Best Flowers for a Blind Date

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Are you soon going on a blind date with someone you like? Obviously, you want your meeting to be perfect. So, let’s begin at the beginning so that your meeting develops into a solid relationship. There are many dos and don’ts you have to observe while dating, no matter how simple and unaffected the lady in question is. For instance, should you take flowers for her on your first date or not?

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Why not take flowers on your blind date? It’s true that flowers play a great role in advancing relationships. Just the idea of receiving a pretty bouquet from someone who cared enough to bring along some flowers can be a big thing in a new relationship. But on a blind date, would this be the right thing to do? Certainly not!

If it’s a blind date, obviously there’s going to be at least one more person with you through the evening. Again, the lady wouldn’t want you to draw so much attention to her with a spray of flowers, so it might not be the right thing. Second, you don’t know if you’re going to like her or not and whether your feelings are going to be reciprocated, so why not take it slowly? Perhaps, at this stage, flower giving would be a little premature. However, on the next date, you might like to give her some and it will mean more to her.

There are some more reasons for not gifting her flowers on this beautiful day. Here they are:

  • She may interpret your behavior as begging to be accepted.
  • She may feel pushed into a relationship she’s still trying to figure out.
  • Your flowers might overwhelm her, considering it’s your first meeting.

Her point of view: Your first date will perhaps be at a restaurant or some such public place. Usually, girls are shy and feel the spotlight is on them, at such times. So, they wouldn’t like to receive flowers when they aren’t emotionally ready for such gifts. Second, she’ll feel uncomfortable carrying them out of the restaurant or wherever you meet. So, why not play it cool for now?

The right flowers for a blind date: To put her at ease, don’t bring her a bouquet. Instead, just bring her one or two flowers that will convey your feeling of simplicity and innocence that you see in her. That’s a safe enough start to a relationship. You can save yourself from gifting her bouquet for when you’re sure of each other. Make it big and fancy, if you like, because that will also show that you genuinely care for her. But all of that in a while.

For now, just get her one expensive flower. There’s plenty of choice at the florist’s, so choose with care.

Best flower for your blind date: A rose is a good idea, if you’re choosing a pink or a red one. Don’t go in for a yellow flower, as it stands for friendship, not romance. Pick a flower that’ll convey your feelings. For instance, how about daffodils, which stand for chivalry? Or orchids for delicate beauty?

And yes, don’t buy flowers from a gas station or a cheap store. Go to a florist and wander through the shop till you find the flower you’re looking for. Perhaps, you might find that a daisy is just right for now. In a sense, there are rules for this and yet there’s a lot of flexibility, so the best advice would be to play it by ear. In any case, there’s little point in ringing her doorbell and gifting her a wonderful bouquet while you have a silly and nervous smile on your face? That’s not good enough for women. There has to be a lot of panache and confidence in you.

If this whole thing makes you edgy, just ask the assistant at the florist’s to help you with something nice but not something that goes overboard. With a little outside help, you can stay on track, financially and emotionally.


The start of a new relationship can be very fragile. Both parties must put their best foot forward and ensure that you’re able to steer the course of your growing friendship into emotional waters.


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