Touring The Haunted Rose Hall Great House in Jamaica

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When Trisha from MomDot told me last month that she was sending me as her writer to Jamaica to tour their family friendly destinations, I got really excited when I saw that the infamous Rose Hall Great House was on my itinerary.

Prepare yourself for a total geek moment….

I’m a paranormal freak. I simply love anything to do with the supernatural, and Ghosthunters happens to have recently done an episode where they investigated the Haunted Rose Hall Great House! I’ve always wanted to tour a haunted destination but never presented with the opportunity until I went to Jamaica.

Haunted Rose Hall Great House

I totally geeked out, taking photos in every room, walking ahead of my tour group to see if I “felt anything” in any of the rooms. Our tour guide was really fun and completely enthusiastic about telling us the story of how the Great House came to be built as a plantation house and how a young English woman eventually became its notorious mistress, Annie Palmer.

That chick was craaazy, y’all!

She actually murdered each husband in their own beds – usually with the help of her slave lover boys – then told the other slaves that they’d died of yellow fever and not to enter their bedrooms, lest they become infected. Meanwhile, her lovers would bury the husband and she would resume life as normal…she was a tyrannical slave master, torturing her slaves, killing anyone who tried to run away, and practicing voodoo against them to scare them into quiet submission.

I actually did feel a little odd in one room – the dining hall. It struck me almost as soon as I walked into the room, a sort of heavy feeling set over me. It felt as though the air was particularly thick in that room. I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t incredibly creeped out!

Haunted Rose Hall Great House

Honestly, knowing the full history of the Rose Hall Great House and walking into the room alone may have influenced that feeling…but as I took a bunch of photos, I noticed something strange; the sunlight was causing a very weird streak across my photos, so I kept taking more pictures, trying to take the photo from a different angle to avoid the weird streak.

Then a weird thing happened. These photos were taken seconds apart….but in the second photo, I got what could be an orb.

Haunted Rose Hall Great House

Needless to say, I walked out of that room with a quickness and rejoined my group! I felt so uncomfortable, it creeps me out to even think about it as I type this from my safe, murderous-free hotel room back at the Grand Palladium, miles away from the Rose Hall Great House!

Whether my little orb was actually a ghost or not, our tour guide – along with the super creepy nature of the building and the authentic period pieces – made the entire experience really spooky and it was a blast! She told us that they do weddings and my group got a good laugh out of that; isn’t it a little odd that someone would want to get married on the same grounds where a woman murdered three husbands in cold blood and numerous lovers? We sure thought so.

My daughter is already begging for me to bring her to Jamaica so that she can do the tour too, and while it was spooky, the tour is totally appropriate for kids of all ages – it’s not scary so much as spooky and fun. If you are going to Jamaica, you definitely need to add the Rose Hall Great House tour to your itinerary!

The Rose Hall Great House is currently owned by a family in the U.S., and they keep the property running as a touring facility, a wedding venue and they also rent the property out for Halloween parties!

I’ll stick to the daytime tours, thank you very much!

* Thank you to the Jamaican Tourist Board for a complimentary tour of the Rose Hall Great House. All opinions & spooky photos are 100% my own! Also, thank you to MomDot for sending me to Jamaica as their writer!

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  1. says

    Oh my goodness, I totally felt something in that house. I steered clear from her little favorite window area but I was trying to get a shot of the stairs leading downward with the chandelier after everyone left and needless to say I was petrified. Something just came over me and I was like “peace!” LOL

    You and your Ghost Hunters. I like to watch them but I’m definitely not a willing participant, thankyou very much.

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