Easy Homemade Some Bunny Love You Valentine’s Day Card

When the holidays roll around, many get a little anxious about being able to afford to buy gifts for their loved ones and friends. We ran into a situation around Angeline’s birthday where someone close to her couldn’t afford to buy her a gift, and they were so embarrassed that they didn’t even make her a card.

The thing is, Angeline isn’t like that – she would never be upset at someone for not giving her a gift. We didn’t raise her to be like that, and she is a very considerate and understanding kid when it comes to finances. All of the years she has been in middle school and high school, her favorite gifts from friends and classmates were handmade cards. She still has them all plastered on her walls and dresser mirror. She kept telling the person that it was completely okay not to give her anything, but that she wanted a card!

With Valentine’s Day approaching, your kids might be beginning to think about gifts for their friends or boyfriend/girlfriend. Making a homemade card with a sweet sentiment inside can mean so much to someone, so let’s encourage our kids to skip the store-bought gifts and give a Valentine’s Day gift from the heart this year!


Easy Homemade Valentine's Day Card

Homemade Valentine’s Day Card Tutorial


Red card stock
White paint
Black marker
Pink marker
Paper plate


Fold a piece of red card stock in half and cut it into two pieces. Fold one of those pieces in half to form a card.

Pour some white paint onto a paper plate and place your thumb into it. Lightly press your paint covered thumb onto the center of the front of your card.

Dip the tip of your pointer finger into the white paint and place it lightly onto the middle of the front of your card at the top of and on either side of the thumb print you just made on the card. These will be the ears of your bunny.

Once the paint has dried, draw two eyes onto the face of your bunny with black marker and a heart shaped nose below them with the pink marker. Draw three whiskers with black marker on either side of the bunny’s face.

At the top of the card, write “Some Bunny” and on the bottom write “Loves You!”

Easy Homemade Valentine's Day Card


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    Our children always make us and each other homemade cards. It’s sweet and the time they put into it can be a lot, especially as they get older.

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