Wilson’s La Davine Capri Pants – My Favorite Work-Out Gear!

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A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to receive a pair of La Davine Capri Pants from Wilson to review. Now, while I do not play tennis, I still really enjoyed wearing these capri pants – they are definitely not just for tennis! I found that I could wear them with a fitted tank top while I was out running errands in place of jeans to stay cooler because they are extremely lightweight. It’s been in the 90’s during the day in Miami the past few weeks and with weather like that, jeans are just out of the question. These capri pants are so thin that one night, I even slept in them as pajamas!

Also, one thing that I really, really loved about the La Davine Capri Pants is that they are really quite slimming. I was a little skeptical that I would be able to wear them without my butt looking enormous – girls with curves don’t usually wear legging-style pants, you know! But somehow they managed to make my legs and backside look smaller and sleeker! I am not sure whether it’s the material they use or the piping along the side of the legs, but I felt completely confident wearing them with a regular tank top while I was out at the grocery store and post office!

Here’s a little info about the La Davine Capri Pants from the Wilson website:

“The Wilson La Davine Capri Pant is a compression fit Capri that is lightweight, breathable, and flattering. The premium technical fabric and design allow for maximum moisture wicking and comfort. The Capri has versatile functionality whether training in the gym, playing on the tennis court, or just out and about running errands.”

I did not realize that Wilson made such versatile clothing until I wore these capri pants a few times. While I was out running around in the sweltering heat, I felt cool and dry. While I wore them working out on my elliptical, I was comfortable and didn’t have to worry about my gym shorts riding up! I even wore them around the house while my friend came over as lounge pants and felt comfortable and put together. It’s not often that you can wear work-out gear (or in this case, tennis gear) in different settings and not feel embarrassed. That is not an issue with these capris!

I was a little nervous that they would shrink in the wash, but they came out of the dryer as good as new! I have worn and washed them a few times over the last month and they come out of the dryer each time in great shape!

I think I have found my new favorite workout gear in these Wilson La Davine Capri Pants. My daughter even wants a pair for when we go to the gym together this summer!


* I received a pair of Wilson La Davine Capri Pants to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. says

    I love wearing capris for certain sports or workouts! I get so paranoid about shorts riding up and making creating a scene and capris are safe!

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