Tips and Tricks For Frequent Movers

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CORT. All opinions are 100% mine.

In the last decade, I’ve moved a total of NINE times. I’ve moved down the road, across town, across the state and even across the country. In the last two years alone, since my husband joined the military, I’ve moved three times. With each move I joke to my husband that this is the last one, knowing full well that it’s not. Our first military move proved to be an eye opening experience for us. We were told repeatedly by those who had been in the military for a while that the first move is always the worst and yet we remained comfortable in our naivety. That’s about the time we received a 4-day notice to report to our first duty station. I threw what I could in the back of my small crossover and hit the road with my 6-year-old in tow. We drove over 1,300 miles in two days to meet my husband in the sunshine state.

We were thrilled to find an available apartment on the first day in town, confident that the small amount of belongings I packed would see us through for the few weeks we would be waiting for our housing shipments to arrive. For the first few days, it seemed like a fun adventure. My daughter enjoyed the air mattress that doubled as both bed and sofa.


We used boxes for dining tables, end tables, and coffee stands. But eventually, the novelty wears off. You end up tired of huddling around a tiny 17in laptop screen to watch your shows each night.  By this time a few weeks turned into a month, one month to two and on to three. Finally, our items arrived and I gleefully watched as movers unloaded boxes and crates in various sizes.

I wish I had known at the time that we had other options. Moving is a part of military life that we all accept. It requires a lot of flexibility, ingenuity and the ability to adapt to circumstance. It often means letting go of what we think our home (and our life) is going to be like and accepting it for what it is. It means finding tips and tricks that make your life easier.

Tips and Tricks For Frequent Movers

  • Never Get Rid of Curtain Rods
    They’re small, light and easy to store. They’re also expensive when you have to purchase them all new each move.
  • Never Pack Clutter
    Before each move, go through your home and declutter. Sort everything you don’t want into donate, recycle or trash piles
  • Sort boxes by room with clear markers.
    We cut large peices of scrapbook paper into squares and assign each room a pattern. Tape those patterns to outside of the box. Another option is rolls of colored ducttape.
  • Keep Your Moving Documents in a Single File
    For one reason or another, you’re going to need those documents whether it’s for your accountant, your employer or your own budget. It’s easier to keep everything in one place.
  • Set Aside Your Must Haves
    Pack them in an overnight bag or suitcase to keep with you. Assign each family memeber 1 bag.
  • Mark Items You Need First
    Pack items you need first in clear bins instead of boxes.
  • Use Saran Wrap and Plastic Bags.
    Saran wrap toiletries to help prevent leaks, then pack them in plastic bags, Saran wrap toiletries or pack them in plastic bags to prevent leaks. Small parts should also be packed in to appropriate size plastic bags.

But there are some things we can not control. We can not control the length of time it takes us to receive our household goods and we can not always make furniture that fit at one residence, work at another. It’s these times that call for other options. CORT Furniture Rental is a furniture rental company that works with people facing life’s transitions.


Whether it’s a young college student moving into their first apartment, temporary assignment for business professionals or – yes, even military members. With CORT you can rent furniture in times of transition. It’s cost effective, convenient and best of all, hassle free.

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You can rent furniture that covers just the basics, furnishes only one room or the whole house. It’s as easy as selecting your lease length, choosing a package and style, checking out online and confirming your delivery.

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  1. says

    My friend has moved cross country several times. I can’t imagine having to move so often! These are great tips for such a big project!

  2. Kristi says

    I know several people that have moved a lot and say renting furniture is the way to go, it makes moving so much easier.

  3. says

    Great tips! I totally second marking the stuff you need first! There is nothing worse than digging through box after box for something you desperately need!

  4. says

    Being from a military family, I remember moving a LOT. Of course, things like rental furniture/etc. weren’t available back then – glad to see better solutions now!

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