11 Cute Things You Can Make To Surprise Your Boyfriend Any Day

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Every girl knows that surprising her boyfriend with a gift is both an act of loving kindness and a surefire way to keep the romance flowing. After all, what better way to say ‘I love you’ than with a simple yet well-thought-out present? Everyone loves surprises, but sometimes all those little purchases can leave your wallet empty and your mind blank as to what you can get him next. How can you ensure you keep these little kicks coming without breaking the bank? All you have to do is get a little creative. Making your own presents to give him is a great way to show that you’ve been thinking of him, and he’s sure to appreciate the extra effort involved with something you’ve made yourself. From cutesy crafts to steamy surprises, he’s sure to enjoy all the goodies you lay on the table with this excellent collection of unique Valentine’s Day gifts.

Pork Chops & Potato Skillet Meal Recipe

Make him his favorite dinner

You of all people know which meal he loves—so cook it for him! Chances are if he’s working he may not have time to cook for himself, so take it upon yourself to craft him a perfect surprise. Make sure not to let him do the dishes afterward, either.

Create a scrapbook for him

Get some colored paper, pens and glue together to create a masterpiece. It doesn’t have to be a scrapbook specifically about you and your relationship. It can include photos and notes of every aspect of his life: his friends, parties, his work, pets, parents, you name it.

Make a sexy coupon book

Using cute colored paper, a few staples and some pens, make him a ‘coupon book’ full of naughty freebies. Each page is a different coupon that entitles the bearer to the act described. If you want to spice it up even more, illustrate it!

Do a scavenger hunt

Hide the first clue where you know he’ll see it when he gets home (fridge? Couch? You decide). The first clue directs him to the second, and so on until he gets to the final prize. It can be a batch of cookies, a new toothbrush or your own scantily-clad self!

Color a tie for him

Buy a cheap white tie and use colored markers to draw a picture or some cool designs. You can be wearing it when he gets home, or you can present it to him at the door or over dinner.

Dye him a shirt 

You already know his favorite color, so visit the craft shop, buy some white tees and get to work! Use rubber bands tied around the edges of the shirt to create cool designs.

Write him a letter

A handwritten letter is one of the most beautiful ways to express your love. Although men might seem gruff on the outside, they enjoy getting love letters just like the rest of us. Leave it on the fridge or the bed for him, or even send it via the post.

Make him a fridge magnet

Buy some cheap white magnets at the craft shop and decorate them using colored permanent markers. You can color in his favorite football team’s logo, some inspirational messages or just draw a cool design for him to come home to.

Do a steamy photoshoot

He’s sure to really appreciate this one. Take some sexy pictures, print them out (make sure you’re on a private printer) and hang them on the wall for him. You can also let him decide where to put them.

Make him a personalized calendar

Get a cheap calendar and write special notes on it for the special days in his life—his birthday, your anniversary, Christmas and other holidays. You can put love notes on random days just because.

Make him a playlist

You can use songs you already know he loves, or put songs on it you think he might like. Give it a nice title and play it for him when he gets home. He’ll be sure to appreciate your thoughtfulness and enjoy listening to his jams.

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