How To Create Change In Your Life

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Many of us have a list of things we want to achieve in life, but somehow never take that first step to making those changes. You know the kind of thing; a desire to move house, a wish to find a more fulfilling career. Perhaps the change you’re hoping for is on a smaller scale – you might want to lose some weight and get fit, or start a new hobby that you never quite get round to doing.DR

We’re often held back from actually creating the changes we would like by an array of different obstacles, but these are often barriers of our own making. Just to acknowledge them makes it easier to push them to one side so that you can allow change to happen. They include fear of going out of our comfort zone, fear of failure or not being good enough, lack of energy, being too busy and feeling that you don’t want to take on something new.

Every thought you think is creating your #future. When you #change your thoughts, you’ll #transform your life!

— Sabrina Nelson (@scnelson017) January 13, 2017

The best way to surmount the fears and barriers to change are to start putting change into action, no matter how small the steps, anything where you move forward is progress. By taking action, you will find motivation to continue and work toward the change you aspire to.

Steps To make Change Happen

  1. Establish your purpose. You may have a  particular goal in mind – if so, great. If not, decide what your purpose is. When you look back in 10 years’ time, what do you want to be different about your life? What changes will have significance and have meaning? Sometimes it helps to look back over your life so far before deciding where you want to go next in life. What would you change about the way you’ve lived up until now?
  2. Talk it through. When you’ve decided what you’re looking to change in life, it can be helpful to talk through your plans and get a second opinion on them. It may be that you have a friend who you trust as a confidant, but some people feel inhibited about sharing their plans with those close to them in case they never come to fruition. If that sounds like you, you could always find a more neutral sounding board. For instance, many people use psychic readings to consider what decisions they might take going forward. A psychic uses their heightened perceptive abilities to provide their clients with third-party insight on their particular situation, and can often aid people to view their life with a different perspective. If you’re not sure which path to take, a psychic reading can be valuable in showing you the possible consequences of different choices.
  3. Make room for change. One of the hurdles to change is finding the time to achieve it, so you need to create the space in your day. You might think you’re too busy, but how many minutes of the day are spent on social media, watching TV or taking a long time to do routine tasks. Cut down time-wasting activities and allocate as little as 10 or 15 minutes a day in your diary to work on your new project or idea. Once you begin, don’t skip a day!
  4. Find or create a support network. Depending on what you’re looking to change in life, buddying up with others who are doing something similar can be really useful. An obvious example would be if you’re looking to get fit to join a running club, or sign up to a specific class, so that your absence will be noted if you don’t turn up. Even if you’re not meeting up physically with a group, you can always get that same support by forming an online group. As well as encouraging each other to keep heading toward your goals, these same people can hold each other accountable if they notice one of the group is making less progress than they planned to.

conversation” (CC BY 2.0) by alexdecarvalho

  1. Start small. If your ambitions for change are big, then they can feel overwhelming. Instead, focus on the first step you need to take. One action today that will move you in the right direction and set the ball rolling. Perhaps it’s something as simple as an internet search for evening classes in your area, or calling a friend to talk through what you want to achieve. The first small step will set change in motion, and encourage you to take the next step tomorrow. Before you know it, you’ll be embracing change instead of putting life plans on hold.
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