in love for the first time, it was absolutely terrifying. My little girl, grown up enough to fall in love. I remember my first love. We’re friends…

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We Love Our Pets!


Cesar® Home Delights™ Knows That Dogs Need Lovin’ Too! #CesarHomeDelights

I'm serving my dog Cesar® home delights™ as part of a sponsored series with Socialstars, however all opinions expressed are my own. #CesarHomeDelights For the past few months, I've been giving my little guys, Bailey and Toby, Cesar® home delights™ wet dog food, to treat them and keep them out of the cat's food - and it's working like a charm! Even though it's been a staple in the house for a while now, my dogs still go as crazy for it as they did when I first brought it home. I really ...

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