Unemployment Blahs

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I just applied for a work-from-home business opportunity that I have heard very good things about. There are four steps to the application process: personality testing, customer service call simulation, mathematical problems testing, and then…a telephone message. You have to call their number, leave a message introducing yourself and outlining your work history (basically, read off your resume) in under three minutes.

Now, I did this back in January when I was thinking about leaving Paychex. The first time I did it, I suppose I was too slow on the call simulation because I wasn’t invited to do the phone portion. I applied again the next day, a little quicker, and proceeded to the message…and was told I was disqualified. I assumed at the time that I was disqualified because I had just failed it the day prior and they put two and two together. So no biggie. I could re-apply in 90 days.

I’ve been a house wife/stay at home mom/kept woman for about two moths now. * Its totally awesome, by the way! *Don’t get me wrong, our finances are nicely under control. We have a strict budget, but I have accounted for spending money for myself, my husband, as well as an amount for the family in general. There is even a tiny little cushion in case of emergency, and if an emergency doesn’t occur, then we can put it into savings for the next month – although, to be honest, no emergencies have happened in this two month period, yet we still haven’t saved. Why? April and May had a ton of birthdays, a high school graduation, a last minute motorcycle trip, some great concert tickets that we (okay, I) had to purchase…etc.

We are not hurting…but there are some expenses coming up in the fall that will make things, well, a little tight. We purchased new windows for the entire house from Home Depot last year on a 1 year – no payments, no interest credit line. At the moment, everything is set to be able to pay that completely off before November, when the interest begins accruing – from the date of the sale (right now, we’ve managed to avoid $2000 in interest, just to give you an idea of how important it is to pay that loan off before its due). I absolutely DO NOT want to make payments on these windows. The interest rate is 24.99% ,can  you believe it? On $14,500! Yeah, you get it, right? We are talking about super high payments, around $500 a month, if not more.

My husband just completed his bachelors degree and because his school was online, we have to travel to Chicago, IL for his graduation ceremony – oh, yes, we are definitely going! So far, between the airfare and hotel prices I am seeing on the travel websites, this trip is going to cost us upwards of $800, and that is before meals and entertainment. Needless to say, we would have to dip into our savings to make that trip a memorable one, and that in turn depletes our “pay off the windows in a hurry” fund. A summer job would give me a nice little stipend for our Chicago trip so that I don’t even have to worry about my savings. Thus, my dilemma. To work, or not to work?

Now, just so you know, I was considering getting a part time job for the summer anyway, because my daughter is going to be away almost all summer. I am going to get restless. I will probably be bored out of my mind. I was thinking about trying something fun and different, like retail. Maybe 20 hours a week at Old Navy? While I was thinking about it, the opportunity from that work from home contracting company popped back into my mind. Its a independent contract, not a job, meaning…small home-based business=tax deductible home office, percentage of mortgage, electric bill, etc. Why not? I checked out the information again to refresh my memory and I could literally work as little as 10 hours a week. Hells yes. Sign me up.

So I tried. And I was subsequently rejected after doing the telephone portion. I have decided that it must be my voice, but because my work history is decent and I am very professional on the phone – I never ever ever ever say “um….”,  So, what’s wrong with my voice? I have an awesome phone voice, I’ve been told. I personally think I sound like I am about 13 years old, but apparently customers think differently, because they loved me at Paychex. So my ego took a little bit of a hit today.

I quickly recovered. You see, while I was doing that test, I was also running a load of dishes, a load of laundry, and the dog was sleeping on my feet. How would I ever be able to concentrate on work like that? So maybe the idea of Old Navy is a good one. Perhaps I should stick with my first instinct. Retail. Something low key and fun. Something that allows for a sweet little employee discount? Sign me up. I think I’ll go visit the store near me next week and see if they’re hiring.

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