Walmart Layaway Makes it Easier to Spoil the Kids with Disney Princess Toys!

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The downside to being the oldest of four kids in the family is that I have to wait longer than anyone else to have nieces and nephews!

I have two nieces and one nephew so far and suffice it so say, they are adequately spoiled come the holidays!

My sister is now separated and raising the kids on her own, while going to school and working. I am so proud of her for working so hard to create a great life for her family! I really wanted to help do something special for the kids this Christmas to help her out, so I took a trip to Walmart to check out their wide selection of Disney Princess toys because I know that I can spend a little more when using the Walmart layaway program! You can read about my Walmart shopping trip in this Google+ story.

Before I went to Walmart, I downloaded the Disney Princess Royal Ball Augmented Reality app on my iPhone. It’s a super fun app that allows your kids (or you, I won’t judge) to get ready for the royal ball by unlocking different options in the app through trigger points throughout Walmart stores.

As I walked around Walmart looking for Disney Princess toys for my nieces, I was surprised by how much Disney stuff Walmart actually has. I mean, I’ve always known that Walmart has Disney items but once I was specifically looking for them, I realized that they really had A LOT to offer!

I was looking for the special Cinderella displays that held the Disney Princess Royal Ball Augmented Reality app triggers, but my Walmart had their displays set up a little differently.

I did find a few of the triggers though, because there was just so much Disney Princess merchandise!

It’s really easy to use the app too, even the kids can do it! You just open the app and hover your smart phone camera lens over the trigger point and it will automatically register!

Each time you unlock an outfit, it gives you a new option in the app!

After the Disney Princess Royal Ball app registered the Disney Princess logo trigger point, it showed that these pretty outfits were unlocked!

I have to say that my favorite part of the Disney Princess Royal Ball Augmented Reality app was finding the Cinderella Diamond Edition Blu-ray and scanning it to see the carriage in 3D!

You can even take your photo so that you see yourself inside the carriage, it is really cute!

This reminded me that I needed to buy my own copy of the Cinderella Diamond Edition Blu-ray before they are no longer being sold!

I did quite a bit of shopping at Walmart because they just had so much Disney Princess merchandise! I had a budget of $150 for the girls and had a hard time trying to decide what to get them, big toys with a high dollar value, or a bunch of smaller, less expensive items…

They had so many Disney Princess baby dolls and Disney Barbie-type dolls, but I know that my nieces already have a ton of dolls – and my sister would kill me if I contributed to the doll overload in the house! ha ha!

And then I came across this really cool Disney Princess MagiClip Fairytale Castle, which I knew 10 year old niece, Katarina, would just love! It comes with the dolls too, so it’s the perfect gift!

I also found this adorable little Fisher Price Little People Disney Princess Palace that is just perfect for Roxanna, who just turned three this week!

I know that she is going to be so thrilled to have her own Disney Princess Palace, and it had just had a Walmart Rollback Special so it was marked down to $39.88!

I love the already-low prices of Walmart, but it makes me especially happy to buy toys there when they’ve been marked down!

Now, of course there were many, many more options to choose from, like all of these super cute Disney Princess toys, books and dress up clothes!

There really is something for every budget, I found items starting at just $5.00!

I ended up with three things in my cart for Christmas for the girls: the Disney Princess MagiClip Fairytale Castle, the Disney Little People Princess Songs Palace and the Disney Princess 6v Quad.

I already had some Disney movies on Blu-ray for Katarina, so she is only getting one toy, while Roxanna is getting the Little People Princess Songs Palace and Disney Princess Quad.

I also found a really cute little Disney Princess MagiClip Carriage set to give Roxanna for her birthday party this weekend right before I headed to the Services desk – that’s where you sign up for Walmart layaway.

You can find out more about which Disney Princess items are available for Walmart layaway on the Walmart website. I love the Walmart layaway service because it’s a great way to not only budget yourself for the holidays, but it enables you to be able to afford to buy things that you wouldn’t normally be able to just go out and buy! With a little planning ahead, it is so much easier to buy big ticket items like these Disney Castles! $50 all at once is overwhelming for a single gift, but when you pay $10 at a time over the course of a month or so, it becomes so much more manageable!

The Walmart layaway service was extremely simple to use! You just bring your items to the service counter and tell them that you want to put your items on layaway. The Christmas layaway plan opened on September 16 and ends on December 14th, and it includes toys, electronics, small appliances, jewelry and some sporting goods.

You can literally do ALL of your holiday shopping NOW and put it all on layaway and then pay as you can afford to, so long as you make your last payment and pick up your merchandise by December 14th.

My total was $158.00 and my required deposit was $20 – that really isn’t bad, if you think about it! I could pay about $30 a week on my layaway plan and have it paid off by the time the program ends on December 14th. I had a bit of cash on me, so I put down $40. All of the terms and items you purchased are printed right on your receipt, so there’s no worry about then losing track of your items.

After you complete your personal information and pay your deposit, they print out your special receipt number and tape it to the top of your item and then store it in their layaway pile until you come pick it up!

How does the Walmart layaway plan work?

  • $15 minimum per item, $50 minimum total purchase
  • $10 or 10% down, whichever is greater
  • $5 fee to open, which is refunded in the form of a Walmart gift card when you pick up your items
  • If you cancel your layaway plan, you forfeit your $5 open fee but you get your deposit back.
  • You can make payments any time you wish at any Walmart register

I will be going back to Walmart to pick up my toys after Chris’s next payday and will update you all about the pick up process then!

Until then, you can check our more about all of the awesome Disney Princess toys available at Walmart on the PlayNExplore social channel and by following Disney on Twitter!


I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and Disney Consumer Products, Inc  #CBias #SocialFabric All opinions are my own. 

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  1. says

    I really appreciate the idea of layaway for a variety of reasons, mostly because it prevents credit card spending all together. I must admit that I am so happy my daughter has grown out of the princess obsession!

  2. says

    What an impressive selection of Disney princess items! My daughter would love all of these. I’m glad to hear Walmart brought their layaway system back. I know a lot of people find it helpful.

  3. says

    Aubrey loves Disney Princess Toys, there will definitely be some of those under the tree this year. I love that Walmart has brought back their Layaway plan.

  4. says

    I have never used layaway but I can see how it would be helpful. Especially if there are great sales but you don’t have the money THAT week – you could like reserve your items! :)


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