Saving Money During a Move

It doesn’t matter if you are just moving down the block or if you are making a massive cross-country move, it doesn’t have to cost as much as you might think. The main thing you can do to make sure that your move is less hectic, less stressful, and more cost efficient is to be…

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Classy with a Touch of Sass

Just because you have a sassy attitude doesn’t mean you want your home to look anything other than classy. Of course, how each person defines both terms is what makes us all unique. Regardless of where your personal class and sass benchmarks are, most people recognize when they enter a space that has class with…

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A Woman’s Ever Evolving Sense of Style

Trends come and trends go and women flow with it while incorporating their own personality into every aspect of style. Many women have openly discussed how they have grown in their sense of fashion throughout the major milestones they experience. More designers and stylists should pay attention to it, rather than tell us how we…

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