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Visiting Nazi Rally Grounds in Nuremberg, Germany

Visiting Nazi Rally Grounds in Nuremberg, Germany

Germany has tons of history. Not all of it is glamorous and some of it is truly heartbreaking. Everyone knows the horrific events that happened in World War Two.  Often you hear of major cities such as Berlin or Munich and forget about Nuremberg. Nuremberg held the trials for the main war criminals at the end of WW2. Nazi party rallies also to place here starting in 1927 six years before taking power in 1933. After moving to Germany, I avoided visiting the rally grounds. Mainly knowing that ...

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And Suddenly I Don't Hate the Brits So Much

And Suddenly I Don’t Hate the Brits So Much

Prior to departing for Barcelona, my friend Shelly and I sat at my favorite local bar in Miami, Little Hoolies, and I opened yet a new Tinder account. I’d deleted my old account a few weeks prior, when seriously considering a relationship with #FakeBae – but more on that guy later, because it’s quite the…

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Wardrobe Staples Every Woman Should Own

Jenn Quillen in NYC

Are you an accomplished young woman that does not have the essential clothing items in her wardrobe? Items that are a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe, include: Trench Coat A classic trench coat from your favorite clothing brand is a must have. The right coat can be matched with every item that you have to make…

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