Memory Foam Vs Latex Mattress – Which is Best For You?

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Are you searching for an informative article on how to compare Latex vs. Memory Foam Mattress? When shopping for a new mattress to buy, you may find yourself facing challenges as a result of the many types available in the market. Keep in mind that memory foam and natural latex mattresses are among the top lines available.

You may think that it’s easy to compare these two types. However, you should bear in mind that not all memory foam and latex mattresses are designed in the same way. It means that for you to make the best decision, you need to consider several factors. This post gives you 6 tips on how to compare Latex versus Memory Foam Mattress.

• Support

One factor to consider when comparing Latex vs. Memory Foam Mattress is the level of support that you want. The reason is that latex mattress provides you with the best support, for instance, you won’t experience the sinking feeling since latex is incredibly supportive. Remember that memory foam mattress has this sinking feeling.

Among the benefits of a supportive mattress is that it enables you to experience fewer pains and aches when waking up. If you experience back pain issues, the latex mattress is the best option for you. It’s the best choice for people who weigh over 250 pounds or for those who sleep on their stomachs or backs.

One visual way to differentiate the support between a latex and memory foam mattress is to check how their shape gets affected once you get up. For instance, when you sleep on a latex mattress and wake up, it will return to its original shape immediately. However, if it’s a memory foam mattress, it will take some seconds, minutes or hours to go back to its original shape. In the long run, it will take even longer time.

• Temperature

Latex mattresses are designed using open-cell construction which enables cooler air to flow around your body. The result is that you won’t trap body heat close to your body during the entire time that you’re sleeping. It enables to enjoy a cooler sleep with fewer disruptions and related discomforts the whole night.

On the other hand, it’s not the same case when it comes to memory foam mattresses. That’s because when sleeping on a memory foam mattress, your body’s heat will trigger a chemical reaction with the mattress’s foam that holds your body’s heat close the entire night. It means that you may find it difficult to stay asleep or even take longer to fall asleep.

If you prefer to sleep hot, you should consider buying memory foam which has a cooling gel on it.

  • Durability

Both latex and memory foam mattresses are known to last for long. It means that when shopping for latex and memory foam mattress, it’s common to enjoy 25-year warranties. One tip when choosing which between Latex vs. Memory Foam Mattress to buy is to check the duration of their warranties, which will give you an indication of the durability and quality of the mattress that you intend to purchase.

Remember that the average innerspring mattress takes 6-7 years before the need to replace it arises, which means that buying a mattress with a 25-year warranty is a worthy investment. That’s as long as you choose a mattress that provides you with the right amount of softness and support, in addition to being comfortable. It should also meet your body needs during this time.

Remember that not all latex mattresses are designed with natural latex, the reason being that there are latex blends and synthetic latex. However, as long as it serves you well, you may compromise on this area. Again, when it comes to memory foam mattress, not all of them are made of high-quality materials, which mean that they may break down at a much faster rate than those made of high-quality memory foam.


If you’re a side sleeper with issues such as pain on your pressure joint, one excellent choice for you should be a memory foam mattress. Pressure point pain refers to experiencing pain at the point where your body makes contact with the mattress as you sleep, for example, your knees, shoulders, and hips.

On the other hand, a quality latex mattress may offer you pressure point relief benefits. However, memory foam gives you an additional advantage, the reason being that it conforms to your body’s shape as you sleep and is so soft.

  • Cost

Cost is another factor to consider when comparing Latex vs. Memory Foam Mattress. It’s important to know all the features and information when comparing costs. For instance, take advantage of things such as the mattress’s extended trials, which will assist you to figure out if the mattress you’re buying will still be comfortable for the next 15 plus years.

Memory foam mattress comes on top when it comes to price since its upfront costs are lower. However, you should consider the durability, longevity and continued support to your body over time. Memory foam will most likely break down over time when you compare it to natural latex, which lasts long, retains its shape and supports your body for during its entire lifespan.

However, remember that if you choose memory foam mattress, look for one that is from a manufacturer who provides a longer warranty, since it is one sign of design excellence.

  • Chemicals

Individuals and families are beginning to pay close attention to products that contain chemicals, which they bring into their homes. When it comes to things such as mattresses, which we make close body contact with, the presence of chemicals is one issue that you should consider. The reason is that you’ll be spending at least 7 hours on it, or more lying on the mattress.

It means that you should avoid mattresses that consist of harsh chemicals since it can lead to you developing breathing problems, headaches, and asthma attacks. They can also bring about harmful off-gassing, as you bring them into your home for the first time.

Memory foam mattresses that are of lesser quality are in most cases filled with chemicals. It means that for you to avoid adverse health risks, you should consider choosing high-quality memory foam mattresses.

The same case applies when shopping for latex mattresses. The reason is that whether you want hybrid latex or natural latex mattress, you should choose one that is of high quality, and with guarantees that it doesn’t contain harmful gases.


The above informative post on how to compare Latex vs. Memory Foam Mattress should make it easier for you to make your selection. Bear in mind that it’s your preferences that will get you to decide the best option rather than anything else. As you make your choice, ensure that you choose a mattress that will enable you to enjoy a comfortable rest throughout the night.

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