Greece is My Own Personal Mecca

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If you’re a regular reader of mine, then you may recall that I’ve been to Greece a few times, and my first visit had such a great impact on my life that I actually got a tattoo of my favorite Greek Goddess, Aphrodite, within a few months of my return.


I loved Greece so much that when I was invited to visit Bucharest with my daughter for a blogging /social media conference in May, I extended our trip and took Angeline to Athens for a few days.

I really love Greece. Athens…words simply can not express what this country does to my soul. Don’t get me wrong, the Caribbean is my first love, but Greece? Damn, guys. It sets my soul on fire.

While I will always associate Athens with #BritishBoyWonder – you can read more about that entire experience here – everything about Greece makes me happy. My first love is Greek Mythology (thus the Aphrodite tattoo on my shoulder), I love Greek food, their wine is actually very lovely, their sunsets take my breath away…

A sunset in greece

The people are kind, warm and friendly, and um…THE FOOD, MAN. Angeline’s first experience with Gyros left her enamored as well!

angeline eating gyros in greece

So, I am back in Greece within months of my last visit. Why? Sun Fun You Voyages invited me to take a complimentary voyage, and I brought my good friend Angie along to be my traveling companion as well as photographer. I often travel alone, but for this trip, I knew that I needed someone by my side.

Some experiences are too special to be experienced alone, and as #FakeBoyfriend declined by invitation to be my guest, I knew that Angie was the perfect friend to bring along.


She’s doing an excellent job as my assistant/photographer – we’ve been on enough trips together that she’s learned my best angles, and as this is a “fitness voyage,” and she’s one of the fittest chicks I know, duh – she was perfect.

She is a great personal photographer, don’t you think?

Jenn in Greece

While this voyage has lacked one thing I usually have a surplus of while traveling…MEN…it has offered everything else I look for when traveling. Namely, amazing company, new friends, delicious food all freshly prepared by a lovely Turkish chef…

a turkish lunch in greece

And plenty of tasty wine and beer – all Greek, of course. OH, THE WINE! Who knew that Greek wine could be so delicious? And it’s so inexpensive. Angie and I have been buying bottles of Rose for 3.90 euros all over the Greek Isles. Italian prosecco, something that we drink together quite often, has ranged about 10 euros.

Color me happy as a lark.

I’ve spent the last few days working on my tan, sipping rose, learning more about the Turkish and Greek culture, befriending a lovely bunch of British ladies, and sleeping beneath the stars.

Oh, also? Swimming in the Aegean sea.

Greek kayaking

I’ve spent the last few days in a weird combination of yoga, drinking wine, eating delicious food and chatting with the ladies about the sorry state of my love life.

I’ve never been happier.

I’ve been writing.

Reading a great book on the Beatles.

Jenn in Greece

Sun bathing in a thong bikini.

Making eyes at the cute deck hand that speaks zero to little English.

Teaching Instagram tips to new friends.

Discussing world politics with someone I’d probably never discuss those things with in any other setting.

I think I’ve found my happy place.


Yeah, it’s in Greece.

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