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New Ways to See the Big Apple-PromoPro Can Help You Save the Money


New York is such a big city with so much to explore. Inevitably, when you get back from a trip to the Big Apple, people are going to be asking: “Did you go to Times Square?” “How was the view from the Empire State Building?” (Answer: It’s better from 30 Rock.) “Did you see the statue of Liberty?” For such a big city, many people end up having carbon copy stories when they come home, even if that experience is as strange as an underwear-clad cowboy. It’s a shame, too, because NYC is ...

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Summertime Safety in Miami

Summertime in Miami is one of my favorite times. The summer is when the heat is the highest and so is the action! Miami and the surrounding areas are just as hopping as they seem to be on those travel shows you always see. I should know, because they’re my stomping grounds, and they have…

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Let’s Go Shopping!

Calling all active smartphone and app users!

This is a sponsored post. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating. Calling all active smartphone and app users! Citi is currently looking for a group of digitally engaged individuals to join an exclusive online community, where members will share their thoughts and opinions on shopping, payment methods and more. To…

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