Travel is the only thing you buy in life that makes you richer

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travel is the only thing you buy in life that makes you richer

This is one of my new favorite quotes about travel : Travel is the only thing you buy in life that makes you richer 


Sometimes I think about all of the places I have gone and all of the things I have done, and I wonder what I would have done with that money if I hadn’t spent it on travel.

Granted, I used to be able to spend a lot more on travel than I do now. Back in the days when I worked a full time job and carefully budgeted my travel funds, I went on cruises, couple’s weekend getaways to Key West – I thought nothing of jumping on a plane to NYC to go shopping at H&M with my best friend on Memorial Day weekend.

Seeing the sights, dining in new restaurants, making new friends – those things made me so happy. I came home and shopped on the clearance section of my favorite department stores, made dinner at home on most nights and packed a lunch to work in order to be able to spend what I wanted, when I wanted, while I was traveling. It worked for me. 

Of course my life is much different now, and with Chris changing positions at work this month and no longer traveling for business – which means we are losing that hefty travel expense payment in his paycheck – I am having a bit of a panic attack over the thought of no longer being able to travel. Sure, with his salary and my blogging income, we will be comfortable – don’t worry, we aren’t going to have to turn off the cable or anything crazy like that! But those trips I take throughout the year, funded by my blog earnings? That money will now have to go to more sensible things, like replacing the dryer that is threatening to die on me at any moment. Or to pay off the new refrigerator that we just bought – on store credit – because our 20 year old refrigerator died in September.

I began pushing myself as a blogger, attempting to earn as much as possible through my website in order to put away as much money as possible so that when Chris’s position changed, we would have a little nest egg. Well, he has stopped traveling and I had that little nest egg sitting in my PayPal account…I bought a ticket for Type A Parent Conference for Sept 2013, a ticket for the TBEX Conference in Toronto in June, thinking that I had enough saved that I would at least be able to attend those two events and explore Atlanta and Toronto…

And then I used every cent of it to pay off a credit card.

How practical of me, right?

If there is anything that my travels have taught me over the years, it is that traveling is even more fun when you are happy when the trip is over and look forward to returning home.

So I have a different outlook on travel for 2013. My home is my main priority (and paying off that new fridge), and travel comes second. Of course, if I am invited on any trips for blogging purposes, I will gladly accept, but I have only two trips tentatively planned for 2013: taking my daughter on a cruise with Carnival Cruise Lines for her 16th birthday – that’s what she wants instead of a Sweet 16 party, and we put down a deposit on two future cruises earlier this year while we were on a cruise for spring break so it’s partly paid for…

The other trip? The TBEX Europe Conference…in Dublin, Ireland.

That’s right, Ireland.

I want to go so badly that I can feel it in my bones. My soul aches to step foot in Europe – dude, drinking a beer in the UK is number 9 on my travel bucket list, after all!

I will be saving every spare penny to make these two trips happen, as well as attempting to gain sponsorship for the TBEX blogging conference.

Giving my daughter a birthday that she will never forget, aboard our favorite cruise line? Going to Europe for the first time to hone my craft?

Like the quote says, travel is the only thing in you buy life that makes you richer.

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  1. says

    I use to hate spending money on non tangible things now I prefer, I would rather have the memories and experience. I never thought I was a traveler but I would love to do more when my kids are older.

  2. says

    Ireland will be fabulous, I know it! And you are just a hop away from the UK when you’re there. Honestly, you can get a cheap flight from Dublin to most major UK airports for less than the price of a night out! I’d recommend the Ryanair website if you plan on doing that. (Also, see Tommy for some recommendations on places to drink in Dublin)

  3. says

    Oh my gosh…now I want to go, lol. I wish you were coming to TBEX in Toronto. I’m thinking about it, but even if I wasn’t going, I could come and have lunch with you.

  4. says

    I’m with you. We are realigning our travel plans for 2013 because Tbex in Dublin has moved to the top of the list. I’m already setting money aside for the trip.

  5. says

    I hear ya. We have not had the chance to travel much due to not having the extra funds to do so. Any traveling we do now is because hotels and venues are sponsoring us. At the same time, I’m usually so busy working for the review of it before, during, and after that I can rarely really ‘enjoy’ it and feel like it’s vacation. I wish you the best in enjoying the bit of travel you are able to do in 2013 :)

  6. says

    I’m kinda envious. I wish I was the kind of person that could just pick up and go on a trip. With young kids though, I’ve come to hate traveling anywhere outside of a few hours driving distance.

  7. says

    Ireland sounds like a great place to visit! My husband and I are going to Italy and Hawaii next year but I’d much prefer to visit somewhere like Ireland instead.

  8. Sarah L says

    When I was in the Air Force stationed in Germany for two years, I traveled every spare minute. Some people stayed on base and never ventured out. I didn’t bring back souvenirs like some people but I have pictures and memories that lasted.

  9. says

    I agree. Although I don’t travel the way I used to, I hold those memories so dear to my heart and those experiences have shaped my life. I’m glad I went when I had the freedom to, for as you said, now I spend more money paying bills. I really hope you get to Ireland!!!! That is a dream of mine also. It’s so beautiful.

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