Where Does My Drinking Water Come From?

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One of the largest concerns for new parents is understanding what they are putting into their child’s body.

This is interesting because there are many people out there that live unhealthy lifestyles but when a child enters their life their habits change in several drastic ways.

Every person needs water to survive. However, public drinking water has a long list of contaminants that can be harmful to humans, especially young children who have not built up immunities to these dangerous toxins.

For this reason, more families are installing more Aquafil water filters in their homes than ever before. These filters eliminate nearly 100% of all contaminants in public drinking water and will keep your family safe.

To understand why so many people are choosing to install water filters you must know where you get your drinking water and the dangerous contaminants that can enter the water source.

Roughly 97.2% of the earth’s water is found in oceans, and another 2% is trapped in glaciers and ice caps. That leaves 0.8% of the world’s water supply that is potable for human consumption.

Everyone in developed countries gets their drinking water from groundwater, or surface water.

Groundwater is the water that seeps into the ground that can be retrieved by digging a well or spring. This is often the cleanest form of water unless you live in an agrarian community that uses pesticides on the crops.

These pesticides also seep into the ground and will contaminate the groundwater.

Surface water is just as it sounds, it’s the water that rests on the surface of the ground such as lakes, streams, and rivers. Surface water was safe to drink hundreds of years ago, but centuries of pollution has made some of these water sources unsafe for human consumption.

There is an extensive list of harmful contaminants that find their way into public drinking water, including trace amounts of illegal drugs like cocaine.

Some of the common contaminants are pesticides, minerals, metals, bacteria, parasites, and even dead animals.

Nobody wants to expose their children to these dangers as well as countless others.

One of the biggest stories in the news over the last two years is how lead has gotten into the public drinking water in the U.S. city of Flint, Michigan.

The city’s public water pipes contain lead, and after many years this lead is eroding from the pipes and entering the drinking water causing severe health defects in the city’s residents.
It’s important to protect your family from these harmful contaminants and take preventative measures.

The easiest way to protect your family is to install a water filter in your home. There are several options including easy to install faucet filters, countertop filters that attached next to your sink, and entire home filters that are attached to the main water line for your home.

The main water line filters will protect all the water that comes into your home, and give your family the best protection from harmful contaminants.

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