12 Things to Know Before Your First Cruise!

12 Things to Know Before Your First Cruise

I love to cruise. No, I really, really love to cruise! Cruising has totally changed my perspective on vacationing in recent years. My standard for dining has risen, my sense of adventure has expanded and my passion for turquoise blue waters and white sandy beaches has grown exponentially with each port of call I’ve visited. I’ve been…

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Things to do with Kids in Aruba - De Pal Island in Aruba

5 Things to do with Kids in Aruba

For those of you traveling with young kids to Aruba, have you put any thought into how to entertain them? Angeline and I recently spent one glorious day in Aruba while there on the Carnival Freedom and I was so surprised to see the long list of available shore excursions! I often find 3 or…

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Take the Weekend Off

Weekends We Wish Would Last Forever

We all have weekends that we wish would last forever. I try not to work on the weekends, but my blog recently took me to Daytona Beach with the family to do a little research for an upcoming post for a sponsor. Angeline and I went to Grapevine, Texas a few weeks ago, but that…

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