About Jenn

I am Jenn Quillen, also known as “The Rebel Chick.” You can call me Jenn – not Jenny. I hate being called Jenny.

jennifer quillen the rebel chick

People are always asking me why my blog is called The Rebel Chick. I call myself the Rebel Chick because as long as I can remember, I’ve been told that I am rebellious. I march to the beat of my own drummer…it’s usually a crappy imitation of Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee.

All you really need to know about me:

I love to travel. I love to eat. I love animals. I also love punk rock, Impressionism and Stephen King. I hate cooking but love baking.

Okay, fine, there are some other things….

I’m a wife of thirteen years, and while I only knew my husband, Chris for 7 months before we were married, somehow that crazy opposites attract rule holds true for us!

A former Marine, Chris still works for the military, has a love of fast cars and even faster motorcycles, and is a total techie. He has worked in the IT industry since leaving the Marines in 2003, and his love of technology has rubbed off on me! While I never acquired the taste for video games, I love checking out new tech products!


We only have one child, and she’s growing up quicker than I ever imagined was possible! Angeline is 17 and in a veterinary program at our local high school. She wants to be a Zoologist when she grows up and hopes to attend the University of Florida.

She’s my pride and joy – and my biggest source of aggravation, as teenage girls usually are!

Angeline in Curacao with snorkelers

Angeline travels with me often, and isn’t afraid to travel by herself as well! She took her first flight without me at age 2 to visit her dad in Basic Training, and has been flying unaccompanied minor since she was eight!

My blog is much like my home: full of good food, fluffy pets and overuse of the words “dude” and “awesome.” Chris and I both grew up in home with plenty of pets (I even lived on a farm at one point!) and we love animals. Right now we’re at three dogs and four cats. We spend a small fortune in lint rollers each year.


I left the Corporate world to be more present for Angeline and kind of fell into blogging by accident. I think it was the best thing that ever happened to me professionally! I love sharing new products with my readers, interacting with my social media friends through Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, and I love helping increase awareness about brands that I love!

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