What Makes You Think I’d Promote Infidelity?

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Earlier this week, I received a pitch from a PR company that I have not worked with before. I am always a little excited when someone new approaches me, as I am still in the beginning stages of building my blog and establishing relationships with PR companies and brands.

However, once I began reading their pitch, a knot began to form in the pit of my stomach…

I won’t share the entire email because the company that sent it to me isn’t the point – it’s what they wanted me to promote.


An extramarital dating site?

What the what?!

Honestly, my first thought was that it was a joke. But then I began to read the press release.

Here’s an excerpt from the PR rep’s email to me:

Although Gle eden is not the first extramarital site on the dating scene, it is the first dating site that is completely developed by women to cater to women’s needs. Other websites focus on the needs and wants for men to have physical affairs without being discovered. Gle eden goes beyond that crude concept and promotes honesty and freedom within a couple. In an age where divorces are multiplying, extramarital affairs can intervene as therapy for a couple. Glee den is a facilitator of confidence where people can disregard the infidelity taboo with guaranteed discretion. The organization’s ability to strengthen and revive relationships is highly commended by its 1 million plus members.

So…what about my blog makes this PR rep think that I would promote a website dedicated to helping married women have affairs?

What exactly is it about my stories of being involved in a very happy, loving marriage for over 10 years makes them think that I would be a good fit for a company that promotes violating the vows of marriage?

Talk about PR fail!

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  1. says

    OOOO! I have heard of these sites but i’ve never seen one for women. THEREFORE IT MUST BE GOOD. Girl power and all that. But seriously though, wtf? Definite PR Fail. I believe in discretion, if you and your partner like dressing up like a donkey and gorilla while spanking a wheel of cheese, that’s your call. I’m not sure a website will normalise any of that.

    • says

      I am all for girl power, but the PR rep definitely did not read anything on my blog before sending me this! LOL Now I can’t stop thinking about Tarzan role-playing!

  2. says

    They are probably trying to be like Ashley Madison website which I had only heard about like a year ago if that. I am not married, but it’s sort of sad that our society is making “cheating” look HOT … because it totally is not HOT at all.

  3. Robin Quick says

    My life was destroyed by a married woman that thought fooling around with a married man was a game. These pieces of trash make me sick & I hope their site is a HUGE FAILURE! Its just sickening that women do these things, just sickening!

  4. says


    I heard about a site like this the other day. I can’t believe people are actually making money by blatantly distroying people’s marriages… now, even though anyone who would go to one of those site don’t really need much help in destroying their marriage.. but still

    • says

      I know, it’s nuts! I can see promoting a dating website – that would make sense, I mean, I was single once too…but this is just so NOT me!

  5. says

    Seriously? What is the world coming to? Promoting infidelity like it’s just something you do to keep from being bored. Try to spice up your love life by INCLUDING YOUR HUSBAND, duh. I can’t believe they would try to get you help promote this.
    A company contacted me like a week ago, trying to get me to write a paid blog post on a dating site. I turned it down and was like I’M A MOM BLOGGER. I have my kids and my husband right on the page…

    • says

      Just one more example of reps not actually looking at our sites before pitching us! It’s sad, because most PR that contacts me actually contacts me because of something they saw on my site. This one was just being lazy!

  6. tamie says

    This reminds me of Meryl Streeps therapist in “It’s Complicated”. He had total disregard for her exhusbands marriage and encouraged her to throw her self respect to the wind, all of with that same self gratification attitude.

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