Walmart Baby Steps: A Video Resource Library For New Parents

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There’s an old saying that you’ve probably all heard, “children don’t come with an instruction manual.” I know that when I had my daughter 14 years ago, my life would have been a lot easier if they did!

I was lucky in that my mother was very helpful while I struggled with learning how to care for my infant daughter – that was back in the days before the Internet was mainstream, and all we had to rely on were books – which weren’t helpful at all – and the advice of our moms, aunts and grandmothers! Of all of the advice I received from the women in my family, I think that my mother’s was the most helpful – after having raised 4 children, she certainly knew a thing or two about changing a baby’s diaper and getting them to drink their bottles!

The most helpful advice my mother gave me was when I made the decision to breast feed and bottle feed at the same time; she suggested that I choose a formula that was most like breast milk and to choose bottles and nipples that most closely resembled a mother’s nipple. It made the transition between nursing and bottle feeding so much easier than it would have been if I had just bought any old bottle!

Technology has advanced by leaps and bounds since I was pregnant…honestly, I am a little jealous at all of the fantastic resources that are now available to pregnant women and new moms!

Take Walmart’s new Baby Steps video resource that is now available online! Presented by Huggies and Enfamil, Baby Steps is a nifty part of the Walmart website that provides new parents with helpful video how-tos relating to everything from feeding babies to changing their diapers!

You simply choose changing or feeding, and the age and weight of your baby, and Baby Steps delivers relevant videos to assist you in the area you’ve selected.

For instance, if you select Changing, the corresponding videos cover topics like:

  • Baby Potty Basics
  • When to Call the Doc
  • Changing a Diaper
  • Diaper Challenges
  • Diaper Essentials
  • Potty Training

If you have questions about feeding your baby, there are videos for that as well! I found videos relating to how to help relieve gas in babies to how to help a baby that has colic! I remember times when my daughter had gas and just being so frustrated that I didn’t know how to relieve her pain, a resource like Baby Steps would have been a big help to me!

The Feeding category covers topics like:

  • Good Nutrition
  • Formula Feeding
  • Bottle Basics
  • Solid Food

Walmart’s Baby Steps is a useful tool that will not only help moms and dads with their newborns, but for anyone who finds themselves caring for a baby, like grandparents, aunts uncles and babysitters! You can also follow the links on the Baby Steps page to purchase supplies like diapers and formula!


*While this was a sponsored post on behalf of Baby Steps, all opinions are my own. 

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