Are Your Online Transactions Safe?

These days you can get everything you want online. Seriously. You can order cereal and a new bed and designer shoes–often through the same online shop! Just because there are literally thousands (maybe even millions) of online shops out there that are happy to sell you anything you want, doesn’t mean that every sales-based website…

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captain obvious

Captain Obvious Runs for President!

The 2016 Presidential Race is getting kinda crazy, y’all. If my Facebook feed is any indication, things are heating up and there are many who still don’t know which way they are going to vote…I used to joke that I wanted to just vote for Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam, because I couldn’t find a…

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Five Suggestions for Selecting Tires for Your Car

Many motorists who purchase Pittsburgh tires wonder how they can choose tires for their cars. This is not surprising because there are many car tires available that can be used for different purposes. Here are five suggestions for selecting tires for your car that are easy to remember: Choose a Tread Life A tire’s tread…

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