10 Horror Movies That Are No Longer Horrifying

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Every year, my family gets together right before Halloween and watches scary movies. It’s a family tradition that’s been going on for almost 10 years. Each year, a different family hosts the evening and is in charge of picking out the movie and baking up scary snacks. This year, we are having a hard time finding a horror movie that we all agree is scary.

For instance, Texas Chainsaw Massacre – someone suggested that we watch one of those movies. And while I do think that they were incredible horror movies in their time, they lack the special effects and theatrical panache that today’s horror movies have going for them.

Here are the top 10 horror movies that scared the living daylights out of me as a child, but now make me laugh…

10 Horror Movies, carol anne

1. Poltergeist – I was a child (under 10 years old) the first time I saw one of the Poltergiest movies, and I was so terrified that I didn’t sleep well for months. For years, if I so much as thought about Carol Anne before I fell asleep, I would lay awake for hours, terrified out of my mind! Now? Now it’s goofy. I watched the first one again a few years ago and I got bored within 20 minutes.

10 Horror Movies, the birds

2. Nightmare on Elm Street – Who was terrorized by Freddy and his razor claws? He could kill you in your sleep! Freddy was literally everyone’s worst nightmare back in the 80’s, but now it’s just silly.

10 Horror Movies, the birds

3. The Birds – He was the king of psychological thrillers in his day…While it was scary in it’s time, it just can’t compare to movies like Insidious, you know what I mean? I have to admit, though, I still freak out when I see a hundred birds chilling on my power lines.

10 Horror Movies, rosemary's baby

4. Rosemary’s Baby – By the 80’s, we had moved past psychological horrors and had things like Freddy and Jason to worry about…but in it’s day, Rosemary’s Baby was quite the scary movie!

10 Horror Movies, the omen

5. The Omen – Another one of those movies that just can’t compete with today’s special effects! Even the remake was lame. Sorry, Juliana Stiles, but it was!

10 Horror Movies, troll

6. Troll – Yes, I went there. You know you were scared when you saw Troll as a child!

10 Horror Movies, hellraiser

7. Hellraiser – I’ll be honest, as a child, I was so terrified of this guy that I never watched the movies. LOL As an adult, it was gross (all that blood!) but it didn’t scare me. I feel like I missed out!

10 Horror Movies

8. Halloween – The old ones, of course. I remember being a kid and listening to Jamie Lee Curtis screeching and feeling my heart beating so fast I thought it’d fly right out my chest. Now? Yawn.

10 Horror Movies

9. The Exorcist – This is touted as one of the most scary movies of all time…I freak out with supernatural horror movies, so I never saw this as a child. The first time I saw it I was in my 20’s and I thought to myself…”this is what all the fuss was about?”

And last, but certainly not least, we have…

10. When a Stranger Calls – I’m talking the original one from 1979. HOLY CRAP. That movie scared the bejesus out of me when I was a kid…especially when I babysat and the phone rang. It’s been remade plenty of times, but the original was by far the scariest! I watched this not too long ago on one of those nights when my husband was out of town and I am sad to report that I went to sleep afterwards with no problem whatsoever.

What movies terrified you as a child and now seem silly?


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  1. Betsy says

    Gremlins had me sleeping with the light on until I was about 12 (because they can’t be in light, obviously) and now they show it on Comedy Central.

  2. says

    Exorcist absolutely terrified me – I saw it when I was a kid, maybe 10? – to this day I can’t watch anything that has to do with possession. I couldn’t even bring myself to rewatch it just to see if I’d be okay.

  3. says

    You know I’ve never been scared of a movie. I try to watch all of the horror movies and they just don’t do it – I need more! I haven’t seen quite a few of those but if they don’t scare you, I’m guessing I still won’t be scared. Sigh.

  4. Paul says

    It’s because you’ve grown up, but that doesn’t mean the films aren’t scary anymore. Also, to say that they can’t compete with todays special effects is ridiculous. It doesn’t take effects to be scary, and honestly, I’ll take the old prop driven special effects over tosay’s CGI any day. This past October I introduced my teenage daughter to Michael Myers, Jason, & Freddy. Quite outdated movies to this generation. But she found those movies to be so much more scary than anything she has seen today. The reason? The suspense. She spent the entire movie of Halloween barely peering over the top of a couch pillow. She said that throughout the entire movie it felt like something was going to happen any second. That’s scary. Not effects, blood, & guts.

  5. Lucy says

    Lepercauhn… that movie freaked me out so friggin’ much as a kid… i honestly don’t even remeber what it was about except that it freaked me out x3

  6. ian says

    I have to disagree. I get so much more enjoyment re watching these old films than suffering through the insipid, unimaginative contemporary offerings.
    It could be a touch of nostalgia I guess. Or the very lack of budgets and computer effects that forced film makers to use imagination and atmosphere so sadly lacking from newer productions.
    These older films are of their time, this is true, but they were true trailblazers and wrote the rules used to this day.
    Anyone who yawns during Halloween shows a complete lack of Imagination and probably requires having shiny, cartoon-like effects handed to them on a plate

  7. Morley says

    It’s not that these films are no longer scary, it’s that you have been desensitized by watching modern “horror”. Most people who watch the current torture porn think all the movies on your list are silly, but another person that doesn’t usually lean towards the genre will still find them terrifying. Don’t feel bad that modern “cinema” and social media have turned you into a sociopath….it’s not your fault.

  8. nubwaxer says

    the exorcist at the time it first played in theaters was horror/dramatic game changer and a masterpiece for its time.

  9. Trevor says

    Stephen King’s Creep Show was scary when I was young, “The Crate” was the scariest out of all the stories, those teeth on that thing!

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