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4 Must-Do Fun in the Sun Activities in Miami

4 things to do in Miami

Without question, Miami is the place to be if you’re looking for fun in the sun. Exploring the plethora of beaches in The Magic City or frolicking in the waves of the Atlantic Ocean are some of the simpler joys in life. Miami is notorious for it’s nightlife, romantic beaches, and sunshine. Day or night,…

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Gorilla Glass is the Ultimate Protection for Smartphone Screens


We all love our smart devices. I know that I get antsy when I'm away from my phone for too long, or when I am unable to connect to service or WiFi...it's always in the back of my mind. What if a client is trying to contact me? What if I miss a great photo opp? Being a blogger - especially a blogger that spends a lot of time traveling - my devices have to be in perfect working order AT ALL TIMES. I simply cannot allow for any down time, and the thought of having a cracked or broken device makes ...

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Celebrate Spring in a Karina Dress


This post contains affiliate links. You may have noticed the lack of Karina Dresses posts around here the last six months or so. Did you notice that the absence coincided with the arrival of winter up North? As soon as the long sleeved dresses hit the Karina Dresses website, I was like, Sorry guys, I’ll…

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