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5 Tips for Keeping Pet Hair Under Control

Generally speaking, my house is pretty clean. I start each day by picking up random articles around the house: glasses from the night before, dirty laundry on the bathroom floor, cat toys and electronic devices left out before bedtime. What pains me is the never ending battle with hair! I have three very lovable, but…

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PlaceUsApp #PlaceUsWeGo

Connect With Loved Ones With the PlaceUs App #PlaceUsWeGo

There’s an app for almost anything these days, many of which share details of our lives with others. But what do those shares actually accomplish? PlaceUs is a free groundbreaking new app that aims to simplify everyday communications, but with a stronger, more meaningful connection. My family has been using the PlaceUs app for the…

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acer iconia tab 8

Meet the NEW Acer Iconia Tab 8!

  New developments in technology happen at the speed of well…technology. To say faster than the speed of light or sound seems almost slow in comparison. The new Acer Iconia Tab 8 is crafted of premium materials and sleek in design. It keeps up with and exceeds the demands of today’s technology driven world. Tablets are fantastic when your…

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Take Wi-Fi With You, Wherever You Go With #Chevy4G

When I was growing up, road trips were a big deal. Snacks were the highest priority and what my three sisters and I would do in the car wasn’t even a consideration. There weren’t any handheld electronics or portable gaming devices for us to play with in the 80’s, portable DVD players, MP3 players – none of…

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