A Walk Through Pixar Studios & a NEW #Cars3 Movie Trailer #Cars3Event

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Some people dream of visiting San Francisco, California, and seeing the Golden Gate Bridge. Me? I’ve seen the Golden Gate Bridge…on several occasions. I aimed a little higher, a little more elusive, a little more exclusive. I wanted to go to Pixar Studios. When I was invited on the #Cars3Event press trip, which included a trip to Pixar Studios, I WAS ESTATIC.


PIXAR, guys!!! P I X A R! Where many of my favorite animated movies have been made: Toy Story (one of my favorite movies of all time), Cars, Finding Nemo – just to name a few.


Cars was an awesome movie, full of hope and determination; like most Disney Pixar movies. Cars 2 followed suit, and what I was able to see when we screened Cars 3 leads me to believe that the trend isn’t changing. Check out this personal blog post I wrote after interviewing one of the people behind Cars 3 because I was so inspired!

Jenn Quillen at Disney Pixar

During the tour, we learned that Pixar named all of their buildings after NYC boroughs, except for one named after New Jersey, which I thought was pretty funny, considering that the studio is located in San Francisco. Sorry, San Francisco! ha ha!

The grounds were so beautiful, with gardens, walkways, even a swimming pool for Pixar employees to use during breaks and whatnot. I thought that was an incredible touch!


The Pixar Studio offices are bright and cheery, with open spaces, and of course, little Pixar gems spread throughout the entire building spaces.


The Pixar Studio offices are designed in such a way that employees are basically forced to leave their offices and enter a common area for thing like snacks, restrooms, etc. I LOVE the fact that Pixar fosters a social, engaging atmosphere. It’s so refreshing to know that a company wants their employees to mingle, talk to each other and be inspired by each other every. single. day.


Honestly, my favorite part of the tour was getting to go to the Pixar Store to check out what hidden treasures they had available…and to find that they had special, limited edition Toy Story Moleskin journals. I carry Moleskin journals in my purse at all times and was thrilled beyond belief to find them…

I bought 2 of each size.


I had an amazing time touring the Pixar Studios and want to say a special thank you to Disney Pixar for such a treat – it really was a dream come true for me! I left more inspired than ever…


Disney Pixar Cars 3 opens in theaters nationwide on June 16, don’t miss it!

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, check it out!

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CARS 3 opens in theatres everywhere on June 16th!

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