Sprint Offers the Best Deal in Data #ItsANewDayForData

This post brought to you by Sprint. All opinions are 100% mine.

Unlimited talk? Ok. Unlimited text? Sure. We’ve heard about that before. Double the high-speed data at a lower price than AT&T or Verizon? Okay, now you have my attention! The simple fact is, we live in the digital age and our mass digital consumption requires a lot of data. Sprint has answered their data-hungry consumers with an easy, affordable way to get what we want out of our wireless plan, the Sprint Family Share Pack.

 photo 01a14247-0644-4fc2-a4fe-ef54524b292d_zpsafe0a91f.png

Data is necessary for the apps and games we all love. Sprint has stepped up its data game with the announcement of their newest shared-data plan: Sprint Family Share Pack. Whether you’re a family of three like us, or a family of ten (or somewhere in between) you’ll get at least 20GB of shared data as well as unlimited talk and text for $100 a month! Say what?

With AT&T and Verizon’s current pricing (through 2015) a family of four can easily save $60 by switching to the Sprint Family Share Pack, best deal in data. It provides double the data as Verizon and more than double the high-speed data of AT&T and T-Mobile.

As a blogger and social media professional, data is very important to me. I need to be able to check and respond to emails quickly, lest I lose a valuable opportunity. I also need to be able to interact on various social media outlets, all of which require high-speed data. My job as a blogger requires active participation on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Google+, most of which I access through my phone throughout the day.

Angeline on Instagram

The same goes for the rest of my family. A certain teenager I know would be crushed without data access, making her frequent Instagram updates next to impossible. I don’t have the time or the want to worry about us incurring data overages and so I appreciate that Sprint has doubled the offered data of their competitors.

To sweeten the pot, customers that bring their number and activate on the Sprint Family Share Pack, Sprint will buy out families’ contracts with a Visa Prepaid Card worth up to $350. Head over to Sprint to read more about the Sprint Family Share Pack and their New Day for Data campaign. #ItsANewDayForData

How would your family benefit from the Sprint Family Share Pack plan?

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Absolute Software Laptop Lifeline Sweepstakes 2014 #AbsoluteUncovered

Absolute Lojack


As Absolute LoJack Device Theft Awareness month winds down, I want to leave you with a little parting wisdom: you should ALWAYS have device safety in mind, not just during device theft awareness month! Identity theft is becoming an epidemic and no one wants to have a device stolen and then think “If only I had done something to protect myself!”

Identity theft was one of the top 10 complaints with the FTC , with approximately 16.6 million people reported as victims of one or more incidents of identity theftin 2012! There is one incident of identity fraud every 3 seconds, with 15 million Americans being victimized by identity theft each year.

Those numbers are startling, and we aren’t even talking money yet – the average loss due to identity theft is $3,500!


As most of you know, blogging is my full-time job. That means that my phone is a second computer to me, and I do a lot of business through my phone as I am always on the go and need to multi-task in order to accomplish everything I need to in a day. If my smartphones were stolen, the thief would have access to so many things – it scares me to even think about it! If they got ahold of my laptop or tablet, I would be in even bigger trouble!

I have things like tax returns, contracts, NDA agreements, campaign instructions, as well as years worth of photos and business and personal emails on my devices. If those things fell into the wrong hands, my business could be easily ruined, I could be hacked, my identity stolen – not to mention how lost I would be without access to the necessary components of running my business!

 I want to help you protect yourself and your smartphone! Get 30% off a 1- yr. Absolute LoJack Standard or Premium Subscription just be using the special promo code UNCOVER30 at checkout. This offer is valid through Aug 31st, so you still have time to take advantage – and make sure to tell your friends and family too! You can learn more about Absolute LoJack for laptops, tablets and smartphones on the Absolute LoJack website.

Sign-up for a 30-day free trial & enter the Absolute Software Laptop Lifeline Sweepstakes 2014 to win large cash prize & other large prizes from a pool of goodies!


Absolute Software Laptop Lifeline Sweepstakes 2014

Simply visit https://www.laptoplifeline.com/ and enter a valid email address to receive a one month trial code of Absolute LoJack. Follow the instructions to activate and you are entered into the sweepstakes! There is no purchase necessary.

There will be three winners! There will be a grand prize, one first place prize and one second place prize – all with different prize packages.  Each winner will be randomly drawn by Absolute LoJack on 9/15.  Eligibility: legal residents of the United States and Canada, excluding Quebec, age 18 or older as of August 18, 2014. The sweepstakes runs through September 12, 2014, see the official rules here

Absolute LoJack for Laptops – Keep it Safe! #AbsoluteUncovered

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Absolute LoJack. All opinions are my own. 

As you may be aware by now, Absolute LoJack has dubbed August Device Theft Awareness Month, and I’ve been sharing tidbits of information about the security of your smartphone and other devices throughout the month. I really want to talk about laptops today because while many people use their smartphones daily for things like social media and emails, everyone uses their laptops for the serious stuff like banking, paying the bills and handling really sensitive information – like doing our taxes or even just storing copies of our tax returns.

Have you ever thought about the security of your laptop? I know that we all think because we keep our laptop at home, our of sight, in our laptop bag, etc, that it’s safe. Even a password-protected login screen might not be enough! Take this How Secure is Your Laptop quiz to figure out how safe your laptop really is – you might be surprised!

Of course, I scored pretty well on this quiz and that’s probably why I have never had a device  - let alone my beloved laptop – stolen or lost. There’s a reason why I scored well: my husband works in IT. I’ve learned a lot of security measures through plain old common sense but his guidance has also helped me keep my valuables safe over the years, especially considering how much I travel!

absolute lojack

Now, as safe as I am with my laptop, things happen. Angeline’s iPhone was stolen last year, despite her best efforts. We need to take measures to protect our devices, especially our laptops that hold such personal and vulnerable information, in case something happens that is out of our control.

That’s where Absolute LoJack comes in! I bet you didn’t even know that there was an Absolute LoJack for laptops before this series, did you? Now that my travel schedule has slowed down and I will be home for a while, I am sending my new laptop in to have Absolute LoJack installed!


You can get Lojack for laptopsLojack for mac or even Smartphone tracking Software! It’s really like having a tracker on  your laptop to shut it down and keep all of your private information safe if it’s lost or stolen but the service also means that you have a dedicated team of investigators looking for your lost/stolen laptop too!

Absolute LoJack security software and Theft Recovery Team can track and recover it for you. 30,000 devices in over 100 countries have been returned thanks the software, the team and their relationships with law enforcement world-wide. The Team consists of former FBI, Marines, US Army, Homeland Security and government positions. They are experts on internet investigations, computer forensics, and cyber-crime. Most importantly, the Theft Recovery Team works to get your stolen device back.

You can learn more about Absolute LoJack by following their social media handles! 

Absolute  LoJack  Website  / Twitter  @AbsoluteLoJack / Facebook / YouTube / Google+

As we delve deeper into Device Theft Awareness Month with Absolute LoJack Uncovered, I want to help you protect yourself and your smartphone! Get 30% off a 1- yr. Absolute LoJack Standard or Premium Subscription just be using the special promo code UNCOVER30 at checkout. This offer is valid through Aug 31st, so you still have time to take advantage – and make sure to tell your friends and family too!

You can learn more about Absolute LoJack for laptops on the Absolute LoJack website.

Save 30% on Absolute LoJack During Device Theft Awareness Month! #AbsoluteUncovered

We have all heard the horror stories about stolen smartphones, laptops and tablets. Sometimes we have a false sense of security, if for no other reason than we have the “It won’t happen to me!” mentality. I used to think that too – until Angeline’s iPhone was stolen from her back pack at school! Absolute LoJack offers protection of your smartphone and the valuable information held there in the event your device is stolen, as not only can you track stolen laptops or tablets through the software but you have a team of investigators on the case as well! I just recently learned about Absolute LoJack for smartphones, I wish that I had known about this before!

Think about all of the information stored on your mobile devices: photos, financial information, private documents, passwords…if anyone were to steal my phone, I would probably have a heart attack because the criminal could literally wipe out my entire business and all of my finances…it would NOT be pretty. I am guessing that you guys are probably all in the same boat, right? Because we all use our phones for so many things, banking, PayPal and credit card apps, password storage, social networks, personal emails.

Take the How Secure Is Your Phone Quiz to see how vulnerable your phone is – I bet the results will shock (and scare) you!

dangerous things infographic

Do you think you’d be okay if your smartphone was stolen? Think again! Are you guilty of any of the following?

No password on your smartphone
Auto sign-in for banking and financial websites
Take, send, and store nude photos on your device
Click on links in fraudulent emails
Post photos online while on vacation
Post photos online without turning off location settings
Share personal data with fraudsters who call pretending to be from their bank
Sport a naked smartphone, or don’t use a case
Connect to unsecure wireless networks

No smartphone insurance I know that I am guilty of at least 2 or 3 myself…especially the ones about sharing information about my travels – it’s part of my job as a blogger so I have no choice in the matter. Smartphone Security Basics are an absolute must and mobile security is about protecting your data, not just the cost of replacing a lost or stolen device. 

As we delve deeper into Device Theft Awareness Month with Absolute LoJack Uncovered, I want to help you protect yourself and your smartphone! Get 30% off a 1- yr. Absolute LoJack Standard or Premium Subscription just be using the special promo code UNCOVER30 at checkout. This offer is valid through Aug 31st, so you still have time to take advantage – and make sure to tell your friends and family too!

You can learn more about LoJack for smartphones on the Absolute LoJack website.

College Students Can Save $150 On a Surface Pro 3! #WindowsChampions

I am a #WindowsChampion Ambassador. I have received incentives for sharing information relating to Windows products but all opinions are my own. 

You may have heard the exciting news about the availability of Intel® Core™ i3 and i7 versions of Surface Pro 3 in the U.S. and Canada on Friday. Well, guess what? Microsoft really wants to help college students get their hands on a new Surface Pro 3 so that they can really go back to school with the best technology out there this school year!

Microsoft is offering $150.00 off the purchase or a Surface Pro 3 for college students between August 3 and September 6 to help them get the tablet that can replace a laptop for a great price. As the Surface Pro 3 retails for around $799, that’s a big help in making the purchase more affordable!

Microsoft Surface Pro 3


It’s the perfect classroom companion for any student: just click in one of the colorful Type Covers to turn out a term paper, or open a OneNote page with the click of the all-new Surface pen for hand-written notes or doodles!

Surface Pro 3 Features

  • With Surface Pen, simply click to open a blank document on your Surface Pro 3, even if your device is in sleep mode.
  • 4th generation Intel Core i3, i5, or i7
  • 12″ display, weighs 1.76 pounds so it’s much lighter than your average laptop!
  • Comes standard with Windows 8.1 Pro operating system.
  • Battery life lasts up to 9 hours!
  • Inputs/Outputs: Full-size USB 3.0 microSD card reader, Headset jack, Mini display port, Cover port

It’s comparable to a Macbook Air!

The Surface Pro 3 has been compared to a Macbook Air – so much so that Microsoft is offering a big discount if you want to trade it in! Trade in your MacBook Air and get up to $650 towards a Surface Pro 3. This offer is available exclusively at a Microsoft Retail Store near you!

This offer is available at Microsoft Stores, Best Buy, Staples and Tiger Direct in the U.S., and Microsoft Stores and Best Buy in Canada, and to be eligible for the promotion, students must be enrolled in college or university and have a valid .edu email address.

Check the Microsoft website for more details!

#KeepKidsSafe With Safe Drive Anti Collision Radar Systems!

Did you know that moms are twice as likely to crash due to distraction than a person who is driving under the influence of alcohol? According to David Strayer, Ph D. University of Utah (a leading US researcher of accidents and driving safety), distracted driving results in more car accidents than drinking and driving. Distracted driving is such an issue that the National Highway Traffic Safety Commission has attributed distracted driving to over 8,000 car accidents per day – that is in comparison to 56,000 car accidents per year – and it’s due to people who get behind the wheel on under 6 hours of sleep.

Safe Drive

Considering the 14 hour road trip our family is in the middle of, I can tell you that distracted driving can easily happen, even to those who don’t use their phones while driving. It can be as simple as dropping something and reaching to pick it up, turning around to talk to the kids, taking your eyes off the wheel when changing the radio or grabbing a snack…and don’t even get me started on bad weather and not being able to see clearly!

Safe Drive is a brand of Anti Collision Radar Systems for vehicles that help give parents peace of mind while behind the wheel. Why is this geared towards parents? The answer is simple, really. Moms are more 3 times likely to have an accident with the kids in the car, and 50% of mom’s accidents happen close to home!

Turning around to talk to the kids, or check on what they are up to is just as dangerous as jumping out of your moving car and letting it travel 176 feet without a driver at the wheel.


How Safe Drive Anti Collision Radar Systems Works

Depending on the system, Safe Drive Systems uses advanced radar and camera technologies to constantly monitor your distance to vehicles ahead of you, as well as help keep you from drifting from your lane. The real-time analysis and warning of the potential dangers ahead of you can prevent crashes and serious or fatal injuries to yourself and others.

Both systems have a radar system that detects and processes moving object information from any sized vehicle, even a bicycle. These systems quickly analyze 20 times per second to give you advanced warning of adverse conditions.

Whether you are traveling on a bright sunny day, or in a rainstorm, our unique technology works effectively in any weather, day or night.

Check out this Safe Drive YouTube video to see the unit in action. 

That’s scary, isn’t it? I never thought of it that way, and you can be certain that the next time Angeline asks me to look at something while I am driving, I will tell her, “I CAN’T. I’M DRIVING.”

6 Ways Safe Drive Systems Can Help

1)  Rapid real-time monitor checks your driving are for danger 20 times per second.

2)  Revolutionary camera technology alters you to potential danger up to 460 feet (more than a football field) in advance.

3)  State-of-the-Art Lane Drift Technology prevents dangerous head-on collisions. There is even a red and green light on the unit that alert you to potential danger!

4)  Advanced radar technology means your system operates effectively in all types of weather – day or night!

5)  “Intuitive” alerts are designed means your mind can respond without your eyes leaving the road by giving the extra time to respond to adverse road conditions.

6)  Professional installation gives you peace of mind through their customer service.r service

For more information on Safe Drive Systems, please call (800) 735-6055 or fill out the form here.

Or…enter to win one right here! I don’t know about you, but my daughter is precious cargo, and if there’s anything I can do to help prevent having an accident with her in the car, I want to do it!


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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of SafeDrive Systems. The opinions and text are all mine.

August is Device Theft Awareness Month! #AbsoluteUncovered

I was compensated for this post but all opinions are my own.

Have you ever lost a smartphone? Well, you aren’t alone! Over 3.1 million Americans were the unfortunate victim of smartphone theft in 2013, and at least 1.4 million smartphones are lost and never found! That’s a combined 4.5 million lost and stolen smartphones in 2013, and as Angeline was one of those numbers when her iPhone was stolen from her book bag in school last year, we know firsthand the feelings of violation and desperation that come along with the theft of a mobile device. It stinks, to say the least. If only we had Absolute LoJack when it happened, we would have been able to recover her stolen smartphone!


Absolute LoJack Uncovered has declared August Device Theft Awareness month to help increase awareness of these kinds of theft! I know firsthand how devastating and stressful it can be to have your smartphone stolen, so I have teamed up with Absolute LoJack to share crime prevention information and stories throughout the month of August in hopes that these numbers (Remember 4. MILLION?!) go down in 2014 and beyond!


A lost or stolen smartphone isn’t just about the cost of replacement, and I think that’s why the theft elicits such an emotional reaction. When Angeline’s smartphone was stolen, she lost photos from her 16th birthday cruise with her two best friends, photos from her first trip to Europe, as well as countless photos of dear friends and family. There was also the issue of her privacy being violated – she had no idea who had access to her information or personal messages with friends and family. What a horrible feeling!

For adults, the theft of a smartphone can have disastrous financial repercussions: how much financial data is on your smartphone? Without Lojack for smartphones I know that I would be in deep, deep trouble because every bank account and credit card is on my phones…along with many parts of my business! When your smartphone is stolen, you aren’t just losing your photos and text messages – the criminals may be able to access your most private information, including bank account and credit card information, passwords and other sensitive information. If you aren’t able to recover stolen smartphones, it’s downright terrifying!


Now, there are a few things that can help protect you, should your device be stolen.

Back up your smartphone! Use iCloud, OneDrive, etc – so that if your device is lost or stolen, you don’t lose your valuable information.

Create a login password! If your smartphone is stolen, you want as many barriers in between your information and the criminals as possible. Likewise, you should not save login usernames, passwords or credit card information in any of your apps.

Install Absolute Lojack for smartphones to remotely delete data on stolen devices and recover stolen smartphones!

Exclusive Offer for my readers: Get 30% off a 1- yr. Absolute LoJack Standard or Premium Subscription! Just use the promo code UNCOVER30 at checkout. This offer is valid through Aug 31st, so you still have plenty of time to take advantage of it – and make sure to tell your friends and family too!

Have you ever had a smartphone, or any other type of device, go missing or be stolen?

Make One Thing SIMPLR™ & Win a $150 Amazon GC #Giveaway #SIMPLRPlan

Tracking Pixel

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf SIMPLR™.

Have you heard about the SIMPLR™ Product Protection Plan? I just heard about it rather recently, and having replaced a hot water heater, washer, dryer and refrigerator within the last six years, I wish I had heard about it sooner!

About six years ago, I had a dryer melt down. This was before we owned the house we were renting, and I didn’t want to invest in a new dryer unless I absolutely had no choice. It’s incredibly humid in Miami during the summer, so hanging a clothesline outside would have meant that our laundry would take ages to dry, and would end up being mildewed when they finally did. I had a long bar in my bedroom so I hung my clothes on hangers, put a fan in the room and shut the door. It took a few hours and the clothes were a little crisp when dry, but it worked until I could get a new dryer. The dryer was followed by a dying washer, hot water heater, and last but not least: our refrigerator.

Just in case you’ve never been on the receiving end of a bunch of dead home appliances, I will let you in on a little secret: they are EXPENSIVE to replace.

If I had been using a service like SIMPLR™ Product Protection Plan, I might not have used my bar/fan method as long as I did when the dryer gave out, and saved a ton of money when the rest of the appliances started dying on us. With the SIMPLR™ Product Protection Plan, I could have easily had my dryer repaired or replaced without interrupting our busy lives, or breaking the bank! I could have also had laundry cleaning service charges (up to $25) reimbursed as well, now that’s coverage!

Life’s complicated enough, why not make repairing and replacing our home appliances easier with SIMPLR™, a product protection plan you’ll be proud to own!


So often product protection plans are complicated with fine print you have to get out a magnifying glass to see and a dictionary to understand. SIMPLR™ is just that, simple. They have taken the guess work out of protecting your stuff and written the coverage details in plain, understandable language.

The SIMPLR™ Product Protection Plan is as EASY as 1-2-3!

1. REGISTER at SIMPLRplan.com
2. FILE an online claim.
3. PACK & SHIP your product or schedule your in-home repair.

Say “Yes” to “No” with SIMPLR™ because there are NO additional fees, NO deductibles and NO repair costs.

Then – SMILE – when you receive your replacement, repair, or reimbursement. Yeah, it really is that easy!

I like that the SIMPLR™ product protection plan covers a wide variety of products. They cover much more than your home appliances; coverage includes portable electronics, desktop computers, tables, laptops, jewelry and watches, general merchandise, sporting goods and of course, televisions!


I know a certain teenager that guards their cell phone and tablet like it’s their most valuable possession…which, at 16, I guess it is!

No matter how careful Angeline is with her phone and other electronic gadgets, things happen. Things get spilled on or dropped on occasion – especially her tablet and laptop, because she’s often snacking while working on homework or watching Netflix or browsing Instagram. Most often, the items are ok, but cracked screens and other damage does happen and I would rather be safe than sorry! SIMPLR™ makes those incidents easy to repair or replace and keep the teen drama to a minimum.

Buying a SIMPLR™ plan is convenient and it’s even sold by trusted retailers. I travel a great deal and I was impressed to learn that even my luggage can be covered by SIMPLR™. It’s nice to know that the laptop, camera or other electronics are covered as well!

simplr 1

Have a peek at the video below to see how tough Young Pirates can be on their tablets and how SIMPLR™ can help!

Have you ever had a mishap that would have been made simple with the SIMPLR™ Product Protection Plan? Perhaps you should enter to win a $150.00 gift card to help replace something that you should have had a SIMPLR™ Product Protection Plan on!

SIMPLR™ $150 Amazon.com Gift Card Giveaway

30 individual winners will win a $150 Amazon Gift card! This giveaway ends on September 4th and is sponsored by Sway Group. Sway Group will select 30 winners on/or about September  5th. TheRebelChick.com is not responsible for fulfillment of prize.

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf SIMPLR™.

5 Windows Phones Apps I Can’t Live Without #WindowsChampions #Lumia

I am writing this post as a Windows Champions ambassador, all opinions are my own. May contain affiliate links.

People are always asking me which apps I use on my Nokia Lumia 1020, so I want to share with you 5 Windows phones apps I can’t live without. One of the biggest deterrants I faced when considering switching from the iPhone to a Windows phone was WHAT ABOUT MY PRECIOUS APPS?! I’ve been an iPhone user since back in 2008 and to say that I rely heavily on my phone to run my blog – and my life – is an understatement. There are times when I don’t even open my laptop and work completely from my phone.

I know. I have a pretty serious app addiction. It’s not pretty.

I was given a Nokia Lumia 1520 back in January to test out and I fell in love with the camera. The photos were so crisp and clear, the colors so vivid – it put my iPhone to shame!

Horseback Riding in Red Rock Canyon #Lumia Nokia Lumia 1520 Photography

However, the phablet, er, phone, is pretty big and I had a hard time handling it. It was simply too big for every day use, so I set it aside and used it as a camera when I didn’t want to take my DSLR with me on trips and used it to check emails, browse the web and read on the Kindle app while in bed.

No electronic goes to waste in our house!

Then came the Nokia Lumia 1020

Windows Nokia Lumia 1020

I had my eye on the Nokia Lumia 1020 ever since it came out in the fall of 2013, but I had just used my AT&T upgrade for the iPhone 5 and couldn’t afford to buy it outright….and then Nokia gave me one when I attended the Lumia Explorers trip to Yosemite National Forest in April!

I was ecstatic!! I took amazing photos with my Nokia Lumia 1020 and learned how to use the camera’s settings, as well as get advice on which apps worked best with the Windows phone. Now, the camera takes such amazing photos that you don’t need filters, but being the Instagram-aholic that I am, of course I need options for when the mood strikes!

I am still using the iPhone for most of my blogging stuff, as apps I use every day like Buffer App and Google Analytics aren’t available on Windows phones yet, but for the most part, my Lumia 1020 is my right hand man. I’ve been using my Nokia Lumia 1020 for a few months now and I feel like I have figured out some of the best apps for productivity and wanted to share them with you!

5 Windows Phones Apps I Can’t Live Without

By far, my favorite app is the The Nokia Camera. I know, that doesn’t really count, but you need to start off with this one. Make sure it’s totally updated to take advantage of all of the benefits too! The Nokia Camera brings together the features from Nokia Pro Cam and Nokia Smart Cam modes into one application. It gives you the entire exclusive Nokia camera experience with fast access to editing and sharing. This is absolutely vital to taking amazing photos, which the 5 Windows phones apps I can’t live without are mostly based on.

Photo Editor by Aviary

Photo Editor by Aviary is one of my favorite free apps on the iPhone, so I was thrilled to see that it was available for free in the Windows phone store. While it doesn’t have ALL of the filter options I am used to having, it has some of my favorites (I love Sage and Lucky), and allows for quick and easy enhancing, effects, stickers and basic photo editing. You can adjust sharpness, contract, saturation, brightness, etc – as well as correct redeye and blemishes and whiten! It’s kind of a one-stop shop for your photo editing needs!

A Beautiful Mess 

I used A Beautiful Mess and Rhonna Designs before switching to the Nokia Lumia 1020, and while Rhonna Designs isn’t available in the Windows Store yet, A Beautiful Mess is there and offers everything it does on other operating systems! It is a great way to make collages, and you have the options of adding pre-designs phrases, your own text, as well as fancy borders and doodles to your images. It’s so fun! It costs .99 but it is worth it, in my opinion.


6Tag is currently the best free Windows Phone Instagram app. Okay, I know that Instagram BETA is the only official Instagram app for Windows phones but it’s still in BETA. And it shows. I do have both the 6Tag and Instagram BETA app installed on my Nokia Lumia 1020, but 6Tag is faster and generally more efficient.


With the free Windows Phone TripIt app, you can access all of your travel arrangements on your Windows phone! I have been using TripIt for a few years and I don’t think that I would be able to keep track of my travels without it! You register online and whenever you make a reservation, make sure that you use the same email address that you’ve registered with TripIt. Once emails come in for travel arrangements, it automatically registers in your TripIt account and you’ll receive an email notifying you that your travel plans have been added to your account. OR you can forward your travel reservations to TripIt to have them add it!

Do you have a Windows phone? I’d love to hear what your favorite apps are!

Find Out What’s New with Ford!

Hey Rebel Chick fans, this is Sheila from Living Smart Girl. I am a fellow writer and friend of Jenn’s and she sent me on a great press trip in her place. Excited to help her out, as well as learn all about Ford and be front and center for their latest unveil, I packed my bags and boarded the plane for Michigan last Monday. It was a quick and busy trip, but lots of fun and I learned so much about Ford.


Tuesday was a busy one, and my day started early. I was down for breakfast by 7am., and then we all loaded onto buses to head to our destination which was the Ford Production Development Center. We all gathered in a huge conference room and were greeted by Moray Callum, Joe Hinrichs, and Raj Nair. They spoke about the ideas and visions for Ford. It was a bit overwhelming, and all so new to me since I had never been to a press trip.

I was very intrigued by everything they had to say, buy my brain was spinning. I guess, being a small town girl I didn’t ever put much thought into vehicles and all that went into the design, production and marketing. Now, I can’t stop thinking about it all.


I was super excited to be among the first that got to see the new 2015 Ford Edge. It was a very stylish, and more technology added it makes for a fun, safe, and reliable vehicle for anyone. Available spring of 2015, you can look forward to some amazing changes in this vehicle.
Things like ~ a new bold design that increases your headroom, legroom and the cargo space, but still keeping the 4 door, five seat comfort. The Ford Edge also features more semi-automated and driver assist technologies than any crossover on the market today. Nothing better than climbing in a vehicle that makes driving safer, easier and more dynamic.

Ford Edge is also the first vehicle in North America to bring you Enhanced Active Park Assist and the Side Parking Sensor. These features make parking way less stressful, and we all know how stressful parking can be sometimes. Also, the Edge has Adaptive Steering to help drivers maneuver safely when they hit the pavement.


And, a fun fact ~ did you know that the Ford Edge is the bestseller in North America and now will be sold in more than 100 markets worldwide.

This 2015 Ford Edge is like eye candy, but smart eye candy. If you are a Ford lover now, hang onto your pants because once you see this baby you will be blown away.

After we all got to see the new Edge, we then got to go behind the scene of how they came up with some of the ideas and why. Learning about the steering, the parking, the camera’s, the motor, and every detail about this stylish new ride. Then, we all got to take a ride in a 2015 Ford Edge, and let the vehicle park us. That was so cool! It is so hard to wrap ones head around the fact that we now don’t have to fight to parallel park. I have never been horrible at it, but everyone can use help because as we all know, not everyone knows how to park so that makes for difficult parking for many.

Ford fed us lunch, and I have to say it was quiet yummy. Then they loaded us on buses and we headed out to go drive some 2015 Ford vehicles. That was a lot of fun. They had a couple different tracks for us to test out their vehicles on. The first one we all tried was the 70mph track. They had a dozen vehicles to test out so we all just piled into vehicles taking turns driving. I do think my favorite was the Ford Rapture. Oh how I would love me one of those. Then we got to ride in a van, that drove itself. Now, that was a bit freaky!! Strange to sit in a back seat, and have nobody in the front seat. Wow.. amazing how far technology has come. Then it was off to the slow speed (40mph) track which was like a race track with sharp corners and such. That was a lot of fun too. The gal I was with did a test drive in a Ford Tempo, and I did it in a Ford Fiesta. Both fun, handled really well and we just had a lot of fun. They bused us all back to the hotel so we could get ready for the evening dinner and party.

We headed out of the hotel at 6:30 and were bused to the Ford Performing Arts Center for dinner, drinks, entertainment and the big product reveal. This place was packed, as the 2nd half of the attendees showed up that afternoon. We listened to Mark Fields, Clay Christensen and Kenneth Cole talk about Ford, visions and journeys to where they are all today. Then, they reveal again of the 2015 Ford Edge.


What a fun night, and an exciting trip. Stay tuned to hear about day 2 of my Ford trip.

I Went #DigitallyDark But You Don’t Have To!

Absolute Lojack


Do y’all remember this post I wrote last week about going off the grid as part of the Absolute LoJack Challenge, to see how important smartphone tracking software is? Well, my #DigitallyDark day came and went…and IT WAS HELL! I cheated a little and planned my day during vacation, on the weekend, so that it would affect my work as little as possible. I thought, “Oh, it won’t be that bad, no one works on Saturday and I’ll be so busy having fun that I won’t miss my phone that much!”



I was in Napa Valley with my girlfriends, literally 1,000 miles away from Chris and Angeline…and I missed them horribly! Not being able to call them? Not being able to text? It was rough! What if something happened? What if they needed me? What if one of the dogs ran out of the front door and got hit by a truck, and Chris was frantically calling me all day long to find out the phone number of our vet? These are the kinds of things you worry about while you are in the middle of trying to find your smartphone that’s been stolen!

And then there’s the social media aspect of being without a phone. No checking Twitter, no sharing fun photos of our wine tours or our foodie expeditions on Instagram…

Foodie in Napa Valley

There was no checking email or knowing if I just received the invitation of a lifetime and missed it because I wasn’t on email (I have missed several opportunities throughout my blogging career by being too slow to open that Golden Ticket email).

I tried not to think about it and enjoy myself. And don’t get me wrong, I did have a great time. But being disconnected was always in the far corners of my mind, a nagging sense of dread that something was happening and I was missing it.

So while I have never lost or had a device stolen, my day of being #DigitallyDark taught me a valuable lesson: having a device taken from you is horrible. I can’t even imagine the emotions that would have been involved if my phone really was stolen; the feeling of violation, desperation, wondering if the thief would go through my photos and use them against me, start spamming my email contacts, hack into my social media accounts and totally ruin me, steal my money through my financial apps, steal my identity because my drivers license and passport information are stored on my phone…

We all store so much personal information on our devices. Financial records, family history, years and years of photos – having your phone, laptop or tablet stolen can literally ruin your life.

absolute lojack 4

You can protect yourself in the event that your smartphone, tablet or laptop is stolen with Absolute® LoJack™! Absolute® LoJack™ is a theft recovery software that can be installed on laptops, smartphones and tablets and it can withstand a factory reset, installation of a new OS – it can even withstand a complete hard drive replacement. Once Absolute LoJack is installed on your device, you don’t have to worry about a thief wiping the device so that you’re unable to track it, as it’s not just an app that you install – it’s actual software that is manually installed in your device so that you can actually find your laptop!

Even if a thief resets or installs a new OS, the Absolute LoJack software rebuilds itself and provides a constant link between owner and machine so that you can always find your laptop or find your tablet.

Absolute LoJack Premium 1-year subscripton

Absolute LoJack for Laptops: Mac or PC ($59.99 value) or

Mobile/Tablet: Select Samsung devices ($39.99 value) You can see a list of compatible devices here.

Premium Includes: Lock, Locate, Delete, Recover, Guarantee

You can save 30% off a 1-year Absolute LoJack Standard or Premium subscription!  Just enter the promo code DARK30 at checkout here.

Absolute Lojack #DigitallyDark Giveaway 

One winner will receive a family pack that includes Five 1-year Premium Absolute LoJack Subscriptions.

This giveaway is open to US residents and ends at midnight EST on June 25th.

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I’m Taking the Absolute LoJack Challenge #DigitallyDark

Absolute Lojack

I think we’ve all had this happen once or twice: our smartphone or laptop was stolen. That is why I am so happy to be telling you about Absolute® LoJack™ for Laptops and Mobile devices that allows you to recover stolen smartphones, tablets and laptops today! While I find this service incredibly important to me as a blogger, it’s something that EVERYONE can benefit from – it’s not just bloggers who deal with electronics theft! We panic, we cry, we think about all of the years of photos that were stored on the device, we panic again, we remember that we have our credit card, passport, other important financial information on it and we panic again. If you’ve ever had a smartphone or laptop stolen, then this probably sounds very familiar to you!

Angeline’s iPhone was stolen a few weeks ago and while she did have Find My iPhone installed, it wouldn’t connect; apparently the thief turned it off or immediately wiped the phone. It was horrible to expect to be able to find your smartphone and then realize that it was gone forever! She was devastated! On top of dealing with the loss of important photos, the stress of having to come up with the money to buy a new device, and being financially vulnerable due to someone getting their grubby paws on your sensitive information, there’s something else that happens when an important device is stolen from you – you feel violated.

absolute lojack 4

Absolute® LoJack™ is a theft recovery software that can be installed on laptops, smartphones and tablets (yes, there really is tablet tracking software!) – and it can withstand a factory reset, installation of a new OS – it can even withstand a complete hard drive replacement. Yes, I am totally serious. Once Absolute LoJack is installed on your device, you don’t have to worry about a thief wiping the device so that you’re unable to track it, as it’s not just an app that you install – it’s actual software that is manually installed in your device. Even if a thief resets or installs a new OS, the Absolute LoJack software rebuilds itself and provides a constant link between owner and machine so that you can always find your laptop or find your tablet.

absolute lojack 2

On top of the software that allows you to maintain contact with your device, you also have the service of the Absolute Investigations team that works to locate and retrieve your stolen laptop, smartphone or tablet as soon as you report it lost or stolen! Absolute Data Protect allows you to to determine the location of your missing device, lock thieves out of your machine and permanently erase files protecting your information and preventing identity theft.

absolute lojack 3

Absolute LoJack Premium 1-year subscripton

Absolute LoJack for Laptops: Mac or PC ($59.99 value) or

Mobile/Tablet: Select Samsung devices ($39.99 value) You can see a list of compatible devices here.

Premium Includes: Lock, Locate, Delete, Recover, Guarantee

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Absolute LoJack Challenge

So I am putting my money where my mouth is. I’ve never lost a device or had one stolen, and even though I dealt with the emotional and logistical aspect of Angeline’s phone being stolen, I really haven’t experienced it for myself.

So I am going dark. Eek!


I am going to replicate the experience of having one of my devices stolen by not using my iPhone AT ALL on Saturday, June 14th. No calls, no texts, no checking my Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – no connection to my blog, my work or personal emails…I know this may seem like it’s not a big deal, but I will be out of town on vacation with my friends, and completely disconnected from my family and my business for an entire 24 hour period! I am freaking out already and it hasn’t even started yet!

I’ll check back in next week and tell you guys how it went…and probably doing an awful lot of “latergram” posts after I get my phone back! You can find out more about the Absolute LoJack Challenge - I’d love to know what you think!


Parents Can Rest Easy With Kajeet Smart Phones for Smart Kids

This post brought to you by Kajeet. All opinions are 100% mine.


As a parent to a teenager, I worry about Angeline’s activity online. I worry about text messages, multimedia messages, web browsing, apps like KIK and Snapchat, what she’s posting on Instagram and Twitter – the list goes on and on. It can be overwhelming and incredibly stressful. Her nose is always buried in her phone and while I do check her phone periodically to make sure that she isn’t doing anything she shouldn’t be doing, I still worry!


Of course I can always just take her cell phone away…but honestly, I don’t want to leave her without a phone. I was young once too, and I know how important it is to have a connection to friends. If only there was a way to allow her to use the technology she loves (and is so dependent on in this modern technological society) without sacrificing so much control…Oh wait! There is a way!

Let me tell you about Kajeet, the only wireless service provider in America that is dedicated to kids, education and making our job of protecting our kids a little easier. Kajeet was founded by parents who wanted to provide a service that allowed their children to use mobile technology in a safe environment. 

Just like you have the option to create parental controls on your computers and tablets, you can set up a wide variety of parental controls on your Kajeet device so that while you give your child the freedom to use a cell phone, you are still in control! All parental controls are free, unlimited and easily accessible from your computer. 

Available Parental Controls with Kajeet

Set time limits on your child’s phone to prevent late night texting. This is especially useful to me as a parent of a high school student. Angeline has a boyfriend and they like to text late at night, even though she has to get up at 5:45 am for school! With Kajeet’s usage limits, I don’t have to worry about her being up at midnight texting!

Block unwanted calls, but always ensure that those from mom and dad get through. Is it homework or study time? I love that you can block your child from phone calls except for when you need to get ahold of them!

kajeet feature manager

Manage what websites can be accessed (even on Android™ smartphones). This is probably one of the most useful features of the parental controls – there are websites out there that we can block from our children’s computers but when they use their cell phone, we can’t usually control that! I love that Kajeet is giving us back that control!

You get to decide who pays for services, like games or ringtones, so there’s no argument when the cell phone bill comes in!

Find your child or their phone if it gets lost or stolen with GPS locating (this is included in select service plans or as an add-on).

Affordable plans that start at just $4.99/month and there are no activation fees, no termination fees, no long term contracts and there aren’t any hassles when you want to change your plan. You can change it whenever you want without a penalty! 

Kajeet has cool phones that kids will enjoy using, like popular Android smartphones (including the Samsung Galaxy S III 4G LTE or the LG Viper 4G LTE) and you can even bring your own Sprint® device to Kajeet and activate it for free.

kajeet devices

You can check out the Kajeet coverage map to ensure that coverage is available in your area. 4G LTE coverage is also available on Kajeet, but as with any carrier, it is only available on 4G LTE devices and in areas where 4G LTE coverage is available – so make sure you check the coverage map!

Kajeet phone

We received the LG Rumor Reflex to check out the Kajeet service and Angeline took one look at that keyboard and her eyes lit up! I think it’s a great phone for teenagers (or preteens) who like texting a lot.

Setting up parental controls on the Kajeet website was pretty simple. I took a look through all of the parental controls available, as they are all listed right in your account under Feature Manager. I love that you can do it all online and don’t have to call in or actually sit there and do it on the phone right in front of your kids. You can turn picture messaging off and on, text messaging off and on – all right there online in your account. You can set up your Contact Manager there as well, which makes it really easy for parents to restrict WHO their kids speak to.

contact manager kajeet

As you can see, everything is really easy to set up and it’s all in one place in your customer account.

One of the things I really like about Kajeet is that it is affordable. The basic plan begins at $4.99 a month and there are options for unlimited texting and parental controls for $14.99 a month, all the way to $49.99 a month, which includes unlimited calling and texting and 2 gb of data. The prices seem similar to a regular phone service and I think we can all afford to have a little more control over how our kids use their phones. The way that Kajeet makes their service so affordable is that they designed the plan around the way kids really use their cell phones – they text more often than they talk. I know this is true for Angeline, and I am sure she isn’t the only one!

I think there’s a delicate line between allowing our kids enough freedom to grow up and watching over them to make sure that they aren’t making mistakes online - Kajeet makes it easier to give our kids the freedom to use a cell phone and have fun but still set restrictions to prevent them from getting themselves into trouble. As a mom to a 16 year old, I really appreciate what Kajeet is doing and I kind of want to shout it from the rooftops to other parents!

You can purchase a Kajeet device on Kajeet.com through June 17, 2014 and take advantage of a special discount! Save 25% on all phones (except the Samsung Galaxy S4) with promo code 25OFF.

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