A Woman’s Ever Evolving Sense of Style

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Trends come and trends go and women flow with it while incorporating their own personality into every aspect of style. Many women have openly discussed how they have grown in their sense of fashion throughout the major milestones they experience. More designers and stylists should pay attention to it, rather than tell us how we “should” dress!

Hair Withstands the Test of Time

As teens and well into our twenties, we are paying close attention to the styles of the celebrities and the products they use, like LumiBloom products. When we go to the hairdresser, we are often showing a pic of a hairstyle we saw on the red carpet or on a tv show and determine that it’s what we want. We are heavily influenced by what we see in the media.

In our 30s, we probably have children and our obligations with work and family take precedent in our lives. Even for women who choose to live child-free, they still find themselves very busy. This is when we start to go for the easier styles. Those wash and go types that make our mornings quicker and easier.

By 40s, we start not caring much about what others think and we allow our true desires to come through. Some opt for wacky hair colors and alternative styles to show off their eccentric side. Others opt for the short do that requires no work at all. Often this attitude grows well into the 50s and beyond, gaining steam as we care less and less what anyone has to say about our hair.

Makeup Shows Our Artistic Side

Makeup gets a bad rap as being something women hide behind. While it could be true for teens, who are already struggling with figuring themselves out, we don’t find this to be true at all. For women in their 20s, this is the era to be as funky and as stylish as possible. We follow all the trends and learn all the tricks. These women are more likely to watch makeup tutorials and create their own makeup vlogs.

In our 30s, we are still working with a busy schedule that could keep us from learning edgy tricks. We may stick with our tried and true looks while learning professional looks to keep within office dress codes. This is the age of taking care of everyone else so makeup may not be nearly as important to us.

By 40s, our children are older and we are embracing a new sense of self. This is when women will often ditch the makeup or come back to it with refreshed excitement. While stylists may urge women to wear “age appropriate” makeup in this decade, women are more likely to buck the system and try out the latest trends and create their own edgy looks. In the 40s and beyond, we do start looking for makeup tricks that give us the look we want but not necessarily the tricks that a 20-something will use. Our faces have changed and we need various products so that we don’t make ourselves look older than what we are.

Shoes are Our Foundation

In our 20s, we wear all the latest styles and crazy heels. We are young and our bodies can take the stress of wearing spike heels for 8 hours.

By our 30s, we might have changed to pumps for the office and sensible sneakers for the gym. We still want fashionable looking shoes although we are being more careful with our shoe choices.

In our 40s, women divide into two camps. Either we are feeling more knee/ankle pain, making heels an unlikely choice as we now worry about the effects of wearing insensible shoes. Or we are still enjoying the idea of wearing spike heels and gleefully shop for fantastic and shoes to make a statement with.

As we age, our attitudes change about what we should wear and what we want to wear. The most important thing is that you wear what you want!

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