The Day I Became A Disney Voice Over Artist #FireandRescueEvent

Remember that time I told you that I had a private art lesson with the story artists at Disneytoon Studios and drew Dipper, one of the characters from the new Disney’s Planes Fire and Rescue animated movie? Well…there’s a little more to that story and today I get to share some more of it with you! 

Disney's Planes: Fire and Rescue #FireandRescueEvent

As if drawing a Disney character under the guidance of real life Disney Story Artists isn’t awesome enough, I also got to work with Disney casting director, Jason Henkel, and sound engineer, Paul McGrath…and I did a voice over of Dipper!! I know, super exciting, right?

I nearly peed my pants, I was so nervous! I put on a brave face and walked into the recording studio, where Julie Bowen – who plays Dipper in the movie – did her parts. 

It was super official, y’all. I’m basically a movie star now. 


We each had a few lines from the movie to act out, well, vocalize, anyway. We listened to the part a few times and then were given a sheet with the lines on it.

It’s the part of the movie where Dipper and Dusty meet for the first time. Julie Bowen is such a great actor for Dipper’s role, I swear it was like it was made for her! I knew there was no way that I could fill her shoes, but I gave it my best shot!


I was terrified, I mean, I really, really hate the sound of my voice, but I did it…

And apparently, I purr like a little kitty cat. 

I guess there could be worse things said about me, right?


At least I was having a great hair day.

What do you think? Did I do a good job? 

If you think so, believe me, it wasn’t my doing! The sound engineers at Disneytoon Studios are seriously legit, guys. I swear that they worked some magic on my recording because I don’t recall sounding quite so adorable!


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