3 Ideas for Summer Day Trips On a Budget

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Being the travel happy gal that I am, I often run into the problem of not having enough cash flow to do all of the things that I want to do…

While my daughter is out of school during the summer, I make her my main priority. After all, we only have 18 summers with our children before they go off to college and leave us at home, alone and bored…

But we’ll cross that bridge once we come to it!

My daughter will be home from visiting her grandparents on Saturday and she is already texting me with ideas of the kinds of things she’d like to do for the rest of the summer. We will have about a month left before school begins and we both want to make the most of it! She’s entering high school this year, and as we all know, summer vacation for high schoolers are much different than they are for younger children.

Between summer classes to improve GPAs, special extra curricular activities, FCAT workshops and summer jobs, I know that this last summer is probably the last time I will have my daughter’s undivided attention.

We’ve already taken a few trips together – Kissimmee, FL , Cherokee, North Carolina and Melbourne, FL – so what’s left over in our vacation fund is quite small. Next summer, I’m definitely going to shop around for better travel deals so that I don’t spend too much so early in the summer!

Now it’s time to get creative!

I have come up with 3 ideas for fun, inexpensive day trips – all 3 can be done for under $100, depending on your geographical location and the availability in your areas.

3 Ideas for Summer Day Trips Under $100

1. Spend a Day at a New Beach or Park 

Grab your cooler, visit the supermarket and stock up on fresh fruit, other snacks and bottled water, and head to the beach. Bring along a good book, beach toys and a big blanket. If you don’t own a beach umbrella, buy one or rent one on the beach. Between the snacks and gas/tolls, a day at the beach costs us about $20.

Now, I realize that I am pretty spoiled in Miami, in that I can drive to a beach in less than 30 minutes. If there isn’t a beach near you, check out your local park – some have lakes, man-made beaches, etc. Find an easily accessible body of water and go have fun!

2. Visit your local Zoo or Nature Preserve 

I don’t know about you, but Zoo Miami is so humongous that we can literally spend an entire day there! Pack some bottled waters and snacks from home and head out for a fun-filled day of exploring your local zoo. A nature preserve or animal preserve can offer the same inexpensive entertainment – just remember to take your own snacks and drinks, because they can be pretty pricey!

3. Visit a Museum 

There are museums all around the country, and many of them are free! Some museums offer free admission on certain days, so check your local museum websites to find out when you can go at no charge. Check neighboring cities – if the admission is free, it might be worth the gas money to drive over and visit for the day!

No matter what you do this summer, have fun!

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  1. says

    We’ve been doing one day trips once a week all summer and it has been a blast. My older two are both in highschool this year and you are right my daughter has had college 4 days a wk all summer. It makes it hard to plan around when they are so busy. Enjoy these last days.

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