Top 5 Tips When Using a Flat Iron

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Using a flat iron is so basic these days, yet so necessary. No matter the hairstyle that you choose for the day, you always need to put down a few of those rebel hairs that ruin your looks.

Using a high-quality flat iron that doesn’t damage your hair and that makes you look gorgeous is essential. In spite of the fact that it is so easy to use, not everyone uses it the right way. When saying `right`, we mostly refer to its maintenance, cleaning and frequent use. Just like any other electronic hair tool, a flat iron’s functions and abilities weaken if not used and maintained properly.

Before starting to use a brand new flat iron, it is important to read the instructions, as well the cleaning guidelines. While some flat irons work for wet hair and are meant to be used for complex hairstyles, others are only meant to straighten dry hair. Check out the specifications and options of your flat iron before use.

Consider these 5 tips if you use the flat iron daily

Protect your hair

Regardless of the quality of the materials in your flat iron, your hair will never be completely protected. Extreme heat weakens the hair, which is why it is important to use heat protection products that will also help you style it. This way, you will avoid hair damage. Choose a product that is lightweight if you want your hair to look gorgeous.

Use the flat iron on dry hair

Although some products are designed to work on wet hair, too, they will damage your hair on the long term. Always dry your hair before straightening it if you want to make sure that it will not get all burnt.

Don’t use it right away

Most women start using the straightening iron right after plugin it on and seeing the green light on. Although the ad says that you can use it after 30 seconds, you should wait just a little bit longer so that the temperature reaches the level that you desire. This way, you will surely get the best results.

Clean it properly

If you want to maintain your flat iron the right way, you should know that it should be cleaned regularly. Especially if you use hairstyling products often, the properties of the ceramic or different materials in the iron could lose their properties. Keeping the flat iron covered in product is not helpful at all when trying to get that perfect, fresh look. Even more, it could make your hair look dirty.

Straighten it one inch at a time

If you have full, curly hair, it is extremely important to straighten every section of your hair properly. In order to obtain the best results, you must divide the hair in several sections and start backwards and move towards the front. Patience is your best friend when styling your hair. Take every section and iron it just as much as you need. If your hair is thin and rather straight, you don’t need to insist on a section several times.



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