Creating Multiple Gardens with Limited Space

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Do you have a small backyard that is limited on space? If so, it can be difficult to create an area for hanging out in let alone a space to plant flowers or veggies for a garden. If your ideal backyard means having a flourishing garden for fresh flowers and veggies, you’ll have to get creative. Here are just a few examples of what you may be able to do to utilize every square foot of space you have.

Hanging Gardens

Do you have some fresh air and a lot of sunshine that finds its way to your back patio? One option is to create some hanging gardens that you can utilize fresh fruits and veggies from. This starts with finding a solid structure that will hold the weight of wet soil, plant material and the fruit it will produce. This is a good option for lightweight plants such as herbs. Because some herbs such as Lemon Thyme and Pineapple Mint do well from a hanging basket, you may see an overabundance with your harvest. You can even place strawberry or tomato plants in hanging containers to get some fresh produce throughout the summer and fall months. Be creative with your hanging gardens and look for posts that provide the right amount of stabilization for plants. When shopping for seeds at places like, mix and match herbs, veggies, and flowers to get the scents, produce and fruit that you’re seeking.

Utilize the Sides of Buildings

Do you have a lot of outbuildings? Or areas on the sides of your home under window sills where you can add planters? If so, this is an additional location where you can add a splash of color, along with some veggie plants or herbs. Just keep in mind that these areas may need more water and maintenance than others. This is because the heat reflected off of your soil and windows can affect plant growth. Dirt can also seep down onto your home’s siding, so keep soil washed off to avoid staining and mold growth. Remember that water can pool up quickly underneath, potentially affecting the foundation of your home as well as surrounding plants nearby. Soil in these planters can dry out quickly, so water and fertilize accordingly. You may also have to replace dead plants and foliage regularly as well.

Raised Beds

Another option for creating more space to house seedlings and mature plants is in raised beds. These can be customized and created tailored toward how much space you have and how much you have in your budget. You can use recycled wood or containers that can be raised up off of the ground to create a nourishing environment for your veggies, herbs, and flowers. This is more convenient because there is no tilling up soil. This is the ideal plant platform for someone who has troublesome soil or soil that is unable to be tilled to grow a thriving plant environment. You can also generate tiers for raised bed gardens. This allows you to get the maximum amount of plants in a small space. Plants like succulents and trailing herbs do well in tier raised beds. Use recycled material and wood to create a ladder effect that will have your plants thriving.

Go Container Crazy

Do you have a beautiful backyard but too many rocks and fences to create a garden on the ground? It may time to consider container gardens. While everyone knows you can use containers to highlight your patio space, you can also customize your backyard tables and furniture to also include built-in containers for a sudden splash of color. You can even add trees to these containers if you’re lacking trees or shrubs in your backyard or patio space. Be creative with what you have. You can also start a trailing tree or shrub in a container that can travel up above your deck or patio to generate flowering shade and foliage for the entire season. Mix and match veggies with flowers, shrubs, and even houseplants to create a small or large garden space in places that would otherwise be barren and colorless.

Bring scent, sound and the visual beauty of a natural garden space to your porch or backyard area. An oasis awaits with just a little ingenuity and insight from your own green thumb.

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