The Better Way to Play ‘Keep, Toss, Donate’ With Unused Items

Every spring cleaner worth her salts knows the best way to get rid of clutter and effectively cleanse storage spaces of unused and unwanted possessions is to play the game “Keep, Toss, Donate.” For those not in-the-know, the game entails sifting through common storage spaces, including closets, garages, attics, and basements, and placing every item…

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captain obvious

Captain Obvious Runs for President!

The 2016 Presidential Race is getting kinda crazy, y’all. If my Facebook feed is any indication, things are heating up and there are many who still don’t know which way they are going to vote…I used to joke that I wanted to just vote for Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam, because I couldn’t find a…

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Tax Time - Professional Advice to Conquer the Beast #BlockAdvisors #StatementDoubleCheck

Let Block Advisors Help Guide You Through Life’s Changes #BlockAdvisors

As I have spoken about Block Advisors in the past, you probably realize by now that there’s no cookie cutter tax prep at Block Advisors. Most people treat tax season as one day a year event. It isn’t until they sit down with their tax professional that they realize tax preparation is not one-size-fits-all and for some, taxes are…

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What it’s Like Living with PBC

Please Activate Javascript Today’s post is a part of the Insider’s Program on Bloggy Moms. All opinions are my own. Over the last decade the number of health clubs, gyms, and other fitness centers has been on the rise. The idea of getting fit and being healthy has never been more trendy and it’s a…

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windex desk

Keep Your Life Full of Sunshine With the Help of Windex® #SCJMessyMoments

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Windex® and SC Johnson Company.  Running a house is a big responsibility, and it becomes even more of a daunting task when you’re the only adult in a home with a messy teenager and cats and dogs…sometimes I don’t know who makes the bigger mess, my daughter or our pets!…

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just a kid

Young Athletes – Support Their Passion with POWERADE #JustAKidFrom

This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks and POWERADE. All thoughts and opinions are my own.  Young Athletes are healthy ones. When they are active, especially in organized sports, they are more physically healthy, they develop a sense of teamwork, and they learn about the triumphs and defeats that come with life. Through the years, I’ve supported…

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North Carolina Road Trip

How to Plan an Epic Family Reunion

Nothing is more important than family, which is why you want to make every reunion an event to remember. Instead of the same old barbecue or crowded get-together at a family member’s house, why not plan an epic family reunion that everyone will be talking about for many holidays to come? Planning an epic family…

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