Join the #CelebrateCheesecakeSK Twitter Party July 28 8 PM EST!

// Summer is such a wonderful season with lots of activities and reasons to celebrate. There are holidays, reunions, birthdays and anniversaries. Help us celebrate and join the #CelebrateCheesecakeSK Twitter Party hosted by me, Jennifer Quillen, @TheRebelChick. During the party, I’ll be hosting a discussion about all your favorite things to celebrate during the summer…

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UltraShape Jenn Quillen

The Skinny on My Progress with UltraShape

June was kind of a crazy month for me…for the first time in about two years, I didn’t travel at all. My husband asked for a divorce. My husband moved out. I started working with UltraShape on a sponsored post campaign unlike any other that I’ve participated in during my five years blogging…Three of those…

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Save on a Breyers Gelato Date Night!

Breyers Gelato is a sweet treat for any frugal date. My daughter, Angeline is 18. Her boyfriend is about the same age. Because they’re so young and carefree, they don’t have jobs at the moment, which means they’re extra frugal with their dates. When the weather is nice, they have picnic dates, and Breyers Gelato…

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