A Coworker, A Mentor and A Friend #GoodNeighbor

Angeline 2001

When I was a 20-something single mom, struggling to make ends meet, I landed a job as the administrative assistant in the headquarters of a construction company. Sometimes when I feel down in the dumps about finances or something I feel that my life is missing, I think back to those days and I am immediately [...]

Embrace the #Happimess

#Happimess pool parties

  Have you ever had a party, or even a casual gathering, and caught yourself running around like a chicken with your head cut off? I think we have all been there: spending all of our time cleaning up the messes that happen along the way instead of you know, actually enjoying yourself? I have [...]

How Do You Redecorate? #HavertysRefresh


Every few years, I look around the various rooms in my home and I get the itch. You know, the redecorating bug! My mind starts mapping out all of the ways that I can change things up, and new furniture is always at the top of my list. Our living room sectional is about 6 years [...]

Visit the NEUTROGENA® Skin Care Solutions Center for Clearer Skin!


You would think that with a teenage girl in the house, buying beauty products would be easy because we would be able to share the products that we use every day. Unfortunately, while Angeline might look like a mini me, our skin is totally different and we need a variety of different skincare products. Everyone has different [...]

Make Laundry Day More Fun!

Gizmo and Hazel

I often joke about wishing for a visit from the laundry fairy. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were such a thing? Imagine a magical fairy coming into your home and washing, drying and putting away all of your clothes! Of course one could argue that a housekeeper could accomplish the same tasks, but that [...]

DIY Fabric Pumpkin Garland Tutorial

DIY Fabric Pumpkin Garland

I love decorating for the holidays, but truth be told, filling my house with store-bought decor makes me feel so non-creative! Have you ever browsed Pinterest on a lazy Sunday morning and realized that all of those great fall decorating ideas were HOMEMADE? What? Talk about giving me an inferiority complex! As much as I [...]

2014 Top 10 Halloween Costumes and Halloween Party Themes #OrangeTuesday

PR_Zombie zone (16)

Orange is the new…everything! BuyCostumes.com has released their Orange List revealing this year’s top Halloween picks. The list is comprised of this season’s top 10 Halloween costumes, party themes and treats. The Orange list showcases sweet and savory Halloween treats from lifestyle expert and best selling author Sandra Lee. Cocktails and tablescapes, anyone? Pirate’s Booty, Jones Soda, and Home Run [...]

Saying Goodbye to My Only Child’s Childhood…

Angeline 2001

Angeline is turning 17 next month and she’s decided that she wants an old fashioned themed birthday party at our local park…just like she did as a kid. This will likely be the last kiddie birthday party that I ever throw…and I am totally freaking out about it! Where did the last 17 years go? [...]

Join the #PoweringSafety Twitter Party 9/23 1 PM EST


September is National Preparedness Month and like myself, Energizer takes this seriously. Did you know that according to a recent Energizer survey* 36% of Americans have experienced a power outage in the last year? These can range from a few minutes to a few days. Additionally, only 36% of households have discussed a safety plan for weather related emergencies or [...]

Join the #LifeProtected Twitter Party 9/16 1 PM EST


As as adult, it’s your responsibility to financially support those you love. Fewer than half of all Americans have a life insurance policy.* Life insurance is incredibly important and Savings Bank Life (SBLI) encourages you to have the No Nonsense Conversation with your family. How will funeral costs, bills, and college tuition be covered? Choosing a policy can be overwhelming [...]