How I Spent the Day in a Kia Sorento in San Diego #TheCurveAhead #TheNewKia

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One upon a time, I was invited to visit San Diego and drive around new Kia models, courtesy of Kia Motors. I, being a former Kia owner and lover of both the state of California AND the car manufacturer, graciously accepted the invitation and flew out to San Diego to party like a rock star with the most fun car brand that I have ever worked with!


I paired up with my good friends Rick and Stefanie and we toured the countryside in search of…


Because donuts = life.

We also stopped along the way and admired the beautiful scenery outside the city. Have you ever been to San Diego? It was my first time and I thought it was just beautiful!


We saw quite a few people out biking, but we were taking the lazy route and driving a brand new Kia Sorento. Check this baby’s ample backside!


Yeah, I just referenced a car’s butt. Admit it, you do it too! Cars are sexy! Especially when they come in AWD, like the new Kia Sorento…


I remember the days when I drove a Kia Spectra, and we had power windows and I thought that was the epitome of high technology…Kia has come a long way, embracing every advancement in technology available to the automotive industry.

So many buttons, so many options, so many switches!! We were like kids in a candy store!


I drive an SUV now and I am always comparing other SUVS to my own because it’s 11 years old and I know I am going to have to suck it up and buy a new car sooner or later…and it’s probably going to be sooner.

So I ask myself questions like:

Does this SUV have a lot of interior space? Is there ample leg room? Will I hit my head on the ceiling when I wear a high bun?

Will the seats be as comfortable?

Is the sound system and the speakers going to allow me to rock out to Blink 182 as I am driving down the street?

Well, the Kia Sorento was a big fat YES to all of those questions.


Yeah, that’s an Infinity speaker system.


That sound system came in handy when we started working on our special project Kia on the way back from the beach!

While I had owned a Kia in 2001, I didn’t really know that much about the brand until this immersion experience in July. I always liked that little Kia Spectra, but never really thought of owning another Kia until I started reviewing them a few years ago and then test driving these awesome new models in San Diego.


I am heading to Detroit on January 8th to attend the North American International Auto Show to attend a Kia press conference and learn even more about the brand, and I will be sharing it all in real time with you using the hashtags #TheCurveAhead #TheNewKia on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! You can also follow along with the breaking news at

Stay tuned, I can’t wait to hear what Kia is coming up with next!!

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