Tracy Morgan Can Kiss My Ass!

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I love comedy. I am a comedy show groupie. I also happen to love SNL from the 90’s and early 2000’s. So, a few years back, my husband and I had the opportunity to see Tracy Morgan at the Miami Improv and we were there lickity-split.

Yes. I just said lickity-split. Whatever. Don’t judge me, I’m sure you say stupid things too.

We were so excited to see Tracy Morgan live. We even got there a little early in order to be able to sit up front.
His opening acts? I don’t recall. Nondescript tag-alongers, I suppose. I don’t remember them at all. Oh, but I remember Tracy Morgan. I wish I didn’t, but I do.

When all of this talk about his anti-gay tirade hit the Internet last week, I wasn’t surprised. Tracy Morgan isn’t known for his tact or class. I mean, COME ON. We’re talking about Tracy Morgan, not Robin Williams. What do I remember about his act all those years ago? He was HIGH. I mean, obviously high – like “hey, I got some coke last night on South Beach and had a stripper suck my *%#! in the bathroom at the club” high. Yes, he actually said that during his show.

He spent 1/3 of the night talking about what a woman’s “booty hole” smells like (he finds the smell delightful, by the way), 1/3 of the night lifting his shirt & rubbing his stomach, then scratching himself and the other 1/3 of the night talking about sex with strippers and how nice all the fake “titties” are on South Beach.

I was disgusted. I walked out with a very sour taste in my mouth.

He wasn’t funny. He was gross. Disrespectful. Masagonistic. Rude. Every time I watch an episode of 30 Rock, I think to myself , “WHY?” Why would they hire someone like him for a starring role in such a well-written show? It’s very disappointing. Tracy Morgan is not funny. Some comedians use insult humor and it works. Some comedians gross out their audiences and it works. What Tracy Morgan does is not comedy. I don’t even know how to describe it, it’s just garbage.

I am not very interested in celebrities. I have my crush on Mark Hoppus – but he is an extremely talented artist, and obviously adores my adoration. Obviously. Aside from musicians, there isn’t anyone that I go gaga over in the celebrity world. I don’t read the gossip magazines, I don’t watch Entertainment Tonight and I couldn’t care less who was seen where in Hollywood.

What I do care about is respect. I care about these celebrities using their influence – however unwarranted it may be – for good, not for hate mongering.

Tracy Morgan said something to the effect of his son “better talk to me like a man and not in a gay voice or I’ll pull out a knife and stab that little n-word to death.”

Really, Tracy Morgan? THIS is comedy? No. No, it’s not. It’s not funny at all. I thought he was disgusting when I saw him all those years ago at the Miami Improv. That was nothing compared to what he said last week.

I just can’t understand how someone can be such a piece of shit that they think it’s funny to talk about killing one’s own son because he is gay. That wasn’t a joke. That was a desperate attempt to get a reaction because he didn’t actually have anything funny to say.

I know that things are much easier for gays and lesbians than they were in the past. I know that in most places, homosexuality is accepted and that gays and lesbians can live normal lives, just like the rest of us – because they are just like the rest of us – but there are some places where, for whatever reason, gays and lesbians are persecuted.

They are persecuted by their families, employers, communities, churches, etc. We still hear about teenagers being beaten up (sometimes murdered) because of their sexuality. This is NOT a subject to take lightly.

And his apology? F*ck his apology. When someone says something horrible, receives a public backlash and then says he is sorry, does that really count for anything? It doesn’t count for anything in my book. I personally feel that Tracy Morgan is truly a hateful person and thought it was okay to share his hateful feelings. His apology was an effort to smooth over the public outrage…nothing more.

I recently saw Carlos Mencia at the Miami Improv and he is also known for his insulting humor – but his is actually funny, light-hearted and not mean-spirited – quite unlike Tracy Morgan. Mencia makes jokes about gays and then follows up with “If you can take a dick, you can take a joke.” And that is precisely what they are. JOKES.

Tracy Morgan wasn’t joking. He was being a hateful, homophobic ass and I am tired of celebrities getting away with this.

When 30 Rock returns for the fall season, I won’t be watching.


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  1. says

    yea it sucks to find out what some of the people you idolize or like are really like. my parents met Scotty (from star trek) a million years ago and they said he was a complete ass, disgustingly rude and just a mean old man. i was like WOW!!

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