Walgreen’s New Online Circular – Get a Head Start on Savings!

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For the past two weeks, I have been buying my Sunday paper stocking my coupon file. I’ve started going through the weekly sales fliers again and have already saved a few dollars here and there on grocery store trips! The funny thing is, I often find better deals on some things at our local Walgreens than I do at our grocery store, so I have been making sure that I look at their sales fliers each week too.

And it appears that I am not the only one; a recent Nielsen study showed more than 70 percent of shoppers would prefer digital delivery of sales fliers and other advertisements. Walgreens.com has seen online views of the circular increase by more than 50 percent – so I am clearly not the only person who pulls up the circular online before she goes shopping each week!

Due to this information, Walgreens has made some changes to their online circulars, and I got a special sneak peak of tomorrow’s new circular today! I was pretty excited because I read that part of the changes were that there would be additional in-store offers, online exclusive pages and other “bonus buys.”

I need to go grocery shopping tomorrow and my in-laws are coming into town next weekend for an entire week, so I have a ton of things to buy. I took a quick look through the new Walgreens circular this afternoon to start planning my shopping trips – Walgreens is always first on my list because they are literally right down the street, at less than a mile away.

One of the first things I noticed is that on top of showing sale prices, Walgreens.com circulars show any in-store coupons that are available, and show the final price you’ll pay on that item when you purchase it in store. They also show any register rewards that a particular item may qualify for!

The new circular design has the Walgreens in-store coupons grouped together by category on easy-to-find pages as well as sale items featured more prominently throughout the circular. This is one of the reason why I prefer viewing the circular online – there’s an awesome search feature, so if you need any specific item, you can just type it into the search bar and it will bring up the page that it is shown on. It’s so easy to find everything you’re looking for!

No more flipping through every item to see if they have exactly what you’re looking for! Well, unless you’re like me and just want to browse to see if there’s anything you might want to stock up on if there’s a great deal (like the Maybelline make up – we can never have enough make up in the house!).


Walgreens has also added QR codes that enables smart phone users to quickly view more deals directly from their phone. Customers can also visit category-specific Walgreens websites highlighted in the ad or find additional bonus buys inside their local Walgreens stores.

I already knew a few things that I needed to pick up might be available at Walgreens, like juice – and I found that Simply Lemonade was on sale for $1.99! It’s usually $2.99 at my local grocery store, so I added it to my Walgreens list. This is one of those bonus buys – a special sale that you can only see on the online circular!


Another great bonus buy is these great little snack selections for only 99 cents each! With my in-laws coming to town, we will definitely need a lot of snack options next week, and I didn’t even think about that until I saw this ad. I am usually the only one home during the week and I do not really eat snacks. But we will have myself, my in-laws and my husband home (he took his vacation while they are scheduled to be here) and I want to make sure that I have plenty of small snack items in the cabinet for whomever has a craving!

This is one of the reasons why I always browse through the circular, even if I’ve already found the items that I had on my list. Things like this jump out at me and then I realize I need them too! I guess that’s what you call “effective advertising!”

I love that there are so many different things always on sale at Walgreens – I saw everything from make up, to toilet paper, to lemonade to dish detergent and sugar on sale for next week in the circular! What I normally do is take my shopping trip to Walgreens after going through their circular online, then go home and unload, then head out to my two local grocery stores for my other items. I am very lucky in that I have two major grocery store chains and a Walgreens within a 2 square mile radius!

So my list is ready, thanks to help from the sneak peak of Walgreens circular that goes into effect tomorrow! Angeline is sleeping over her cousin’s house tonight, so I can get a bright and early start on my shopping!

My list for Walgreens:

  • Simply Lemonade
  • Charmin Basic toilet paper (and I have a manufacture’s coupon!)
  • 2 Maybelline eye liners (I have a coupon for this too, PLUS it’s on sale buy one get one 50% off!)
  • Toasty Crackers
  • Royal Dansk cookies
  • Jello instant pudding
  • Slim-Fast snack bars 6 pack

While I was putting together my shopping list for tomorrow’s trip to Walgreens, I realized that when you click on an item in the online circular, you have the option to share it via email or through social networking sites! You can even text it to a friend!


One of my favorite things about the new Walgreens online circular is that those who sign up to receive the weekly ad via email will receive it as a sneak peek, delivered on Fridays. That’s right, you can plan your weekend shopping trip as early as Friday and actually get to the store first thing Sunday morning to snag those really great deals! Signup is available online at Walgreens.com/sneakpeak or in stores. When you register, you even receive a $5 coupon!


This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. All opinions are my own! #CBias

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