The team's announcement was basically:

We invite 100 top bloggers, vloggers, instagrammers, snapchatters, passionate travelers and travel influencers around the world to experience Bucharest and connect with Romanians content creators and tourism professionals.

Angeline and I set off to the airport, where she cried about leaving her fiance and dog, then we flew to Bucharest after a very long, and thankfully uneventful, flight.

5 Reasons Why You Should #ExperienceBucharest Romania

There was a welcome reception the first evening there, but we missed it due to our flight arriving a little too late.

On the first full day, we had a nice conference with guest speakers who were influential in their fields, then a rooftop party which was SO MUCH FUN! As Angeline was 19 at the time, and the legal drinking age was 18, she was able to join me and even drank a cocktail of her own...which she immediately decided she didn't like, and switched to water. Not gonna lie, it didn't bother me a bit!

Experience Bucharest rooftop party

During our time in Bucharest, Angeline and I went on three tours in Bucharest. The first was actually our favorite, where we joined a small group of food and travel bloggers and embarked on a Bohemian exploration through Bucharest.

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The Bohemian Bucharest Tour

From the heart of the city to the tastes of the country, th tour takes you on a historical, architectural, and culinary adventure through the many faces (and tastes) of Bucharest! Journey deep into the neighborhoods of La Belle Époque Bucharest, while sampling the traditional peasant foods that define Romanian cuisine.

Explore the neighborhoods and flavors of Bucharest, from the grand old center to the cultural mahallas...

5 Reasons Why You Should #ExperienceBucharest Romania

Taste traditional Romanian food, including the best local cheeses, the beloved mici street snack, and a doughnut only found in this part of the country...

Browse through the biggest and liveliest peasant market in Bucharest...

Sample local beers, from craft/microbrews to everyday big-name beers, and brave a shot of homemade Romanian brandy...

This event was organized by Interesting Times, and I have to say that our guide, Elena, was absolutely amazing. Angeline and I ended up being the only two people left by the end of the tour, as our other friends had to leave for other events towards the end. We left that tour feeling like we'd been hanging out with a personal friend by the end of the day, which I mentioned on my review on Trip Advisor.

5 Reasons Why You Should #ExperienceBucharest Romania

Apparently, our tour guide Elena saw this and knew exactly who left the review, because she felt the same way! I received this email from her a while after we returned home, along with photos she'd taken of Angeline and I while enjoying a local delicacy.

5 Reasons Why You Should #ExperienceBucharest Romania

Our next tour was to the Mogosoaia Summer Palace, which was absolutely beautiful and just a short drive outside the city limits.

Mogosoaia Summer Palace

5 Reasons Why You Should #ExperienceBucharest Romania 6

The gardens were spectacular, so much so that people were picnicking all over the place and posing for photos!

5 Reasons Why You Should #ExperienceBucharest Romania 6