Cruising the Caribbean - Who's Open / Who's Closed?

Cruising the Caribbean – Who’s Open / Who’s Closed?

Cruising the Caribbean – Who’s Open / Who’s Closed? The vast majority of ports in the Caribbean are now operational. Of the 62 ports in the Caribbean, approximately 75 percent (47) are welcoming cruise ships, according to the Cruise Line International Association (CLIA). AAA experts recommend travelers talk with their travel agent about the popular Caribbean destinations…

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Jenn in Greece

Greece is My Own Personal Mecca

If you’re a regular reader of mine, then you may recall that I’ve been to Greece a few times, and my first visit had such a great impact on my life that I actually got a tattoo of my favorite Greek Goddess, Aphrodite, within a few months of my return. I loved Greece so much…

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4 Strategies for Touring Manhattan

In 2016, New York City tourism hit a new milestone, reaching to over 60 million visitors in a single year. And it’s no secret that Manhattan is the central hub of New York in virtually every conceivable way, and especially in regard to tourist activities. But although touring Manhattan is immensely popular, it also requires…

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Jenn with Passport

Useful Items to Take on Your Travels

For many people, travelling has become a popular hobby with some taking such frequent holidays that it may even feel like a career…which in my case, it kind of is! Preparing for an upcoming trip can be difficult as it’s hard to know exactly what you may need. Generally, there are a variety of items…

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Exploring Killarney in Ireland with Rabbies Tours

How to Spend Two Days in Killarney, Ireland

I don’t think I’ve ever written so much about a destination as I am about my time in Ireland during my two week long U.K. trip. As I mentioned in another post, Ireland has become my favorite country…I wish that I had spent more than 6 days there! I’ve written about the Drombeg Circle, as…

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