#TrySnapShot Test Drive from Progressive

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Guess who’s testing out the Snapshot Test Drive Program from Progressive?


So what exactly is the Snapshot Test Drive Program?

As a new way to estimate savings on auto insurance with Progressive, you can simply snap in the Snapshot into your diagnostics center on your car. I found mine under my steering wheel and after a little jiggling, I was able to get it securely in place. Once I started my car, it started beeping, so I knew that it was working!

It monitors what time of day you drive, how often you accelerate quickly, and how often you hit your brakes – hard.

Spoiler alert: I hit my brakes hard ALL THE TIME. Because I live in Miami, where defensive driving is 99.8% of driving.

I just received my 7 day report today, and unfortunately, I found that I wasn’t eligible for any savings due to a few factors…but mostly because of my frequent hard breaks.

While I was disappointed by this, let’s get real – if I hadn’t done those hard breaks, I’d have wrecked by car about 3 times this week. Why? Because people drive like maniacs in Miami. I didn’t even go anywhere special this week! I went grocery shopping a few times, picked my husband up from the airport this weekend, did back to school shopping and took Angeline to the movies.

Want to see why I break hard?

Because this is what we encountered when driving to the movies last weekend…

Angeline and I were stuck in traffic for almost an entire hour waiting for the police to move a burnt up truck out of the center of the expressway. It was so sad!

Anyway, I might not be eligible for any savings due to this week’s crazy driving, but I am not done yet! The program lasts 30 days, so I might do better in the upcoming weeks!

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  1. says

    I remember one long trip, when we were stuck in traffic, it ended up being a burnt up car. You could still see the smoke coming from it as we drove by.

  2. says

    I’m a late braker so I’ll bet I hit them pretty hard too. They’d probably hate me, but I have to admit that it would be interesting to see details on my driving.

  3. says

    i’m halfway through and i haven’t found out my savings but the % looks good. maybe i’m not getting the right updates! LOL

    i think i’m more a rapid accelerator.

  4. says

    I have seen this commercial and wondered how it worked. I will never forget my first accident. I was hit by an old lady and if I didn’t have my foot on the break she would have pushed me right out into traffic.

  5. says

    That is such a cool idea! I hope you end up saving a bundle. Now, a driving story I have? Hmm, I’ve never been in an accident but I can remember once driving overnight with my friend to the beach. It was a spontaneous trip and we left at around 11 at night. I drank a lot of coffee on that trip and I couldn’t find a gas station open at night {seriously, not one!} so I remember going faster than I should to the next town where thankfully I found a gas station. Okay, that’s probably too much information and a dumb story about driving but I haven’t had my morning coffee yet. :)

  6. says

    Good luck on your next 3 weeks! We’re doing Snapshot too and I’m really interested to see what the final verdict will be. Keep me posted, I want to see what you end up with since you can’t avoid hard brakes with all that traffic!

  7. says

    Lol, boo for no savings but thank goodness for avoiding accidents!! Your story above made me think of my hubby blowing his tire a few months back on the way home from camping. He had all 3 of our boys for a “father & son” camping trip so he had to change the tire by himself.

  8. Julie k says

    Yeah I am a hard braker too! Sounds like a good gadget just to assess ones own driving even if no savings come from it

  9. says

    I haven’t heard about this…sounds interesting. We’ve been with the same insurance company for a long time, but my husband talks about comparing prices every now and then. This would be helpful!!

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