Want Awesome Diet Food? Read My Deliver Lean Review #LeanSummer

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One of my favorite parts of blogging is being able to try out brand new products and services and sharing those experiences with my readers. When I was asked if I wanted to receive a week’s worth of meals for a Deliver Lean review, of course I said yes!

My week of Deliver Lean meals is now over and I miss them already!

Deliver Lean diet delivery service miami

What I like most about the Deliver Lean review meals is that while it’s technically “diet food” (in the sense that their goal is to help you lose weight and stay healthy while eating their meals), it sure doesn’t taste like your typical diet food.

When I think low fat, I automatically think low flavor. Every time I hear about Paleo, I think fatty. After receiving a sampling of Deliver Lean meals from their different menu plans, I realized that I couldn’t really tell the difference between their meals – everything was full of flavor, expertly seasoned, and had a great balance of protein and fruits or veggies!

Deliver Lean diet delivery service miami

During my Deliver Lean review period, I had roasted turkey breast, fish, salads heaped with grilled chicken, fruity pancakes, simple sandwiches, even a pulled pork dinner (that Angeline ate while I wasn’t home!).

I’ll be honest, the only thing I didn’t like were the oats for breakfast (I’m a big sugar and cream in my oatmeal girl, so I don’t it when I am dieting – and this oatmeal was lacking in sugar…) and the salads with kale in them…for some reason, I just can not find it within myself to enjoy kale!

Deliver Lean diet delivery service really offers a fantastic menu, full of healthy, diet-friendly foods that taste fantastic! Even though you won’t have the usual old unhealthy food you might be used to eating, you won’t really miss it because the Deliver Lean review meals are tasty and satisfying.

One of the most difficult things about dieting is finding healthy recipes that taste good so that you don’t mind eating them, and then doing all of the shopping for healthy foods. There’s weighing food and figuring out the portion sizes – all of that is done for you with Deliver Lean!

I love that there’s absolutely no hassle in dieting with these meals!

deliver lean diet delivery service #leansummer

How Deliver Lean Diet Delivery Service Works

Select a Meal Plan – Choose the meal plan that works for you, whether it be traditional, Paleo, organic, gluten-free, HCG or Rx Meals.

Deliver Lean Prepares Fresh Meals For You – All meals are cooked with fresh premium ingredients and designed to be caloric and portion controlled.

deliver lean diet delivery service

Receive Your Meals – Your meals are delivered three times a week directly to your home or business in a cooler with freeze packs to keep them fresh until you can put them in your fridge. My meals were delivered to me early morning, so when I went to take Angeline to school at 6:45 am on my deliver days, they were waiting for me on my front porch – there’s no waiting for them to be delivered to eat breakfast! And because they’re packaged individually, you can even just pop them into your bag to take with you to work each day!

Let Deliver Lean Do the Work for You! – No counting calories, no mess to clean up. Simply eat the predetermined portions every 3 hours.

That’s right – there is no counting calories, no cooking, no clean up (except for the dish you serve your food on, of course) – all you have to do is eat the meals provided by Deliver Lean. While these are perfect for dieting, they are also fantastic just for eating healthy to maintain your weight without any hassle, or for keeping convenient meals on hand so that you don’t have to cook!

How to Order Deliver Lean

You can get two free days of Deliver Lean meals with the purchase of a 1 month plan ($7.95 per meal. 3 meal minimum per day) by redeeming this code here.

deliver lean diet delivery service

I received a complimentary week of Deliver Lean meals along with compensation for participating in the Deliver Lean review program. All opinions are my own!

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    Ok, that last kabob meal looked delicious! I love that they’ll deliver you healthy, balanced meals so you don’t have to worry about creating them yourself and making sure you have enough nutrients and calories for the day. Awesome service!

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