An Introduction into the ART of Body language

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Ok so the hard part is over, the date is in the bag and you are already looking forward to it. So apart from what are you going to wear, when can you get a haircut and what perfume are you going to use there is also another factor to consider, body language!
Our behaviours are instilled in us from a primitive time of mating and encountering the opposite sex. These underling systems tell us when we are feeling comfortable, uncomfortable, worried, scared, excited, thrilled and even Horney. This fight or flight mode kicks in and helps to determine what we find attractive, and safe, or unattractive and unsafe.

Before you get going on your date, understanding inbuilt automatic responses whilst on a date can help you with deciding what and how your date is feeling.  Reading what their body language is telling you and their all -important cues will give you information so you can make informed decisions on how to change or adapt the date to suit both yours and their needs, or even amp up the naughty chat!

A Positive Sign
Half way through your date you may not know whether your date is happy with the situation, or wants to climb out of the bathroom window. But believe it or not they have been telling you all along, body language can be broken down into positive body language signs and negative.
A tell-tale positive sign that your partner is enjoying the date is their body language moves towards you. If they physically reduce the space between the two of you then you know you are on to a good thing. Further Less obvious but positive signs they may have been telling you all along could be pointing their hips and/or feet towards you as this is a sign of interest and a willingness to engage in the date. Furthermore you may not have noticed them playing with their hair all along, constantly twirling it through their fingers, or tidying it making sure they look their best at all times. Playfully playing with hair, jewellery or even a watch is a sign they are keen to interact and flirt with their accessories. Eye contact is also a good sign they are in to this date as they again show an interest and absorbing everything you are discussing
Also watch out for your date mimicking your movements and if your own body language is being mirrored then they are connecting with you on a subliminal level with you, and boy is this a good sign! If your date copies your tone of voice, or style of talking, even your vocabulary this is also an indication they are interested and they don’t even mean to show it.  If you lean in from a relaxed position and rest on the table in front of you, just watch her adjust her body language and seating position to mimic your change of approach, if she is also happy to close the space between you then you could be on your way to naughty chat sooner than you think.

Getting the Green Light
When learning the signs and body langage a top tip is to subliminally attach her positive signs to a green light. From here as your body language awareness develops when you’re interacting with your date, chatting with them you can feel you are getting the green light, this is good news. The green light enables you to continue down this line of conversation, or keep doing what you’re doing, your date is more than likely enjoying your company and their body language is telling you so. This green light approach allows you to be more responsive and pick up on your date’s body language and what there are telling you. The green light effect also helps you to time questions better and suggest a second or third during periods of ‘green lights’ where you date is comfortable, happy and possibly more agreeable!

Give them the Eye
Giving ‘the eye’ is a classic, a classic romantic sign that is used right across the dating game.  This very powerful sign or ‘look’ can also be confusing. For example if your date isn’t making eye contact then they could just be shy and unable to look into your deep and meaningful eyes for long. Or unfortunately, they could just be feeling uncomfortable. In which case use opposite ends of the spectrum as a measure is a good idea, holding eye contact for long periods shows interest or not making very much eye contact at all is often a good indicator that they are into you.

Fidget Spinners
As suggested earlier fidgeting with accessories such as hair, a watch or jewellery can often be used to flirt.  If your date is interested then they may well be nervous and unable to keep still, their heart is beating and this comes across as an inability to sit still and fidget. This inability to stay in control of our feelings and emotions gives your date away as interested, curious and wants to know more. If your partner is having difficulty controlling what they think of you then your date is spinning on to the next level!

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