Frozen Foods Make Mealtime Easier!

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This post brought to you by American Frozen Foods Institute and the Frozen Food Roundtable. All opinions are 100% mine.

Angeline’s father’s parents moved to Northern Florida when she was just about four years old, and ever since, she’s made the trek up there to visit them several times a year. Chris and I have come to look forward to this time for ourselves and once she is safely there, it’s like P A R T Y  T I M E! in the Quillen household. What do I mean by “party time?” Oh you know, totally insane stuff like not doing laundry for days at a time, not having to cook three meals a day, having the bathroom all to myself during the day. You know, the usual stuff that parents find thrilling.

Let’s get back to that not cooking part.  It’s not that I don’t cook at all – I just don’t cook as much. I take as many shortcuts as I can, and I love having a freezer full of good food that I can quickly cook up without a lot of hassle. The same goes for breakfast and lunch; when Angeline is at her grandparents, I go for the simplest meals possible for myself during the day: like waffles for breakfast. Yum!

Eggo Waffles

There are so many different options in the freezer aisle that can make your life easier, not just while the kids are off at grandma’s, but year-round! One of the major benefits of frozen foods is that brands like General Mills, Hillshire, Kellogg’s, and Nestle have you covered for all of your quick, easy and delicious breakfast needs.

Breakfast and Brunch are those difficult meals because who really wants to slave over a hot stove first thing in the morning? Grabbing frozen breakfast options from the freezer not only makes breakfast easier for me, but it also means that my daughter can very easily make her own breakfast if she doesn’t like what I am eating, or if she wakes up late and misses breakfast. Simply popping some waffles, pancakes or toaster pastries in the toaster is so much easier than making a whole new meal on the stove top, and is more fun than eating cold cereal all of the time!

We always have a ton of frozen foods in the freezer; between having frozen fruits and veggies on hand to plenty of meal options, it just makes life so much easier! On those days when I haven’t planned anything for dinner, I can usually find something to make after a quick glance in the freezer.

Frozen. How Fresh Stays Fresh

One of the many benefits of frozen foods is that it is fresh food, just frozen! Frozen food is made from real recipes with real ingredients, and the freezing naturally pauses the freshness of these foods so that all of those delicious flavors are suspended until you are ready to cook them up and enjoy them!

How Fresh Stays Fresh photo fd062587-c45b-4ca2-bc3c-86b7166181f5_zpscaf03e88.png

frozen foods

There are so many advantages to having a nice stock of frozen meal options in the freezer! You can try so many different kinds of cuisine without having to learn how to make them – for instance, I recently bought a Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers in Beef Teriyaki. Now, I have never made a Teriyaki anything in my life, but this was a great way for me to try one out without having to learn how to cook it myself.

Ravioli photo cab2c118-eb6e-41d4-903a-ae6c7be8e219_zps4fa18a17.jpg

Then there’s the benefit of being able to quickly grab a meal to take with you on the way to work – skip the fast food drive through on your lunch hour and just head to the office freezer and pick up your delicious lunch! After a few minutes in the microwave or oven (if your office has an oven), sit down and relax with your lunch while everyone else is stuck in traffic coming back from the fast food chains!

Last but not least is my favorite meal of the day: dessert!

One of the best things about frozen meals is that most of their offerings come in single serving sizes, which means that they are perfect for when you don’t need to feed the whole family, or if you are single. They’re also perfect when it comes time for dessert, and no one else wants a nice slice of Key Lime pie but you!

key lime pie

I don’t know why anyone would not want a slice of Edwards Key Lime pie, because it’s pretty delicious – but you never know.

By the way, if you’re wondering why a girl who only lives 45 minutes away from the Florida Keys – and has a Key Lime tree hanging over her fence in the backyard – actually buys Edwards Key Lime Pie, it’s because they are really that good! When we have family parties, someone always brings a whole Edwards Key Lime Pie, and it’s usually the first dessert to be demolished!

key lime pie

What kind of frozen foods do you keep stocked in your freezer? Do you feel that there is more work involved with fresh vs frozen meal solutions? I would love to hear any of your tips and tricks for easier meals with frozen foods!


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  1. says

    I’m all about the frozen waffles and pancakes for the boys! Helps things in the morning. But I want a slice of one of those pies!

  2. says

    And now a days many things are flash frozen, this keeping mostly all their nutrition! That is what i care about. Plus being able to prepare dinner in 10 minutes if necessary!

  3. says

    I love cooking but I admit I have a lot of frozen foods in the freezer,sometimes it is just easier and quicker to throw something together when busy.I love frozen deserts but have never tried Key lime pie.

  4. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    Our freezer is packed with many of those same things. They save me tons of time – especially on school nights.

  5. says

    I try to keep a good mix of fresh and frozen. I don’t think it’s realistic to not have any frozen items…it would be too time consuming and things would spoil before I got to eat them.

  6. says

    I buy meat in bulk and freeze it. It saves so much money! We also keep frozen pizza and waffles on hand (and breakfast biscuits for my husband.) They are great for quick meals.

  7. says

    We definitely rely upon frozen food here and there. I have a new way to make hash browns using frozen tater tots that I’m going to try out this week!

  8. says

    Oh …those single serve pie slices are dangerous. My freezer mostly has bags of farm fresh fruits and veggies. In my defense, the freezer is super small and I dont even think a frozen pizza would fit.

  9. says

    I make use of my freezer frequently. I’m always grabbing something out of it to cook for the family, whether it’s a prepared dish or just ingredients for something I’m making myself.

  10. says

    My freezer is filled with frozen meals. A few weeks ago, I found Green Giant Brocolli and Cheese sauce meals at the grocery and I’m already in love. :)

  11. says

    We do a lot of frozen items throughout the school year. Breakfasts are so simple when you can just whip a waffle out of the freezer to heat and eat, so you can get out the door faster!

  12. says

    This looks really good and I like the idea with freezer food. Being a mom on the go this is so important and with the pie, I like it especially if you are on a diet. Great with portion control.

  13. Maria Oller says

    ok Eggos and Edward’s pie are staples on my kitchen I love their chocolate pie and my kids would kill me if there are nor Eggos for breakfast

  14. says

    My son likes frozen pancakes, lol. It still makes me laugh, though they are a lot faster than mixing a batch up fresh when it’s a rushed morning. :)

  15. says

    I like to make meals in bulk and freeze the leftovers to eat later. Being a busy mom of three I like to cut corners where I can. I totally want to try those freezer pies. The Key Lime looks delicious.

  16. Lisa says

    Waffles, pizza, and single serving sizes of mac n cheese are always in the freezer. Especially when the kids out of school for the summer.

  17. says

    I haven’t ever heard nor seen this yet, they sound like a great thing to have around for those quick dinner or breakfast days! You know, the days I do not feel up to cooking for the kiddos.

  18. says

    I always keep a few frozen meals in the fridge for lunch at work when I don’t have leftovers or time to make something. I also keep frozen veggies. I always buy them and something comes up, they go bad and I end up having to throw them away.

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