5 Tips for Helping Busy Moms Relax on Their Day Off

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Being a mom is super rewarding and we love our kids more than anything else in the world. Most mothers would gladly die to protect their children. However, busy moms do get stressed from time to time with car pools, the office, lunches, and after school activities. There are sometimes that mom just needs a day off (or at least some time off) to herself to unwind and just relax. If you are a mom that is stressed and needs to relax, read on below for a few tips to help you take full advantage of that time.

Get Rid of the Guilt

The first thing you are going to need to do is get rid of the guilt of needing that day to yourself to begin with. You deserve the time off and your family will do fine without you for a day. Now that you have shucked that needless guilt, take a look at the tips below.

Have a Cocktail

There is nothing like a soothing cocktail, perhaps a classic Mai Tai flavored with (almond) Orgeat syrup, to help you unwind after a long week of car pools, problems at the office, and the housework that has been building up while you were driving the kids to ballet and the gym.


Order Dinner In

Get over the guilt of not preparing a home-cooked meal every night of the week and order dinner in or even order the “pre-shopped” dinners from the specialty delivery services that are all the rage now. In this way, you’re sure your children are getting the fresh, healthy meals they need without having to slave over the stove all day long.

Take a Long Bubble Bath

Take that adult beverage that you made and head to the bathroom for a long, relaxing bubble bath. Light a few candles, turn out the lights, plug in your music, and sip your cocktail as the stress of the week melts away like the bubbles around you. There will be no little fists beating at the door, wondering when mommy is coming out, because they will be safely tucked away at grandmamma’s until it’s time for the dinner you ordered in.

Read a Good Book

Busy moms have little time for curling up with the latest mystery by their favorite author. When you take your day off, make sure to make time for reading a good book. Whether it’s laying across your bed or in a hammock in the backyard, there is nothing like a good book to draw you in and while away a few hours.


Take a Nap

One of the best ways to enjoy a day off is by taking a leisurely nap in the middle of the afternoon. Take your nap and then you will be refreshed and ready to be the wonderful mommy you are when the kids come in ready to eat and spend time with the parents they adore.

These are just a few of the top tips for helping you get the most out of your day off as a busy mom. From having an afternoon cocktail to having an afternoon nap, these tips will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to deal with the next day with ease.

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