How To Make YUCCA in a Pickle Jar

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Sometimes, when you get together with your friends for a birthday weekend in a hotel that you’ve rented out, weird things happen.

Yes, that is me, and yes, I am drinking out of a pickle jar.

A very large pickle jar. That we bought at Costco.

But as you can see, there aren’t any pickles in that jar….it’s full of something way better than kosher dills, my friends.

It’s full of…


Well, there is also lemons, limes, sugar and ice, but mostly vodka.

Good vodka.

Yucca is a fun drink that my friends introduced me to in 2009 and we’ve repeated it on subsequent occasions. It’s fun, easy and cheap to make, and it makes for a great pass-it-around community cocktail.

Oh yeah, if you have herpes, or are afraid of catching herpes from your friends? Don’t do this.

Or, still do it, but pour yourself a small glass and separate it.

But honestly, passing the pickle jar around is half the fun.

How to make Yucca


  • 10 sliced lemons
  • 10 sliced limes
  • 3 lb white granulated sugar
  • 1/2 gal vodka – I prefer Chopin or Belvedere, but make due with whatever you have
  • 8 lbs ice
  • One ginormous pickle jar, emptied and cleaned with soap and water

Slice your lemons and limes, making sure to catch all of the juice and emptiying it into the pickle jar along with your slices.

Add your sugar on top of the citrus, then pour the vodka on top of that. Next, add ice until the jar is completely filled to the brim, and then put the top back on.

Wrap it in a towel…

And then shake that baby!

Then wait. We like to roll the jar around…

Then shake it some more. After about an hour, it should be nice and ready.

We just pass it around among ourselves like hobos, but you can be dignified about it and pour some into a glass with extra ice.

Something about the pickle juice helps the citrus, sugar and vodka mix – there’s science behind it – something to do with the vinegar from the pickle juice that seeped into the glass – but don’t ask me how it works.

I just know it’s good.

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    • says

      It cracks me up too. LOL I had to think good and hard about whether or not I wanted to post that pic – but I think it really makes the post!

  1. says

    I had a secluded beach party with generator and disco ball with theme, but we had one of those giant 5 gallon glass jugs FULL of YUCCA and an all night party with about 25 people. It was a great time and wild things happened…..

  2. Jim says

    The Yucca drink from the pickle jar has been around for a long time. I was told it originated from the natives in the west when I 1st tried it in the 80’s. The contents may vary but what I see missing today is the fact that the towel you wrap around the pickle jar should be wet. You shake the jar until the towel freezes. You will feel & see ice on the towel. That is when you start to drink Yucca, the towel will keep the contents of the jar cold while you consume.

  3. pat woodell says

    I made this back in 1995 while living in Ankara, Turkey. You’re not making it correctly but what can I say, guess you lost the directions in the translation. You also need to have 7 virgins squeeze the lemons before throwing ’em in the jar! Man, you sure missed alot about this famous drink that will kick your ass if you drink too much. I got the whole American Embassy sicker than dogs at a party cause they couldn’t stop drinking it, they loved it so much! Those marines were tough but not tough enough. LOL.

    Have fun!

  4. pat woodell says

    AND one thing for sure…you shouldn’t add pickle juice! OMG you’re making slop! If you want the real recipe let me know!

  5. Joe says

    Agree with Dan, too much sugar. And we use Tequila instead of Vodka. Definitely a great communal drink though.

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