How Do You Redecorate? #HavertysRefresh


Every few years, I look around the various rooms in my home and I get the itch. You know, the redecorating bug! My mind starts mapping out all of the ways that I can change things up, and new furniture is always at the top of my list. Our living room sectional is about 6 years [...]

Make Laundry Day More Fun!

Gizmo and Hazel

I often joke about wishing for a visit from the laundry fairy. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were such a thing? Imagine a magical fairy coming into your home and washing, drying and putting away all of your clothes! Of course one could argue that a housekeeper could accomplish the same tasks, but that [...]

Save 15% Off Your Favorite Retailers with TwoSmiles!


This is a partnered post with and HP. Do you love getting a great discount from your favorite retailers? Or what about a discount on gift cards from select retailers? Right now, just in time for savings from back-to-school shopping 9yes, we are STILL doing back-to-school shopping!) and leading into the holidays, you can take advantage [...]

Jingit Dr Pepper Tailgating Promotion #GETCOZYWITHDRPEPPER

dr pepper tailgating promo

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf Jingit. I recently posted about the cash-back rewards app, Jingit. The ease of use is the primary reason why I’m still using Jingit after downloading it more than two years ago. You earn cash back – yes, I said CASH – on all qualifying purchases. Well, there’s a [...]

Kick Off The Fall Season With #OrangeTuesday at!

Orange Tuesday Family Picture

It’s here, it’s here! Orange Tuesday is here! Hosted by, Orange Tuesday is to the Halloween season what Black Friday is to the holiday shopping season. Orange Tuesday begins today, September 2nd and runs through November 2nd, and it features an Orange List that includes all of the top costumes, party themes and treats [...]

Let Sears Give #MoretoYou With Curbside Pickup!


Being a parent is a busy job. You can wear numerous hats in a day: a chef, a housekeeper, a chauffeur, a pet walker, litter box cleaner…and the list goes on. I welcome any effort on a company’s part to recognize my hectic schedule not just as a busy mom, but a busy work at home mom [...]

Get Cash Back With the Jingit App #JINGIT

PicMonkey Collage2

These days reward programs are everywhere you turn. The problem with that is that they are often confusing or take forever to see any incentive. The Jingit app makes earning rewards and getting cash back so easy! While this is a sponsored post on behalf Jingit, this is actually an app that I have been using for [...]