8 Things Every Traveler Needs

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The last year provided more adventure than I could have ever imagined. From traveling to Thailand with an awesome friend, taking Angeline on a Safari in South Africa, to a hiking a volcano in El Salvador, I’ve had my fair share of adventurous travel. Along the way I picked up a few tips for better preparing myself to this type of travel and I also discovered some really great essential travel products throughout the year to share with you!

8 Things Every Adventure Traveler Needs

8 Things Every Traveler Needs

Refillable Water Bottles by TRUDEAU 

Every adventure traveler knows how important it is to stay hydrated. At best, not getting enough fluids can increase the effects of jetlag, making you feel weak and drowsy. At worst it’s a good way to ruin your trip leaving you in the hospital on fluids instead of out enjoying the next great adventure. Carrying around water is pretty much a given, especially in foreign countries, in order to stay hydrated. Trudeau makes a variety of mugs and bottles that are perfect for keeping hydrated on your travels.

DNA Hydration Double Wall
Features a flip leak resistant cap, a stay open lid and an ergonomic easy to clean polished nozzle. Its wide mouth allows for adding ice cubes.  An attached carry strap and ability to fit in most car cup holders, these bottles are perfect for all activities. There is even a water level indicator to measure how much you drink, and how much remains in the bottle. It’s BPA free and made from shock resistant Tritan™ with a Lifetime Warranty. 17 oz. capacity SRP $22.99

DNA Hydration Single Wall
This 26-ounce lightweight model includes the same features as the DNA Double wall but with a larger capacity and single wall design. It comes in three fashion colors: black, purple and blue, is BFA free and made from shock resistant Tritan™ with a Lifetime Warranty.  26 oz.  SRP $12.99

Key West

Rejuvenate Hydration Bottle
If you have a hard time drinking “plain” water, this bottle is perfect for infusing water and other drinks (tea!) with citruses, cucumbers, berries and more.  The flip-top lid is leak-resistant and able to lock along with a silicone pulp filter underneath that minimizes intake. Includes practical silicone carry strap and built-in fruit infuser basket that is easily removable for cleaning. BPA Free. SRP $19.99

Travel Tea Tumbler
This handy travel tea tumbler lets you brew loose tea or tea bags on the go thanks to the removable mesh basket. It’s double wall insulated to keep your 16oz tea hot for up to two hours.  It’s BPA free and includes a 5-year warranty. SRP $14.99

BCRF Mist Hydrator Hydration Bottle
This bottle has a 2 in 1 lid, which includes a water mister spray nozzle and a pop-up straw that retracts. Constructed of Eastman Tritan™ leak-resistant material, soft rubber grip, and ergonomic body shape with the signature BCRF pink finish. It’s also BPA free. PLUS, Trudeau Corporation donates a portion of the sale of this item to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation and this product is a BCPF approved and sold item.  SRP $11.99

Travel Essentials Pack by The Jojoba Company Australia

The sun, sand and sea might rejuvenate the mind but they can be really harsh on your skin. Which makes taking care of it while you travel that much more important! With space at a premium in my carry on bag, I need products that work and can multitask.


The Jojoba Company offers this awesome Travel Essentials Packs featuring hydrating day cream, facial cleanser, overnight renewal cream, lemon coconut hand cream and Jojoba oil. Each bottle contains 100% Australian grown Jojoba, a wax ester that helps skin look and feel great. The products are also all-natural and paraben-free.

Easy Snacks

In my quest to get my body back, I’ve been on a fairly low carb diet which can make finding travel snacks difficult. Nonni’s recently introduced their low-fat, low-carb Mango Coconut THINaddictives, a delicious tropical treat made with real ingredients, including sweet mango, grated coconut and California almonds. Plus, it has a whopping 3g of protein per serving to help keep hunger away between meals and offer a boost of energy during travel.

thin addictives

Be sure to check out all of Nonni’s social channels for special offers, including THINaddictives Facebook, THINaddictives Instagram,Nonni’s Foods Twitter and Nonni’s Foods Pinterest.

Sunscreen and After Sun Care

There are many  mottos, adages, sayings and quips about how to be a good travel floating around the internet; covering everything from responsible tourism to what to take away from your experiences. One of the most important mottos to live by when you travel are to “leave things as you found it.” Most of us know wouldn’t dream of taking the starfish out of the ocean, bringing home the live conch shells or breaking off a piece of the reef as a souvenir. But what we seldom realize is that we’re impacting our environment in other ways, one of which is our skincare. SPF is so important when traveling, but it’s also harming the fish, wildlife and ecosystems of the oceans we love. Every year, an estimated 4,000-6,000 metric tons of sunscreen washes off swimmers into oceans worldwide, polluting the waters with chemicals that can potentially harm a wide variety of marine life. Which makes products like Reef Safe SPF 30+ so important.

reef safe

It’s a scientifically proven, biodegradable, non-toxic sea life sun care product.   Unlike most sunscreens, less than 3% of ReefSafe comes off the skin during 80 minutes of wearing. The small percentage that comes off biodegrades on average in less than 90 days. It’s both environmentally friendly and it gets the job done protecting your skin, so why wouldn’t anyone want to switch?!

reef safe 1

A Great Travel Clutch

One of the keys to traveling well, is traveling light and finding products that can multitask. I love this ChicBuds Clutchette!


The Clutchette Power satisfies those requirement and then some. It features an ultra-thin battery and built-in USB cords to charge my phone on the go. It also has room for keys, lip gloss, and a few other essentials.

clutchette chicbuds

A Waterproof Kindle Case 

There is always an element of risk when traveling with technology, whether it’s damage from drops, the sand or the water which makes protective casing a must for any adventure traveler. Satechi designs floating and waterproof tablet cases for iPad Air, iPad Mini & Kindle PaperWhite ideal for any outdoor or water adventure.

kindle case

The double waterproof seal protects devices from dirt, water, rain, snow sand, mud and other debris; including water submersion up to depths of 20 feet. Best of all, the tech is still completely usable thanks to a clear front panel that allows for full control of tablet’s touchscreen as well as camera functions. The front cover even doubles as a stand, perfect for reading and relaxing on the beach!  Available in black or orange for iPad Mini (1, 2 and 3), iPad Air or Kindle WhitePaper. Available at: Satechi.net & Amazon.com


Smart Travel Router & Adapters

Perfect for the world traveler, the Satechi Smart Travel Router & Adapter features four of the most common plug configurations to fit electrical outlets in 150 countries. In addition to USB port ideal for traveling a variety of devices, it also doubles as a router able to convert a direct internet connection into a private connection for added security and mobility.


There are four router functions including router mode, repeater mode, access point mode and client mode. Available at: Satechi.net & Amazon.com

A Back Pack To Hold it All

There are few key components to finding a good travel backpack: padding for tech, LOTS of pockets, comfortable straps, water resistance and a fashionable style is always a bonus. The OGIO is all that and a bag of chips. It features an external access hanging padded computer sleeve, tablet sleeve and phone pocket with a water-resistant rain hood. A large front zippered pocket, two side pockets and a dedicated fleece-lined electronics pocket for GPS systems, cell phones or cameras.


It even features two-way adjustable sternum straps for maximum comfort while lugging it across town on foot or through chaotic airports.  It even offers the bonus stylish element designs in slate blue, stealth black, navy green or burnt orange. Price: $79.99 Available at: OGIO.com

What are your go-to travel items?


I received media samples of the items listed, but all opinions are my own. 

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    Great list of travel necessities. Personally, I never go anywhere without snacks and water. If I am going to be away from home for more than an hour I make sure to grab food and a reusable water bottle!

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