Vacationing in Miami? Win a $100 Amex & iPod Touch #Giveaway #MiamiG2G

I told you yesterday about Alamo Games 2 Go, the brand new vacation-themed contest being held on Instagram and Twitter. Alamo is giving away some really awesome prizes each week, so make sure that you share your super fun Alamo Games 2 Go photos with the hashtag #AlamoGames2Go!

Well today I have a bit of a bonus for you…

I’m running my very own Alamo Games 2 Go MIAMI contest for an exclusive Miami Vacation prize pack!!

#AlamoGames2Go #MiamiG2G #miami

How to Play #AlamoGames2Go

Play Alamoding by joining the latest photo posing sensation – strike your best driving pose and capture it in a photo!!

Alamo Games 2 Go #AlamoGames2Go

Play PixPursuit by going on a photo scavenger hunt – find the list of items to find on the Games 2 Go Facebook tab.

Alamo Games 2 Go #AlamoGames2Go

Play SnapFamily by taking family portraits in all of your favorite locations – don’t forget to smile! J Find all of the locations on the Facebook tab.

Alamo Games 2 Go #AlamoGames2Go

Play Alamovie by capturing short-videos of you and your family in the essence of summer fun. Alamo recommends using Vine for this!

Play these fun games around Miami and share your photos using #AlamoGames2Go and #MiamiG2G!

Alamo’s GAMES 2 GO Vacation Survival Kit ($320 value)

  • Apple iPod Touch
  • $50 AMEX Gift Card
  • $25 iTunes Gift Card
  • 4 Alamo Drive Happy T-Shirts
  • 4 Alamo Sunglasses
  • Alamo 24oz Twist Water Bottle
  • Alamo Carabineer with Sanitizer
  • Alamo LED Key Light
  • Alamo Golf Towel
  • Alamo Pen
  • Alamo Enviro Tote Bag
  • Crayola Dry Erase Markers 6-pack (so the kids can draw on the windows!)