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Turn Any Home Into A Smart Home

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Iris by Lowe’s. Over the last two years, I’ve written here and there about what it has been like for Angeline and I to adjust to living alone since my ex-husband moved out. There are so many changes that happen in your life after…

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Ruth Elaine Bagwell

My Last Grandmother Died

I lost my maternal grandmother just a few short months after I began this blog. Last year, I lost my paternal grandmother…the one I was really close to. It’s been about six months, and I am thinking about her a great deal right now because Mother’s Day just passed, and her birthday would have been…

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#PlantNite Is The New Girls Night Out in Miami

#PlantNite Is The New Girls Night Out

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had the following conversation with a girlfriend: Me: “It’s been too long we need to get together soon!” Her: “Yes! I’ve been dying for a night out and I miss you.” ….And then radio silence. Because let’s face it, we all like to get together with friends…

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