5 Ways to Keep Fit at Home

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Exercise can be a pain! You’re either too tired, busy or unmotivated. Gym memberships rarely work when you’re beginning so you end up paying for something that you don’t even get to use. Gym memberships are for those who have established an exercise routine in their daily schedules, but it’s hardly a come on for those who are just starting. But then, a healthy mind is also a healthy body. It means, you need the exercise.

But as they say, everything starts at home. Here are a few things you can check out to get that body moving.

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1. On-demand Fitness

The hardest part is always in starting. It’s no different when trying to get fit. On-demand fitness videos get positive raves simply because they’re convenient. Beginners would especially love on-demand videos because they can use it whenever they have the time or inclination. Plus, these videos are available wherever they are. Have 30 minutes free time in the office? No problem, simply play a 30-minute and get your home workout in. It’s a combination of structure and unstructured workout because it’s done by trainers, but at the same time available to you when you want it.

2. Improvise

If what you’re looking for is unstructured exercise, you can always improvise. You don’t need any heavy equipment just so you can exercise. If you know what you need to work on, find activities that will help you achieve those. for example, a cardio workout needs a minimum of an hour to get your heart racing, you can run up and down the stairs or jog in place to do this. In other instances, this is a chance for you to catch up on your cleaning and other household chores. These will surely work up a sweat.

3. Create your own.

There are 5 elements of fitness according to WebMD Weight Loss Clinic consultant, exercise physiologist, Richard Weil Med, CDE. These are composed of a warmup, cardiovascular workout, resistance exercises, flexibility moves, and a cool down. As long as you consider these elements, you can create your own routine at the comforts of your home.

4. Dance

There is no reason why fitness can’t be fun. Dancing creates a fun scenario that is unlike any other workout plan. And why not, with music that makes you want to move, it’s one of the most effective workout activities. On top of that, it’s free. Put on your earphones and choose the most upbeat song to dance to and you’re up for a fun time while keeping fit!


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  1. Play with your kids

You think raising kids isn’t considered a workout? You’d be surprised by how much you do when you’re out in the yard playing tag with your kids. Like kids, adults need to lay low on the stressful stuff and just enjoy their time with their kids. Play has an amazing effect both on the mind and body, not to mention its essential effect on their kids’ mental being. So, if you’re feeling sorry for yourself because you don’t get enough time for structured exercises, don’t be, you’re getting it unconsciously while running around, having fun with your kids.

Build a Habit at Home

Getting fit can be stressful at times and we feel the pressure to be healthy. But the more we think about it, the less motivated we are in doing so. The important thing is to start something that works for us, and that we create a routine that we can consistently follow.

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