You Should Never Talk to Strangers in Miami

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So, something weird happened to me today.

Something that happens a lot.

A strange dude tried to hug me.

While I was in my car.

Rewind: in December, I was having a really crappy day after my husband found out he had to take an emergency trip out of town right after my daughter went to visit her grandparents. It was also the one year anniversary of my cousin’s suicide.

It was a crap day. 

As I was coming home from buying ice cream to cheer myself up, I was stopped at a red light and a homeless man was playing his guitar on the median. I don’t normally give money to pandhandlers, but he looked pretty clean and it was just a few days prior to Christmas…

And he wasn’t actually asking for money – he didn’t even have a cup out.

So I rolled down the window and waved him over to give him a few bucks. As he started to take the money from me, he said that I looked like I needed a hug and proceeded to try to hug and kiss me.

I was baffled and amused, and honestly, a little touched (in a non-physical way, LOL!) that he noticed I was upset.

But still, who wants a homeless man to hug and kiss them on the highway?

Anyway, fast forward to this afternoon.

I was on the way to pick up my daughter from school and I was stopped at a red light and called a street vendor over to buy a bottled water from him.

He apologized for it not being very cold, as he had just loaded his cooler.

I told him, “It’s fine, I just need something wet, my mouth is dry.”

Why I felt the need to start a conversation, I don’t know. I simply talk too much!

He laughed and replied, “That sounds like something you need to talk to your husband about.” (we buy water from him all the time so he recognized me and knew who my husband was)

I started cracking up and then he proceeded to tell me that if anyone ever tries to touch me, to call the police.

I told him I’d kick their ass first, then call the police.

Then he told me that I had the prettiest forehead he’s ever seen.

What the?!

I should probably stop talking to strangers.



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  1. says

    That is so odd. But I’m not surprised. Creepy dudes say stuff to me all the time. It’s so weird!!! (And you do have a pretty forehead!) 😉

  2. says

    Holy heavens what a whack! I think that thing he said about “maybe you should talk to your husband about” was wayyyy weird for him to say and uncalled for! I have this happen to me too, the weird people that is. One time I was in the Safeway parking lot with my then 2 year old girl. I was unloading my groceries and a guy walked up to me and asked me if I wanted to share an orange rockstar with him…..
    I looked at him and said “umm.. no thanks” and quickly got into my car with my baby and left. LOL.

    Oh and you do have a beautiful forehead 😉

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