Tubing on ColdWater Creek with Adventures Unlimited on #GulfCoast

I have already told you about my fun ziplining experience with Adventures Unlimited in Milton, Florida…but I also went on a tubing trip with my 31 gal pals on the ColdWater Creek while I was there!

Now, to be fair, I have tubed before. Except when I went tubing in New Brunfels, Texas, they referred to it as TOOBING. It was a lot of fun but we were not prepared for dealing with the many rapids in the Guadalupe River…let’s just say that we left with injuries. However, I did like the general idea of tubing and wanted to do it again…somewhere else.

I’ve also been tubing in Jamaica, but it was a crappy experience, with our guides pushing us along the river and forcing us to hang out in certain spots so that they could take photos of us, which they tried to sell to us once we were done. If you port in Jamaica on a cruise, I recommend that you DO NOT go tubing – it will be a waste of money and leave a sour taste in your mouth.

I was really hoping that my next tubing adventure during Brandcation would be better than the previous ones, and did a bit of research on the Adventures Unlimited website before I left for Pensacola Beach last week.

Tubing on ColdWater Creek with Adventures Unlimited

Dude, it was awesome.

The entire river was a comfortable temperature, the scenery was lovely, there were plenty of sandy beaches to stop on if we wanted to, and there were no rapids, boulders, or dangerous spots along the river. Now, of course, there were some tree stumps that you had to maneuver around, but they were pretty obvious in the clear water and you were easily able to see them coming and avoid them. If you did end up on them, they were so slippery with algae that you kind of just slid off of them.


Tubing on ColdWater Creek with Adventures Unlimited, bridges of northern florida

I actually remembered to bring my waterproof camera with me on this Brandcation, so I was one of the only ones that had a camera on the river. I thought that I took a ton of photos…but alas, when I came home and started downloading them, most of them were too blurry because there was water on my lens!

Tubing on ColdWater Creek with Adventures Unlimited, girls gone tubing

Adventures Unlimited doesn’t just offer tubing on Coldwater Creek. They also offer kayaking and canoeing, and they offer it on Blackwater creek as well. You can find out more information about your choices and their rates on their website. You can even sign up for their mailing list to hear about special deals!

Tubing on ColdWater Creek with Adventures Unlimited, tubing on the gulf coast of florida

This tubing trip with Adventures Unlimited was by far my favorite tubing experience to date. I wish I could bring the girls I went tubing with in Texas over to the Gulf Coast so that they can see how tubing is supposed to be done!


I want to say a big thank you to the wonderful people at Adventures Unlimited for allowing the Brandcation group to experience tubing on Coldwater Creek and Ziplining! I had the time of my life!


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    It looks like you had a blast! Blah, cameras are so finicky. Sorry about your photos and the bad experience in Jamaica!

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