Find Out What’s New with Ford!


Hey Rebel Chick fans, this is Sheila from Living Smart Girl. I am a fellow writer and friend of Jenn’s and she sent me on a great press trip in her place. Excited to help her out, as well as learn all about Ford and be front and center for their latest unveil, I packed… 

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I Went #DigitallyDark But You Don’t Have To!


  Do y’all remember this post I wrote last week about going off the grid as part of the Absolute LoJack Challenge, to see how important smartphone tracking software is? Well, my #DigitallyDark day came and went…and IT WAS HELL! I cheated a little and planned my day during vacation, on the weekend, so that it would… 

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Join the #HPShowAndTech Twitter Party 5/7 7PM EST


Do you find yourself overwhelmed by tech? HP’s Spring Show & Tech Live demonstrations will help by showcasing awesome products! That’s what we’ll be chatting about at the #HPShowAndTech Twitter Party, sponsored by Lunchbox. With so many awesome HP products like the Regal TouchSmart Laptop to choose from you’ll always be in for great tech…. 

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Microsoft and Nokia Just Got #MoreColorful


So you guys probably already know that two of my favorite brands are Microsoft and Nokia. Well, being that I am a Microsoft Windows Champion and I have had the pleasure to work with Nokia on a few events, I knew something was coming down the pipeline back in January but I’ve had to keep… 

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Join Me for the #ShowAndTech Twitter Party 3/26 8PM EST

#ShowandTech Twitter party

Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed by technology? HP’s spring Show & Tech Live demonstrations are here to help by showcasing awesome products! We will be chatting about these demonstration at the #ShowAndTech Twitter Party, sponsored by Lunchbox. With so many awesome HP products to choose from – like the TouchSmart Sleekbook - you’ll always be in… 

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