The Rebel Chick’s Travel Bucket List

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As most of you probably know by now, I love to travel.

Actually, the word love is probably not doing my obsession with travel justice…I am a travel addict. I will pretty much go anywhere and do anything. Until 2011, my lack of passport kept me confined to the United States, unless I was cruising. In the year since I first acquired my passport, I’ve been to…5 countries.

I loved each and every one of them! I loved Jamaica so much that I went back for seconds, bringing my daughter along with me to enjoy the fun!

 the rebel chick's travel bucket list

So where do I want to go next, you ask?


My travel bucket list

the rebel chick's travel bucket list

  1. The Colosseum in Rome, Italy. To see where Gladiators fought, to walk where Emperors walked…it is a dream of mine.
  2. I want to eat real pizza in Naples, Italy. Being part Italian, I think there’s something in my DNA that requires pizza on a regular basis. When I took Italian classes in high school (two years!), I was offered an opportunity to visit Italy one summer with the Italian Club, but my parents didn’t allow me to go. The thing that disappointed me the most? No Italian pizza.
  3. I want to see firsthand the greatness that is Mount Vesuvius – coincidentally, also in Naples, Italy. I will get to Italy one day!
  4. I want to stroll the French Quarter in New Orleans, Louisiana. I fell in love with the city while reading Anne Rice in High School…yet I somehow have yet to make it there!
  5. I want to eat tapas in the Canary Islands. Or on the Spanish mainland. Either way, I want tapas. Good tapas.
  6. I want to walk through the streets of Havana. Yes, I want to go to Cuba. Surprised that this little white girl wants to visit Cuba? Well, guess what? I’m part Cuban. Ever since my Cuban grandmother died, I have day dreamed about the idea of seeing where she came from.
  7. I want to do an all-inclusive spa resort just once. Anywhere. I want to be pampered and made to feel like a princess…with no pets to feed, no laundry to fold, no floors to vacuum…hey, a girl can dream, right? This is a dream list!
  8. I want to hike Manchu Picchu. Ancient civilizations fascinate me. They make me feel connected to the world, they remind me of how quickly life passes…and how important it is to leave a legacy.
  9. I want to drink a beer in the United Kingdom, anywhere really. My ancestry is Dutch Irish, English, Italian, German and Cherokee Indian. Of all of that mixture running through my blood, the one I identify with the least is the English. I like to think that if I went to England, saw the grassy meadows Jane Austen wrote about so favorably, ate the local food and saw the sites, I might remedy that.
  10. I want to see the lighthouses of Maine. Being a huge fan of Stephen King for most of my life, I have always wanted to see the New England coast. Also? I love lighthouses. And lobster, but that’s a whole different bucket list!
  11. I want to spend the night at a haunted inn in Savannah, Georgia. Another fascination with a city based on a novel…after reading Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil several times, I’ve decided that Savannah must be the most beautiful place on earth. I really should visit Savannah to find out, don’t you think?
  12. I want to take a road trip along Route 66. I have driven along Route 66 in New Mexico, and I have walked to the end of Route 66 in Santa Monica…but I’d love to drive the entire way, just like my grandfather did back in his early days. Like him, I would probably tell the story for the rest of my life…to my grandchildren. Over and over and over again. 
  13. I want to walk on the Great Wall of China. That’s not weird, right?
  14. I want to see the Grand Canyon. No hike it, mind you, but I want to see it. Preferably at sunset.
  15. I also want to see the Hoover Dam. And when I see it, I want to say Daaaaaaaamn.
  16. I want to see Angel Falls in Venezuela. I saw them in a documentary one day and they make Niagara Falls look like a broken fire hydrant. No offense to Niagara Falls…
  17. I want to visit Bran or Poenari Caste in Romania. That’s right – Dracula’s Castle. I don’t want to spend the night, mind you…a daytime tour would suit me just fine.
  18. I want to spend more time on the Gulf Coast, whether it be Sanibel and Captiva, Pensacola Beach, or somewhere in Alabama or Mississippi. I adore the beaches of the Gulf Coast. Also? Crawfish are some of the only shellfish that don’t make me sick.
  19. I want to visit Alaska, whether it be on a cruise or just a tour. I want to see icebergs, Puffins and heck, maybe even a moose.
  20. I want to see Stonehenge. Really bad. Really, really bad.
  21. I want to visit Australia and not see any funnel spiders, or any of the top ten dangerous snakes in the world.
  22. I have always wanted to take a safari through Africa. Lions, Elephants and Hyenias, oh my!
  23. I’d also love to see the Easter Island Heads. If you haven’t figured it out by now, I basically want to see every human built structure that I’ve ever read about.
  24. Carnival in Rio De Janeiro, anyone?
  25. I’d also love to take a tour along the Amazon River…as long as there are no giant, man-eating anacondas going after me.
  26. I want to see the Wisconsin Dells.
  27. Boston. I want to visit Boston. Also? I want to take a little detour and visit Salem as well. Two historical birds, one stone.
  28. I want to go to Disneyland!
  29. I have always wanted to go explore the Mayan ruins in Mexico.
  30. Russia. The motherland. I want to eat bear, wear heavy coats and drink really, really good vodka.
  31. I can’t wait to do Napa Valley Wine Country – as well as D.C. Wine Country! So far, I’ve done Texas, New Mexico and Toronto Wine Country…I am always looking for new places to drink wine!
Oh wait, that’s 31…

Where do you want to go?


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  1. says

    My list is very similar to yours, except I live on the Gulf Coast and always have so I want to see everything else BUT the Gulf Coast! In a perfect world, I’d be able to rent an RV and just go everywhere!

  2. says

    Great list Jenn! When we go up to Wisconsin we drive past Wisconsin Dells all the time. We’ve never gone, but it looks like a blast!

  3. says

    You and I are alot alike Jenn. I LOVE your list! :) Traveling is something that I love. Maybe one day I’ll get to see the world. :)

  4. says

    You need some Canada on that list! We have a beautiful country :) I want to see all of Canada, since I’ve only ever seen my little part of it, and there are so many other places I want to go!

  5. says

    I was born in Louisiana (as you probably remember) – I wish you could have seen the Quarter before Katrina. You’ll still enjoy it, but was so different back then. Luckily the crawfish are still awesome :) And now, living in MA, I can tell you that Boston is beautiful – really. I love just taking a day to walk around.

    When Dan and I drove from CA to MA – we went through I don’t know how many states. But we didn’t have time to stop anywhere but hotels. One day I want to do the trip again (with NO kids) and enjoy the sights.

  6. says

    I LOVE this post!

    I didn’t realize how much I wanted to travel until I had children so as I slowly cross off my own sightseeing bucket list, I plan to complete it as my kids get older. My number one want is also Italy and my favorite place we’ve been thus far is also Jamaica!

  7. says

    There are so many places that I want to go. On my bucket list, I want to take a European vacation. I want to see Italy, France, Rome…

  8. says

    Not surprising our list is very similar. I’ve done a few -RT 66 and the Grand canyon -but I hope you get to do a great many of these in the years to come!

  9. Aneita says

    I love this list as travelling is something I dream about as well. I feel the same as you do, I will go anywhere and do anything. Europe is probably on the top of my list. Rio for Carnival “absolutely”, The Grand Canyon at Sunrise/Sunset, New Orleans French Quarter and eat all the yummy food. I often say I will get a job working at one of the airlines just so I get to use them to travel. Maybe I can live through you and your travels.

  10. says

    You know, I’ve never really had any desire to get a passport. Weird, huh? I’m not really much for foreign travel, but I figure I’ll have to get a passport now that I can’t get to and from Canada without one. Domestic travel though… I have a US bucket list! :-) I hope you’re able to get to all of your dream destinations!

  11. says

    For the tapas in Spain to to Jerez de la Frontera which is where Sherry is from. The days are slow and the tapas and Sherry in the afternoon a must. I spent a week there visiting the bodegas and enjoying the food and the people. It’s a MUST if you want to experience the full experience.

  12. says

    I love traveling – great list! Nothing on mine right now. I tried to hit as much as I could when I had the time and the freedom. Good luck!

  13. says

    Being half Italian Italy is on my bucket list too. I vote you fly up here and then we could drive and stroll New Orleans one weekend :)

  14. says

    All those awesome places and… Wisconsin Dells? Really? 😉 I lived in Wisconsin for many years and believe me, if you’re not within driving distance, it’s really not worth flying for. LOL! Boston was one of my favorite trips–totally want to go back!

  15. says

    What a great list… I have been to the Colosseum in Rome, Mt. Vesuveus, the French Quarter, and I love going to Boston.
    I alo went to Ireland on my honeymoon and want to go back again – it is gorgeous. Hawaii and Fiji are on my bucket list.
    Hope you get to do the things on your bucket list soon. =)

  16. says

    Great list! I don’t have a passport right now, but I should probably get one. We have been planning our summer vacation this weekend, and we are going to Boston and the Maine coast, two on your list. They are only about 2 hours apart, so we figure we will do them both.

  17. says

    Awesome list. I may do this on my blog sometime. The one thing I hate is that at my age, I’ve not traveled much at all, and there are so many places I want to visit before I die. :)

  18. says

    That’s quite the list. I am sure mine would be that long too. I guess I never really thought about it and all the places I would like to go!

  19. says

    What a great list! I want to do many of those things too including go to the Grand Canyon.

    I have been to Gulf Shores and it’s beautiful there. Highly recommend it.

  20. says

    I read this post just after it was published and I’ve been thinking about my own bucket list ever since. I’m fortunate to have done a few of the things on your list, and a few of the things on my own, but the world is such a big place…my list would be infinite! As soon as I saw something, I’d add it to the list to see it all over again. I’m still going to attempt to make my own on my blog though! 😉

  21. says

    I looove Napa — I think we, uh, you should get on that immediately! And yet, you beat me to the wine tasting in my hometown: Gruet, in Albuquerque.

  22. says

    Niiiiice bucket list! Many great things in there. (I would not even be able to make a list… Don’t know how to choose – and besides that: we go to where it is cheap tickets right then :-)

  23. says

    I’m with ya on that real Italian pizza! I’ve had the best pizza in my life in Croatia. And the lighthouses of Maine are beautiful. Rent a car, drive up the whole coast. You won’t regret it. Except be prepared, some of them are a little difficult to find. Lots of curvy roads. Good luck on achieving your travel goals!

  24. says

    I’ve done the beer in the UK (as I live here lol) and tapas in the Canaries…

    Maybe this is something I should think about for a future blog :)

  25. Erin says

    I’ve been to DisneyWorld (florida), the Dells, and climbed the pyramid at Chichen Itza. If you ever make it to the Dells, and you like water parks or have kids, check out Noah’s Ark!
    No Canadian stops? I guarantee if you spend a bit of time here in Ontario you’ll see a moose! :) I’ve probably seen 4 or 5, plus bears and various other wildlife.
    Iceland is #1 on my list, followed by Ireland, Barcelona, Paris.. too many places, not enough time!

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