Gifts For Giving: Chocolate Dipped Meringue Recipe

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This Chocolate Dipped Meringue Recipe takes a little bit of work, but is so tasty! They’re perfect for making for your upcoming holiday parties and also great for gifting to neighbors, coworkers, and of course – a hostess gift! It can be difficult to decide what to give these people in our lives, do we buy them a gift? Do we make something? Just give them a card? Well, a homemade treat is ALWAYS a great idea!

Gifts For Giving: Chocolate Dipped Meringue Recipe


Chocolate Dipped Meringue Recipe


  • 3 egg whites
  • 1.5 cups confectioners’ sugar
  • dash of pure vanilla extract or other pure flavoring
  • 4-8 ounces of quality chocolate


Carefully wash the outside of the eggs with cold water, then separate saving the whites (it is easier to separate the yokes and whites when the eggs are cold) Lightly covered the egg whites and let rest until they are room temp. This down time is perfect for prepping the rest of the steps and work space. Line a cookie sheet or baking try with parchment paper or a silicone oven mat, lightly flouring the paper or mat will sometimes help to make sure they don’t stick once fully baked. Select the tip(s) needed and set up the piping bag.

Some suggest hand whisking in a copper bowl is the only way while others prefer an electric hand mixer, we used our Kitchenaid mixer with very tasty results, less mess and faster prep time.

Once the eggs are at room temp slowly turn the mixer on to medium and mix until the egg whites become so foamy and frothy that they filled with tiny bubbles that really look like wet foam. This took about 8-10 minutes on medium with our Kitchen-aid stand mixer. Very slowly start to add in the pre sifted confectioners’ sugar, just a couple small spoonful’s at a time, you should then wait a minute before adding more. This will roughly take another 6 to 10 minutes. You should quickly start to see a change in consistency, add in your pure vanilla extract or other flavoring. You can stop mixing once the mixture can hold its shape in a stiff peak (this is easy to see as soon as you turn off the mixer and lift up the whisk attachment on the mixer.

You can now carefully fill the piping bag with the meringue mixture. I like to do this by placing the piping bag in a large heavy glass that you can fold the outside of the piping bag over on. This allows you to use two hands to fill the bag. Give the piping bag a quick twist and hold firmly so the meringue will not leak out of the open end of the bag. Once baked the meringues will only be slightly larger, so you may pipe them fairly close to one another. The overall baking time depends on the size so be careful to be as consistent as possible when piping. A rough estimate on timing would be as follows: A 2 inch round meringue will take about 2.5 to 3 hours. ¾ inch meringues take about 45 minutes to one hour. All ovens work differently keep a close eye on the temperature, you’ll want the oven to be at 200 degrees for the duration of the baking time. A separate oven thermometer that can stay in might be a great purchase if you have an inconsistent oven or if you are still getting to know yours.

Gifts For Giving: Chocolate Dipped Meringue Recipe

Once the meringues have fully cooled follow the package instructions for melting the chocolate, I tend to do a little at a time to help keep it hot enough once melting. Carefully hold the top of each meringue and dip as much or little into the chocolate as you like.

Gifts For Giving: Chocolate Dipped Meringue Recipe


You can then place right back onto the same parchment paper as they were baked on (just dust off the flour first).

Gifts For Giving: Chocolate Dipped Meringue Recipe

If you’re finding that there is a little too much chocolate puffing up around the cookies once back on the try you can gently scrape a little off of the bottom by running it over the edge of the dish with the melted chocolate.

Let the chocolate harden then store in an air tight container for up to a week.

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  1. says

    My son is a massive meringue fan so we always have them for special occasions, I love the idea of dipping them in chocolate. I was surprised you say to cook them at 200 degrees until I realised you mean fahrenheit not centigrade! They’d be very well done at 200 degrees c!

  2. says

    Wow, these candies look so good. They would truly make a great gift!
    Your recipe was one of the most viewed at our party last week so you will be FEATURED this week at Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop. Hope you can stop by!

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